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Chilled Orange Julius

This is a classic orange julius recipe that is easy to make & great to taste.Orange julius is a refreshing drink just the thing you need to beat the summer heat. - 29.3483

Vanilla Flavored Chilled Orange Julius

For all those who like liquor based drinks try this orange julius recipe with dark rum. An absolutely refreshing drink that you would love. - 28.5903

Orange Julius

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender except for the ice cubes, mix well. 2. Add ice cubes one at a time while blender is running, until smooth. Pour into glasses and enjoy. - 29.5903

Vanilla Orange Julius

This Orange Julius recipe is especially for my friend Alok.A delicious and refreshing drink it is low on calories & healthy too. - 31.1393

Orange Julius Smoothie

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Process until smooth. - 25.0085

Orange Julius

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. - 22.4867

Orange Julius

Put all items in blender until properly mixed. - 29.3971

Orange Julius

Learn how to make an Orange Julius. While they don't make them just like this in the store, you can make a similar tasting drink at home. See how easy it is to make this drink. - 0

The Famous Orange Julius

Smooth and creamy, this drink is very similar to the one served at the mall (minus the egg!), only our Orange Julius has a healthy Blender Babe SURPRISE!! Sneak in a carrot and turn this crunchy mildy sweet vegetable into a drink your kids can enjoy, not even... - 143.793

Orange Foolius

Alcoholic version of Orange Julius - 17.6849

Orange-banana Smoothie

How about a dose of beta-carotene for the day? Not only is this an immune booster, this is also a treat for your eyes and skin! Katherine shows you how to make this quick and simple drink. The banana in it gives it a nice creamy texture as well sweetens the... - 117.265

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