Okra or ladyfinger, is an edible immature fruit. Widely used in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries in stews and soups, the okra is mostly prepared in India as deep fried or sautéed recipe. Spicy okra is made by frying onion, garlic and spices along with bite sized pieces of the vegetable. Okra is cooked with meat and fish in different parts of the world. Okra is an irresistible accompaniment to both rice and flatbread

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How To Eat Okra?

How To Eat Okra? On : 05-Aug-2010 By : Gourmandise

Wondering what can be tasty way of consuming Vitamins, Iron and Calcium? The answer lies in finding how to eat okra . According to historical records, Cleopatra, the epitome of beauty loved eating okra . While, okra doesn’t really promise the beauty...

Okra Health Benefits

Okra Health Benefits On : 29-Jan-2011 By : priyam

History claims that Cleopatra, one of the most beautiful woman, ate okra, maybe for okra health benefits that are so many in number that you would be pleased to cook it almost every other day. Okra has its origin in Egypt and spread to other parts of the...

How To Store Okra

How To Store Okra On : 21-Jul-2010 By : Food4me anytime

Learn how to store okra if you love the taste of this extremely nutritious and healthy vegetable. One of the major problems we face with okra is related to its discoloration which occurs due to its improper storing. This happens when we keep the okra too...

Here Are Some Facts On Okra

On : 01-Apr-2007 By : ajitdamu

  Okra is a powerhouse of valuable nutrients.....     .. Nearly half of which is soluble fiber in the form of gums and pectins. Soluble fiber helps to lower serum cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease. The other half is insoluble...

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