Organic Granola


Organic granola is granola handmade from 100% organic ingredients and without any traces of any artificial flavoring or color. In its truest from, granola is a crunchy breakfast as well as snack food which is extremely popular in North America. The dish is made from nuts, honey, rolled oats and sometimes, rice is added for flavor. The dish is baked and the end-product is a muesli-like preparation which can be consumed in any way preferred, at any time. When the organic version of the dish is prepared, all the ingredients used are ones which have been grown, cultivated and processed organically. Organic dried fruits are used and the brown, raw rice grown in organic farms is preferred over polished and processed rice. Nuts and oats used are also organic.


Granola is a very nutritious dish and is the preferred food of backpackers, hikers and campers. When made with organic produces, the preparation becomes even healthier as there is no presence of anything synthetic or artificial which might cause harm to the human body. In recent years, the organic version of granola has become much popular and various large-scale sellers keep a stock for ready purchase. Another important reason for the popularity of the organic variant is that the calorie content is much lower than the traditional preparation. This makes it a suitable food for conscious eaters as well as those who are wanting to lose weight.


Preparation of Organic Granola

The organic version of granola is prepared much like the traditional variant, the only difference is the ingredients used, which are all organic. The dish is fairly easy to prepare and baking is the method of cooking. The preparation time is usually about 10 minutes or so, depending on how crisp or crunchy a dish is preferred. The ingredients are all mixed together and the mixture is baked till it is crispy enough.


Serving and Eating

Organic granola, like traditional granola, is served after it has cooled and reached room temperature. Depending on individual preferences, the preparation can either be consumed as it is or with milk. Yoghurt, fruits like banana and strawberry, honey and some other cereal can be added to the granola to make it more delectable. It is, however, important to remember that to ensure that the granola stays organic the add-ons used should be organic as well.


In some places, organic granola is served as a topping for pastries, cakes and other desserts.

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