Orange Cupcake

Orange cupcakes are delightful little cupcakes that are made with orange juice and grated orange rind. The cupcakes are good to bake when fresh oranges flood the market. Orange cupcakes often contain a jam or jelly filling which is filled in after they come out of the oven. Frosting or a glaze is also added to the cupcake in some variations of the orange cupcake recipe. They are best served with tea and can be enjoyed as a snack too.

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5 Easy Orange Cupcake Ideas

5 Easy Orange Cupcake Ideas On : 28-Nov-2011 By : festivalfoods

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Easy Cardamom Cupcake Ideas

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5 Easy Alcohol Cupcake Ideas

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An alcohol cupcake can be a novel way to satiate your sweet cravings, but of course, make sure that you keep your kids off from the scene. These exotic alcohol cupcakes recipes with a generous hint of booze yield enticing desserts. The alcoholic beverages do...

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