Orange Flavored Liqueur

Orange flavored liqueur is a distilled alcoholic beverage with orange flavor and some sugar added to it. It is different from the usual liqueurs as it has sugar in it and sometimes glycerin too. Orange flavored liqueur can have vodka, tequila, brandy or white rum as its base. Some orange flavored liqueur recipes include Homemade Orange Flavored Liqueur and Substitution Orange Flavored Liqueur.

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Today's Special- Liqueurs

Today's Special- Liqueurs On : 03-Apr-2013 By : Foodie_Rishika

People with a sweet tooth consider dessert to be one of the most important courses of a meal. However, desserts don't always have to be cakes, pastries or ice cream.  If you want to try something new, try a liqueur dessert instead.  Liqueurs are...

How To Distill Orange Liqueur

How To Distill Orange Liqueur On : 01-Feb-2011 By : chockyfoodie

How to distill orange liqueur ? – We are pretty sure that most of you are mesmerized with the exotic taste of orange liqueur. This blog aims at teaching you the skills needed for distilling the orange liqueur at home.  The orange liqueur is used in very...

How To Distill Orange Liqueur For A Party

How To Distill Orange Liqueur For A Party On : 19-Dec-2010 By : feedingfrenzy

Preparing a homemade drink is the coolest thing. Here we show you how to make orange liqueur for a party at home.   In one of those quite home parties or in a larger gathering, where you have invited all your friends and family, a...

What Are The Substitutes For Hazelnut Liqueur?

What Are The Substitutes For Hazelnut Liqueur? On : 23-Nov-2010 By : culinary_explorer

A popular flavoring agent in bakes such as muffins, cakes , frosting, coffee and also a base ingredient for many a cocktail(if hazelnut martini is your favorite, then hazelnut liqueur is sure an eye-catcher)… hazelnut liqueur with its rich, nutty flavor can...

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