Organic Cheesecake Recipes

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Gluten And Dairy Free Cheesecake Balls

How can cheesecake be healthy? It’s made with cream cheese and egg over a butter crumb pastry. This recipe is a cheesecake upgrade, meant for those who are gluten and dairy intolerant! It is not only gluten and dairy free but also made with vegan and... - 106.122

Organic And Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

For vegans, here comes a great dessert recipe - Organic and Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake. This video shows this healthy and delicious cake being prepared from scratch. You can learn how to make it, watching this video. Bon Appetit! - 100.686

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Chocolate Chip Chili Cheesecake

This recipe is a tasty treat that you should make occasionally because though it is extremely delicious, it is not exactly very healthy and good for you! It takes a little bit of work but it’s worth it because it is fabulously scrumptious and is a real... - 107.798

Low Calories Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake

If you are a carb or mixed metabolic type then healthy dessert ideas for your body type can be a bit difficult to come up with. Watch this video where Luci Lock comes up with a really delicious healthy dessert for the calorie conscious and for those who are... - 115.413

Yummy Cheesecake

Do you often crave for desserts? Then saving some piece of this luscious dessert in your refrigerator will satisfy you in an instant. Simple, outstanding, and delicious, cheesecakes are quite an indulgence. This recipe as shown in the video is irresistible... - 98.6754

The Fit Foodie Cheesecake

Want to learn how to make the perfect yummy cheesecake that is very healthy and sugar free? Then watch this video and get ready to amaze everyone with your culinary skills. Watch to know more! - 120.023

Cheeseless Cheese Cake

How about cheese cake minus the guilt? Sounds unreal, but it’s possible! This “faux” cheesecake is made with tofu and carob. The best part about this recipe is that it comes through with little effort…still looking delicious and appealing! - 127.992