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Steak onion is a recipe prepared by cooking steaks with chopped or sliced onions. Steak onion is a very popular main dish in American cuisine. This recipe is high in protein contents. How to make steak ... More »
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Horseradish Steak With Caramelized Onions

Horseradish in recipes renders a unique flavor to dishes and here is a recipe combining it with meat. Learn from the chef as he cooks steaks with creamy horse radish and caramelized onions. Great flavor and taste! - 97.9443

Down-south Smothered Liver And Onions With Gravy

GETTING READY 1. Under cold running water, rinse liver steak. 2. Sprinkle garlic powder, salt, onion powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and paprika on steak. Flip and repeat on the other side. 3. On a plate, put flour and season it with salt. 4. Put steak... - 96.3369

Beef Steak With Onion

Would you like your beef steaks with a slightly delicious twist? In the video, there is Beef Steak recipe that uses onions and a Puerto Rican seasoning called Adobo. This seasoning is what gives a ice flavor to the steaks. This video is without any dialogue... - 86.6227

Solar Cooked Steak And Onions

Thinly sliced beef mixed in soy sauce and then covered with onions! If you have some steamed rice that’s all you need to have a basic meal and be content! Watch the video for more! - 48.6213

Onion Topped Steak

Slash the outer edge of fat diagonally at 1" gaps, this would prevent curling (do not cut into lean). Marinate beef as directed on envelope of meat marinade. Mix sugar, cornstarch, mustard and salt in 1 1/2-quart saucepan. Stir in water, orange peel, orange... - 43.2805

Steak And Onions

Season the steaks with the salt and pepper and coat lightly in the flour. Melt the butter with the oil in a frying pan. Add the steaks are brown quickly on each side. Peel the onion and slice thinly. Add to the pan and fry the steaks for a further 2-3 minutes... - 41.8418

Steak With Onions

Trim fat from steak, cut in 2 pieces, slash edges to prevent curling. Prepare steak with tenderizer as directed on package. Preheat large Browning Skillet in Radarange oven 4 1/2 minutes. Add oil and half the steak. Cook 1 minute per side. Remove to 2 quart... - 41.111

Onion Steak

Score both sides of steak pieces diagonally, about 1-inch apart. Sprinkle both sides of meat with meat tenderizer. Place steak in bag. Combine remaining ingredients in bowl. Pour into bag, turning bag several times to mix. Close bag with rubber band, string,... - 40.8707

Onion Steak

Onion Steak is an irresistible side dish recipe. The Onion Steak recipe is something you would never want to miss out on! - 39.9765

Steak And Onions

Steak and Onions are best partners! Taste this easy-to-make Steak and Onions dish from the Mediterranean cusine and feel free to comment on it! - 34.9064

Steak And Onions

Steak And Onions are an easy to make dish. I have a weakness for steak and this dish pleases me plenty! Try this Steak And Onions recipe and you will understand why. - 34.1895

Microwaved Onion Steak

MAKING 1) Place the steak on a board and pound 1/2 the flour, salt and pepper mixture with the back of a heavy knife on both side of the steak. 2) In an 8-inch baking dish, cut and place the steak pieces, then sprinkle with rest of the flour mixture. 3) Stir... - 32.5322

Steak And Onions

MAKING 1. In skillet brown meat slowly on both sides in hot shortening and drain off excess fat. 2. In a bowl combine soup, 1/4 CUP water and onions. 3. Pour over meat and simmer covered for 1 1/2 hours till tender. SERVING 4. Sprinkle with parsley and serve. - 32.2939

Easy Onion Steak

Mix flour, salt and pepper. Pound the steak with the back of a heavy knife working in half of the flour mixture per side. Cut meat into 4 and put in baking dish. Sprinkle any remaining flour over top of meat. Add 1 cup water to onion soup mix and pour over... - 30.838

Mushroom Steak And Onions

In skillet, brown meat slowly on both sides in hot shortening. Drain off excess fat. Combine soup, water, and onions with liquid; pour over meat. Simmer, covered, for 1 1/2 hours or till tender. Sprinkle with parsley. - 28.7541

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