Olive Sandwich Spread Recipes

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Cheese Sandwich Spread

Cheese Sandwich Spread has got a magic in making any sandwich yummy. This yummy spread combines the flavor of cream cheese and olives. Just give it a try, you will love this Cheese Sandwich Spread for sure. - 19.9661

Cheese And Ripe Olive Sandwiches

Assemble Food Grinder with Coarse Disc. Grind cheese, onion, and olives into bowl. Mix mayonnaise and curry powder; stir into cheese mixture. Spread on bread and broil 4 inches (10 cm) from heat until tops are lightly browned (2 to 3 minutes). - 30.7997

Mexican Cheese Sandwiches

Mexican Cheese Sandwiches makes the right pick as a quicky snack. I tried this last week and it was an instant hit. Kids love this just for the flavor of cheese and eggs. Just give this yummy Mexican Cheese Sandwiches a try. - 32.2285

Olive Tapenade For Toddlers

Olives are super healthy, so why are you not feeding them to your baby? Well, if you are one of those parents who don’t feed olives to babies, here is a video for you. Weelicious host is making tapenade for her baby and this is something the entire family... - 115.443

Lobster And Olive Sandwiches

Either canned or fresh lobster meat may be used. Combine the lobster and stuffed olives and chop fine. Moisten with mayonnaise or thick cooked salad dressing and spread between slices of buttered bread. - 24.9522

Cream Cheese And Olive Spread

Beat all ingredients with a fork until creamy, cover, and chill 2-3 hours. Let stand at room temperature 15-20 minutes and use as a spread for any bread. About 355 calories per sandwich (2 slices white bread, no butter or mayonnaise). - 27.1345

Egg Spread With Olives

1. Hard boil the egg and when quite cold chop finely. 2. Remove the stones from the olives and chop the olives into small pieces. 3. Soften the butter and blend into the other ingredients. Serve on crackers, ryebread, or in sandwiches. - 28.2483

Merry Melba Go Rounds

Merry Melba Go Rounds exploits the richness of cream cheese and ripe olives. This is a pretty easy recipe and wont take much of your time for the preparation part. Just give this creamy Merry Melba Go Rounds a try. - 27.1437

Adult Pizza Spread

Warmed goat cheese surrounded by a sea of marinara sauce just awaiting the toasted bread. - 105.347

Salmon Olive Sandwiches

MAKING 1. Mix canned salmon with black olives, lemon juice, and chili sauce. SERVING 2. Divide the mixture into 4 equal portions, spread atop 4 slices, cover with rest of the bread slices and serve Salmon Olive sandwiches with tomato sauce. - 31.2498

Artichoke Olive Sandwiches On Rye

MAKING 1) In a bowl add first 6 Ingredients. Stir well to combine all. 2) Take the bread slices to toast on one side. 3) Spread 1/2 cup artichoke mixture on untoasted side of each slice of bread. 4) On a baking sheet, place the bread slices. 5) Place the... - 39.5479

Crabmeat Olive Sandwiches

Mix all ingredients except bread. Spread between bread slices. - 27.0536

Olive-pecan Sandwich

Almost everyone loves eating sandwiches, there are many different ways of making a sandwich. Sandwich is the most popular food, typically taken to school, office, or picnic to be eaten as a part of packed lunch. Chef Betty shows us how to make the perfect... - 106.012

Deli Style Chicken Spread For Party Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1.Start by cutting the chicken meat into small bits MAKING 2.In a bowl, place the chicken pieces along with the almonds and olives 3.Now add mayonnaise to the bowl, and let the ingredients moisten 4.Spread mixture on thin buttered slices of... - 31.8279

Olive Nut Sandwiches With Alfalfa Sprouts

Cream together cheese, wheat germ, and nuts until well blended. Stir in olives. Spread mixture on all the bread slices. Divide alfalfa sprouts among four slices. Assemble sandwiches. - 27.7041

Sandwich Spread

Mix sugar, flour, eggs, salt, cheese, mustard and butter. Cook in top of double boiler until cheese is melted. Cool. Add cream, vinegar, olives and pimento. Cook until thick. - 34.405

Tofu And Mushroom Sandwich Spread

If you like unusual teasing flavors, this recipe of a tofu and mushroom sandwich spread is just the right one for you. You can serve it with chips, sandwiches, vegetables, meat and the possibilities of using this spread are endless. - 88.2282

Alpine Olive Sandwich

This Alpine Olive Sandwich is simply irresistible ! I love this cheese stuffed sandwich garnished with olive slices for my lunch. Just try out and let me know if you like this Alpine Olive Sandwich. - 46.9466

Bacon And Olive Sandwich Filling

Bacon And Olive Sandwich Filling makes the best pick for those who love the flavor of olives and bacon. This sandwich filling is pretty easy and you can prepare this in a matter of a few minutes. Check out the Bacon And Olive Sandwich Filling recipe. - 21.8973

Egg-and-olive Sandwiches

Combine chopped eggs, olives, mayonnaise, salt, onion salt, pepper, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. Spread on 5 slices of bread and top with remaining slices. - 28.7806

Tofu Olive And Sprout Sandwiches

Mash tofu and mix in remaining ingredients in order up to bread. When thoroughly blended, taste and correct seasonings. Butter 4 slices of bread, sprinkle with chili powder, if desired. Divide spread among unbuttered bread slices; top with alfalfa sprouts,... - 36.3485

Olive Salad Finger Sandwiches

MAKING 1. In a medium sized bowl, combine all the ingredients, apart from cream cheese and bread. Mix well, cling wrap and refrigerate for minimum 1 hour. 2. Place 6 slices on a chopping board and portion equal olive mixture on to each slice. Spread... - 40.7754

Open Faced Eggplant Olive Sandwiches

1. Preheat broiler. 2. Brush 2 tablespoons dressing evenly over both sides of eggplant slices. 3. Place eggplant on a foil-lined broiler pan coated with cooking spray; cook 8 minutes.Turn and spread pasta sauce evenly over eggplant; cook 7 minutes. Place 1... - 28.7467

Betty's Olive-pecan Reception Finger Sandwich

In this video, Betty responds to a request for finger food for a wedding reception by demonstrating her Olive-Pecan Reception Finger Sandwiches. These sandwiches are lovely and elegant--perfect for any party or reception! - 104.064

Cheese Olive Raisin Sandwiches

Mix cheese and dressing until smooth. Add olives and raisins. Spread on 8 bread slices. Top with remaining slices. - 31.2444

Black Olive Pesto Sandwich (omega-3 Fatty Acids Rich) By Tarla Dalal

Black olive pesto sandwich,much favourite pesto made using walnuts is used as a spread to make this sandwich...walnut does wonders for the brain. .In fact, its shape is just like our brain! That's why it is believed to be the best brain food. Basil being good... - 125.184

Shrimp-olive Sandwich

Cook shrimp; peel and devein. Toss shrimp in 3 tablespoons sherry and lemon juice; let stand for 30 minutes. Spread bread with butter. Soften cream cheese at room temperature; mix with 2 teaspoons sherry. Spread cream cheese mixture on buttered bread. Drain... - 41.8651

Shrimp Canape Or Sandwich Spread

MAKING 1 In a bowl, combine all the ingredients. 2 Mix in the other seasonings like, garlic, dill, curry powder, chili powder etc if desired. 3 You can also choose to add chopped almonds or olives. SERVING 4 Spread on crisp crackers or toast triangles... - 33.5177

Anchovy And Olive Sandwich

GETTING READY 1. Start by chopping the olives MAKING 2. In a bowl, place the chopped olives and anchovy paste and mix properly 3. Now add butter or cream to the anchovy mixture 4. Spread this mixture between thin buttered slices of bread SERVING 5. Serve... - 33.5705

Creamy Chicken Spread

Here is an excellent melt in the mouth creamy spread made with chicken. Take a look at the video to find step by step instructions and see how the chef combines chicken with mayonnaise, pickle relish and ketchup to make a lip smacking spread. This should be... - 89.4724

New Orleans Muffuletta

Want to know of a classic American sandwich recipe that is interesting, yummy and easy to make? Then watch this video and learn to make a sandwich that is filled with meat and veggies and can be whipped up in minutes! - 118.6

The Oliver - Salami Sub

"Hollow out a portion of soft crumbs from both bread halves; spread with butter. Cover bottom half with cheese, salami, green pepper and olives; top with remaining half of bread loaf. Wrap, in waxed paper to crush olives and blend flavors. Cut into 6 or 8... - 29.7244

Crab In The Garden Sandwich

Combine crab meat, olives, celery and cucumber. Moisten with mayonnaise, blend in salt and lemon juice. Spread on slices of bread. - 30.4476

Frosted Sandwiches

Frosted Sandwiches is an irresistible mouth-watering recipe. An easy to prepare baked recipe, Frosted Sandwiches is a dish that you would surely love to try. - 47.3574

Bologna-cheese Kebab Sandwich

Cut pointed ends from bread, then cut into 1/2 inch slices this way: Make first cut almost through to bottom of loaf and second cut clear through; repeat (finished individual sandwiches will be separate this way). Cream butter or margarine with horseradish... - 32.5391

Shrimp Spread

Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Chill. Serve with crackers or use as a filling for finger sandwiches or celery. - 32.3358

Italian Style Steak Sandwiches

If desired, sprinkle eggplant slices with salt. Set aside. For pepper spread, in a medium skillet heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onion and garlic; cook and stir for 5 minutes. Add peppers, vinegar, and the 1/4 teaspoon salt. Cook and stir for 2... - 41.7338

Hot Tuna Sandwiches

Combine tuna, cheese, eggs, green pepper, pickle, olives, onion and mayonnaise; spread about 1/3 cup onto each bun. Wrap each sandwich in waxed paper; microwave on high for 30-45 seconds (per sandwich) or until cheese melts. - 28.0523

Ripe Olive Susans

Combine cheese, mayonnaise, olive slices, onions, and curry; spread on toast. Broil 4 to 6 inches from heat 2 minutes or till topping bubbles. Cut sandwiches diagonally in half. - 19.6103

Creole Sandwiches

Soften the butter; add the sardines finely flaked, the tomato catsup, lemon juice and the olives chopped fine. Spread on whole wheat bread. - 25.4153

Crazy Spread

Grind pecans, eggs, onion, and olives in food grinder; add remaining ingredients. Use as spread for cocktail sandwiches. - 25.7844

Antipasto Stuffed Baguette

Cut "V" shaped slice out of the entire length of each baguette. Remove small amount of bread inside and set aside. Place basil leaves along inside of baguette. Layer the salami slices on top of the basil. Crumble the goat cheese on top of the salami. Mince... - 41.0511

Frank Triangles

GETTING READY 1. In saucepan of cold water, place frankfurters and heat until boil; simmer for 5 minutes. 2. Drain well. 3. Apply butter on one side of bread; and dip buttered side in cheese. 4. On the other side, spread mustard and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon... - 41.1261

Chickpea Spread - Hummus

MAKING 1. In a food chopper or liquidizer, add the onion and parsley. 2. Pulse until finely chopped. 3. Add the garbanzo beans, spices and seasonings and garlic. 4. Blend to a paste of slightly grainy consistency. 5. Stir in the lemon juice and olive... - 44.5479

Baked Tuna Sandwiches

Butter bread; combine next 5 ingredients and spread on 7 slices. Cover with other slices. Blend butter and cheese and lightly spread over tops and sides of sandwiches. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, cut in desired size and place on cookie sheet. Cover with... - 37.9885

Tuna Snack Sandwiches

1. Drain pineapple, reserving 2 teaspoons juice. In a medium bowl, combine pineapple, tuna, cabbage, green onion and olives. 2. In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise or salad dressing, reserved pineapple juice, celery salt and pepper. 3. Combine tuna mixture... - 40.3871

Hot Crab Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1) Smear each bread piece with butter. 2) Place the bread piece on broiling pan and broil until golden brown, keep warm. MAKING 3) In a non-stick pan, heat olive oil and sauté garlic until light brown. 4) Stir in crab meat and mix well over... - 46.9541

Salmon Club Sandwiches

The Good News Charles Dale makes this healthy club sandwich with omega-3-rich salmon grilled in a lightly sweet, tangy tamarind sauce. The extra sauce here can be refrigerated for up to 1 week and is delicious on chicken or pork chops. Picture Credit: Kana... - 39.9558

Cream Cheese And Olive Dip

The richness of the cream cheese is the perfect foil to the savory saltiness of the green olives and cheese. The combination will surely make this dip the hit of any party. Olives make everything better. - 33.8973

Open Devilled Ham Sandwiches

Set split muffins on cookie sheet, cut side up. Slip under broiler to toast cut sides. Spread each with devilled ham immediately. Combine remaining ingredients and spread on muffins, covering edges well. Put low under broiler and broil until bubbling and... - 31.2067

Turkey Combination Sandwiches

Mix first 4 ingredients. Spread whole wheat bread with mayonnaise. Cover with turkey and poultry stuffing. Top with cranberry sauce, then with lettuce. Spread cheese mixture on white bread and invert on lettuce. Secure with picks and cut diagonally into... - 39.6674

Turkey Sandwiches

Combine first 4 ingredients in a medium bowl, stirring well. Add turkey, cheese, ripe olives, and jicama; stir well. Spread turkey mixture evenly over 4 slices of bread; top with remaining bread slices. - 27.8776

Sizzling Vegetable Sandwiches

1 Brush eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet pepper, and onion with some of the olive oil. Place onion slices on a long metal skewer. Grill onions on rack of uncovered grill directly over medium coals for 5 minutes. Arrange remaining vegetables on grill... - 33.6929

Open Faced Sandwiches

Open Faced Sandwiches makes use of ham, cheese and mayonnaise. I love the flavor of these open faced sandwiches and often prepare this. The recipe wont take you through endless procedures. Give this yummy Open Faced Sandwich a try. - 30.2911

Toasted Chili Con Carne Sandwich With Cream Cheese

Wondering what to do with your leftover chili con carne from your last party? Simple, toss them together to create a lip-smacking toasted cream cheese sandwich. Delectable and easy to make, this lip-smacking treat is a great way to stuff yourself on hungry... - 89.4358

Hot Hero Sandwiches

These Hot Hero Sandwiches are a desire ! These mini salami, olives and cheese stuffed sandwiches with irresistible seasonings is so very satiating ! Try these Hot Hero Sandwiches and let me know if you like them. - 33.8561

Salmon Sandwiches With Avocado And Beets

The Salmon Sandwiches With Avocado And Beets is a tasty sandwich that you can serve on one of those day you are planning an elaborate weekend brunch!I am sure each and everyone will love the Salmon Sandwiches With Avocado And Beets recipe! - 35.1934

Pizza Sandwiches

These pizza sandwiches are made with english muffins. Prepared with cheese and tomato sauce for flavor with added onions, the pizza sandwiches are broiled to serve. Herbed with thyme, they are flavorful and peppy. - 45.7608

Open Faced Sandwiches With Grated Zucchini

Wash the zucchini, remove both ends, grate and mix with the Herbes de Provence, the vegetable bouillon and the pepper. Peel and chop the onions and the garlic. Heat the oil in a saucepan. Saute the onions and garlic until the onion is translucent. Add the... - 45.216

Anasazi Bean Spread

Anasazi Bean Spread always makes for a great spread. Anasazi Bean Spread is great dip or sandwich spread. Enjoy spreading it! - 30.3946

Betty's Tarragon Spread

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Tarragon Spread. This recipe was sent to me by a YouTube friend, skabibble. The spread may be used on fish, shellfish, grilled pork, and other seafood, meats, and poultry. - 110.215

Eggplant Spread (kiopolo)

Cooked eggplant with garlic and olive oil. Can be used as a mayo substitute on sandwiches or as a appetizer by itself. Great with roasted or grilled meats. Try with crumbled feat cheese and a fresh tomato. - 29.9743

Grilled Prosciutto & Brie Sandwiches

This recipe is courtesy of the Bombay Emerald Chutney Company - 20.6795

Vegetable Sandwich Wrap - No Bread Sandwich

All of you who are looking for some healthy recipes, then look no further. Chef Bhavna shows how to make an easy sandwich wrap. This is a vegetarian wrap and it tastes really nice. Do check out the video for this healthy recipe. - 96.3033

How To Make A Gardener's Sandwich - A.k.a Vegetarian Shooter's Sandwich

I posted a video for a Shooter's sandwich a while ago - a wonderful mixture of good quality steaks and mushroom sauce, crammed into a hollowed out loaf of bread, squished flat over night and served in wedges. While tasty as anything, it's not got a lot going... - 118.642

Appetizer Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Set bread aside; save crusts for future bread stuffing. Mix rest of ingredients, except olives, to form smooth spread; spread onto each piece of bread. Top with stuffed green olive for color; arrange. - 26.639

Chicken Club Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1.Start by removing the crust from 3 slices of toast bread MAKING 2.Butter the 3 slices of toasted bread while they are hot 3.On the under slice, spread the mayonnaise dressing, and place 2 white small lettuce leaves, let it spread beyond the... - 41.2983

Party Sandwich Loaf

Party Sandwich Loaf is one of the recipes I am known for. I love preparing this just for the multitude of accolades that flow in. This Party Sandwich Loaf is pretty easy to prepare too, why don’t you give it a try! - 44.9532

Avocado Sandwiches

Mash avocado. Stir in cream cheese, anchovy paste, lemon juice, onion juice and olives. Trim crusts from bread; spread avocado mixture over bread. Cut each bread slice into 4 fingers or squares. Cover and refrigerate no longer than 2 hours. - 28.6835

Doug's Super Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Spread each shoe of toast with, mustard or ketchup; layer on a tomato slice, pickle, chopped olives, and cover with cheese slices. Sprinkle the chopped onion over the cheese; broil until the cheese is melted and the onions are sizzling. - 31.0651

Egg And Anchovy Sandwiches

MAKING 1. Hard boil the eggs, cool, shell and slice thinly 2. Spread butter or margarine on egg; arrange egg slices on bread 3. Soak the achovy fillet in milk for five minutes and drain 4. Rinse with water and dry on paper towels 5. Cut the fillet into thin... - 36.763

Double Beef Sandwiches

MAKING 1. Spread 6 bread slices with butter and mustard and add layers of lettuce and dried beef. 2. Spread with mayonnaise and top each with a slice of cheese, corned beef, pickle, onion and more lettuce. 3. Spread the remaining bread lightly with... - 41.5788

Mozzarella, Bacon And Roasted Tomato Sandwich

If you want to make a tasty and filling sandwich, but in an effortless way, then this recipe is the right choice. Packed with the goodness of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, this sandwich is ideal to be relished as a lunch or as a snack. Watch out how simple... - 128.897

Double Beef Sandwiches

Spread half the bread slices with mustard and add layers of lettuce, dried beef, cheese, corned beef, pickle, and onion. Top each stack-up with more lettuce. Spread remaining bread slices with horseradish, and complete sandwiches. Anchor with toothpick topped... - 37.5967

Savory Cheese And Nut Sandwiches

MAKING 1. Mix cream cheese, onion, green pepper, chili sauce, nuts, eggs, salt, and pepper and spread equally on 6 bread slices. 2. Spread butter on rest of the 6 bread slices. 3. Put together and slices diagonally into 4 triangles. SERVING 4. Serve Savory... - 40.6093

Eggplant Sandwich

GETTING READY 1. Slice the eggplants and brush it with olive oil, brush the mushroom as well. 2. Prepare the grill. MAKING 3. Grill the eggplants and portabella mushroom on the grill for 5 minutes on both the side. 4. Once done remove and place it on a... - 110.761

Vegetable And Apple Sandwiches

Combine apple, carrot and rest of the ingredients. Arrange some salad leaves on 4 of the slices. Spread apple mixture over this. Now add the rest of the lettuce leaves and sandwich together with remaining 4 slices of bread. Press gently. Cover with a damp... - 37.934

Minced Ham Pinwheel Sandwiches

Use the fine blade of the food chopper to grind the ham and grind the corn relish or sweet mustard pickles through at the same time. Combine ham mixture, mayonnaise and sweet cooked salad dressing using just enough of the salad dressing to make the mixture... - 38.1163

Superb Submarine Sandwiches

Superb Submarine Sandwiches is simply yummy. Superb Submarine Sandwiches gets its taste from meat mixed with mayonnaise and cheese. Superb Submarine Sandwiches is inspired by many food joints across world. - 38.2049

Carrot Olive Bars

For filling, combine first 6 ingredients and chill. Spread on white bread; top with whole-wheat slices. Trim off crusts. Cut sandwiches length wise in thirds. Trim with fans of ripe-olive strips. - 26.3826

Mediterranean Grilled Sandwich

GETTING READY 1. Sprinkle salt liberally on eggplant slices, and set aside for 15 minutes. Rinse it with cold running water. 2. Brush olive oil on pepper and eggplant slices. 3. Sprinkle salt and black pepper. Set aside. MAKING 4. Place vegetables on grill... - 107.321

Deep Fried Eggplant And Cheese Sandwiches

Deep Fried Eggplant And Cheese Sandwiches make for a great snack. This recipe is quite filling and sumptuous. The ingredients used in these Deep Fried Eggplant And Cheese Sandwiches are easily available in the grocery store. Make it for a party or a family... - 47.6785

Grilled Tuna Sandwiches With Vegetable Slaw

To make the marinade, combine basil, lemon juice, mustard, 1 clove garlic, olive oil, and red pepper in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth; pour into a baking dish and add the tuna steak. Cover dish and refrigerate 1 to 2 hours, but no longer,... - 45.3813

Beef Salad Pocket Sandwiches

Beef Salad Pocket Sandwiches is easy to make sandwich. If you like your sandwich filled with cheese and roasted beef then try out this Beef Salad Pocket Sandwiches recipe. You will just fell in love with the taste of Beef Salad Pocket Sandwiches. - 34.1122

The Best Roast Beef Sandwich

How to make the best roast beef sandwich? Start with really good roast beef. - 98.4535

Olive Dressing

Combine mayonnaise, olives, onion, pimiento, garlic powder and sugar in small bowl. Fold in yogurt. Cover and chill until serving time. Serve as a dressing for green salads, as a dip for raw vegetables or as a sandwich spread. - 30.1342

Tuna Olive Towers

Combine the tuna, eggs, cucumber, celery, and pickle relish with mayonnaise, lemon juice, and seasonings. Butter 8 slices of the white bread and spread with tuna mixture. Add whole-wheat slices, buttered side up, and spread with chopped olives. Top olives... - 33.4944

Olive Bread With Caramelized Onion And Gruyere Cheese

This easy and delicious quick bread is the perfect snack for entertaining - but also makes an amazing bread for sandwiches! - 103.407

Olive & Cheese Squares

In a medium bowl, combine olives, cheese, mayonnaise, onions and seasoned salt; set aside. Preheat broiler if necessary. Place oven shelf 3 to 6 inches from heating element. Cut crusts from bread; reserve crusts for another use. Lightly toast bread. Spread... - 34.673

Fava Bean And Black Olive Tapenade

This is a tasty and chunky veggie spread that is delicious served on a slice of French bread or your favorite cracker. It is great served as an appetizer or as a salad topping. - 133.094

Homemade Mayonnaise

If you have never tried homemade mayonnaise, its time you should as it’s easy to make and you get fresh and delicious mayonnaise anytime. In the video, chef is showing how to make mayonnaise with a few simple ingredients from your kitchen. Give it a try and... - 114.822

Quick Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise! What would we do without this yummy spread! Here is a great recipe to prepare Quick Mayonnaise..err..quickly!! Slather the Quick Mayonnaise on sandwiches, mix it into your salads or simply dip your fries in to them! Just Enjoy! - 31.2724

Orange-leek Sandwich

Mix butter and coriander; spread over bread. Arrange flaked tuna, quartered olives, sliced orange and leeks on bread. - 27.2725

Tongue Sandwich Filling

Mix and spread. - 21.705

Muffaletta Aka Muffuletta Aka Moo-foo Le Tah

"Is the best sandwich in America the muffaletta?" New Orleans, is the home of Muffaletta. This sandwich made with Italian meats, cheeses and a special olive salad is perfect for a summer picnic by the river or even just a lunch out on your patio or you can... - 116.917

Bridge Club Special Sandwich

Cut bread slices into rounds; butter on both sides. Place pineapple slice on 1 white slice. Moisten chicken with desired amount of mayonnaise; spread chicken mixture over 1 whole wheat slice. Place spread whole wheat slice over pineapple. Spread remaining... - 37.7325

Brown Bread Savory Sandwiches

Steam the brown bread in baking powder tins, slice thin and butter. Moisten the cream cheese with cream, milk or catsup and mix it with chopped nuts, peppers or olives and spread on the bread. - 25.5631

Delicious Roasted Garlic Hummus Recipe - And Announcing The Giveaway Winner!

GETTING READY 1. Roast the garlic by trimming off the edge of only one side of the garlic bulb. 2. Drizzle some olive oil on top, wrap loosely in foil and roast it in the oven at 350 F for an hour. 3. Squeeze 4 tablespoon of lemon juice and keep it aside in a... - 120.908

Tuna-egg Saladwiches

The tuna egg sandwich is a chopped tuna and egg sandwich made with kaiser rolls. Flavored with sandwich spread tarragon and mustard, the tuna and egg filling is sandwiched with a lettuce leaf. Filling and delicious, the tuna and egg sandwich is also very... - 44.8206

Pinwheel Sandwiches

Remove crust from all sides of the loaf. Cut into long thin slices. Apply soft butter generously. Spread either cheese spread or chutney over some slices. In some slices, put an asparagus piece at the end of each slice. In others, put 3 to 4 olives in a row... - 30.2428