Onion Rasam Recipes

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Tomato Rasam

Boil tomatoes in 2 cups water for 5 mins. Remove the skin and puree tomatoes or smash them with a spatula. Keep aside. Pressure cook toor dal upto 3 whistles, smash dal into a coarse paste or Microwave toor dal for 25 minutes. Keep aside. Soak 15 gms... - 35.9362

Chettinad Kozhi Rasam

Chicken Rasam is very popular in Chettinad cuisine.This Rasam though spicy is an excellent home remedy for common cold. - 50.911

Garlic rasam

1. Boil lentil in water till soft. 2. Chop onion. Slice garlic, crush coriander. 3. Heat oil and fry lightly onion, garlic, coriander, whole. red chillies, turmeric, mustard seeds, cumin, fenugreek, peppercorns, and curry leaves. 4. Drain off 1 cup liquid for... - 43.4216


Cook dal in boiling water or in pressure cooker. Add turmeric, salt, tamarind juice, and tomatoes. Cook on medium fire for 15 minutes. Add more warm water, if necessary. The dal should be a thin liquid. Add ground masala. Simmer for five minutes. Heat oil and... - 42.4211

Split Pea Rasam

MAKING 1 Thoroughly drain the water from the peas and add water to make up to 175 litres (3 pints) 2 In a covered pan, simmer the peas in this liquid along with the orange rind and a pinch of salt. 3 Cook for about 1 hour, until tender. 4 Allow to... - 44.158

Popular Rasam

Popular Rasam is very simple to cook. The fusion of Jaggery,tamarind, and curry leaves gives the Popular Rasam a radiant taste. - 39.8271


put water on stove add all ingredients and bring it to boil (except tadka items make a good tadka with groung masala and top it on rasam and simmer Your rasam is ready. - 37.2024

Drumsticks Cooked In Tomato Rasam

Place the tomatoes in a large vessel along with a little salt and 3-4 cups of water and allow to come to a boil. When the soup is cooked add the drumstick pulp and boil for a further 5 minutes. Remove from the stove. Pour the soup through a fine wire or... - 34.2237

Rasam Vada

Soak dal in water for three hours. Drain and grind to a fine paste. Add rest of the ingredients. Heat oil in a frying pan. With wet hands take two teaspoons dal mixture in one hand, flatten slightly with the other hand, make a hole in the centre and immerse... - 39.8676

Tomato Rasam - Simple South Indian

Tomato Rasam is traditional south Indian soup which can be had with rice or as is.. This is a must in any South Indian meal. Any South Indian meal is definitely incomplete without this sweet and sour spicy rasam. - 125.173

Tangy Rasam

If you have never tasted the Indian rasam, then you are definitely missing something. It is so tangy and so tasty that you will remember this forever. Watch this video to learn the easy technique of preparation. If you don't enjoy the tart taste, you may add... - 117.723

Chicken Pepper Fry

Chicken Pepper Fry will be good with Hot chapattis or Hot hot Rasam rice. - 36.7537

Vendaikai Pachadi

This pachadi is a nice way of adding okra to your diet, apart from the poriyal. Okra is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, and fiber. You can make this as a second vegetable side dish for your lunch. - 47.2787

Milagu Muttai

Although it sounds simple, it is an amazing dish to try. Especially if you like your dishes hot and spicy, then this egg recipe is a must try. - 41.6291

Spicy Potato Mutton Fry

This mutton fry is a delicious accompaniment with tomato rasam and rice and is a favorite with my mom-in-law. It also tastes good with rotis. - 29.562

Sweet & Sour South Indian Bitter Gourd Curry

MAKING: 1. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard and cumin seeds. As they splutter, add the curry leaves and onion pieces. Fry them till the onion turns translucent. 2. Add chili powder, turmeric powder and salt to the sauteed onions. Fry for about 2 to 3 mins... - 23.3589

Spice Cauliflower Soup

In India, there are two main tzpes of soup, "rasam" originaters from the south and "shorba" from thr north. This soup, or shorba, would be served at the beginning of a meal. Based on cauliflower, this creamed soup is spicy but not excessively so. It is... - 34.5548

Avarakkai Poriyal

Avarakkai, also known as broad bean or hyacinth bean, is usually made as a poriyal. It is a common vegetable dish served along with rice. It is a rich source of iron and magnesium, which are crucial nutrients for the body. Iron helps increase the hemoglobin... - 44.4479

Avarakkai Poriyal - 2

Broad beans are rich in protein and contain other vitamins and minerals required by your body. You can make this vegetable regularly as a side dish for lunch to obtain all its goodness. - 28.483

Spicy Chicken Masala

This chicken masala not only satisfies your palate, but also supplies enough protein. Chicken is high in protein and so is egg. So this dish gives you the animal protein you need. Animal proteins are complete proteins with essential amino acids, which are... - 48.0359

Simple Muttaikos Poriyal

Cabbage is a versatile vegetable, rich in vitamin C and fiber. The vitamin C helps to boost your immunity and is said to reduce the duration of colds. Fiber helps to add bulk to your food and aids with digestion. This muttaikos poriyal can help you derive all... - 46.3944

Togari Nucchin Unde-1st Method

This recipe has lot of variations and a traditional south indian recipe.It can be had just as a snack with lot of ghee/clarified butter or with rice.It can also be had as a side dish with rice and rasam - 28.3818

Gojju Making Made Easier

Gojju is a melange of flavors and is a frequently appearing item on a Karnataka menu. This spicy curry is cooked in tamarind juice and is great with rice or akki roti. In this video the chef has shown how to make it with capsicum, but the same procedure would... - 81.8839

Cabbage Thoran For Sandya

Cabbage Thoran is a classic dish delicately spiced with the traditional Kerala flavors of coconut, garlic, chili and cumin seeds. There are many different ways of preparing a thoran. Some use onions while others use shallots. Watch this video to learn how to... - 105.672

Ragda Chat - Indian Chaat

Though “Chaat” is very popular Snack, I call this Ragda Chaat a ‘complete meal’. It has got enough protein, calories yet can be treated as healthy when you make it fresh right in your home kitchen using limited oil and fresh ingredients. So here you... - 124.461

Vazhakkai Podimas

If you like vazhakkai, you will like this recipe. Plantains are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, and fiber. Oil makes this recipe taste better, so if you want more taste, add little more oil than mentioned. If you are health conscious, do the reverse! - 41.458

Paruppu Usili

This is a very famous south indian side dish. All vegans luv this dish for its taste & nutritional value..In Tamil "paruppu" means "dal/lentils" and "usili" means "Broken Crumbles". Hence named it as 'lentil crumbled veggie curry'.This can also be prepared... - 46.8291

Tomato Garlic Soup

Tomato garlic soup is a very healthy dish. Basically a south indian recipe and part of everyday menu. Enjoy! - 48.6101

Healthy Mulai Keerai Poriyal

Mulai keerai is rich in calcium, iron, B vitamins, phosphorus, and several other nutrients in good amounts. If you include this keerai in your regular diet, you will have good levels of all these nutrients in your body. All of these play a very crucial role... - 48.4396

Kovaikai Poriyal

Many people don't care much for ivy gourd. However, this vegetable is nutritious and is believed to regulate blood sugar levels and is considered good for diabetics. It also helps relieve constipation. - 44.2597

Fish Fry

http://indiancuisine1.blogspot.com/2010/06/fish-fry.html - 35.2981

Easy Beans Toran

Toran is a traditional stir fried Kerala dish and is prepared using numerous vegetables. Beans are low in calorie, rich in protein and other nutrients like iron, and dietary fiber. It is normally served with rasam or sambar. - 27.258


Rice To prepare the rice, first wash it in various changes of water until the water runs clear. This removes the starches which would otherwise make the rice grains stick together. Cook in a rice-cooker, the manufacturer's instructions. Alternatively, wash... - 46.0265

Pidi Karunai Masiyal

Yam is rich in potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, all of which are necessary for your body to function well. If you have been avoiding this veggie all this while, I encourage you to try this. This is a very nice recipe and tastes very different. - 30.819

Masala Vegetable Biryani

Wash and prepare all the vegetables. In a large saucepan heat the ghee, add the onions and fry until golden brown. Using a slotted spoon, remove half the onions and set aside in a bowl together with half the ghee. Now add half of the whole spices - that is,... - 47.2328