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Oriya food is the local food of Orissa, India. Foods of this region are rich and varied but the cuisine is dependent on local ingredients that are grown all year round. Historical and Cultural Influences on ... More »
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Cinnamon Fried Rice - Dalchini Palau

A simple and tasty Oriya dish. Cinnamon Fried Rice goes with lot of vegetable and non-vegetable gravies. - 35.0546

Chenna Poda

This is possibly the simplest Indian sweet to make. Mix chena (PANEER), sugar and soupcon of suji, bake it and its done. I haven't learnt formally learnt how to prepare this dish. This recipe is based on observation trial and error and feedback from people... - 49.9702

Bengali Style Rasgullas

Rasgullas....mmmm yummy. the very mention of it waters the mouth of any bengali or a person who loves sweet dish try it and i bet u will love it.... - 38.0329

Indian Cooking Basics: How To Prepare Basic Tadka

Back to basics, today you'll learn how to make basic Tadka which is a seasoning for your vegetables or lentils. It is basically tempering to enhance flavor of the dish. Chaunk (Hindi: छौंक); sometimes spelled chhaunk, chounk, chonk, chhounk, or... - 109.138

Simple South Indian Tadka - Indian Cooking Basics

Learn how to prepare simple South Indian Tadka (Tempering) Chaunk (Hindi: छौंक); sometimes spelled chhaunk, chounk, chonk, chhounk, or chhonk; also called তড়কা(tarka, tadka),বাগার (bagar),ফোড়ন (phoron) in Bengali,... - 117.81

Aloo Chop

Aloo chop, boiled potatoes cooked with ginger and onions, made into roundels, dipped in gram flour (Besan) batter and deep fried. - 44.6557

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