Offal is primarily the term used to refer to animal meat, especially the parts such as internal organs, entrails, muscles, bones etc. Although not widely consumed, offal as food is now catching with the mainstream cuisines across the world – some of the famous offal meat recipes include oxtail stew, kidney pies, liver sausage, deviled kidney on toasts, ragout sweetbreads etc. Although offal meat is less popular cuts, it can be cooked as delicious as its fair-cut counterparts and is with an added advantage of heightened nutritional levels.

Offal Blogs

How To Eat Yang Gobchang-gui - A Korean Offal Experience

How To Eat Yang Gobchang-gui - A Korean Offal Experience On : 05-Sep-2010 By : delictika

I learnt how to eat Yang Gobchang Gui (or Naejang Gopchang Gui) for the first time at an informal dinner at my friend’s place (the same one who prepares heavenly Bulgogi) and once I started eating Yang Gobchnag Gui I just could not stop myself. Man...was it...

5 Weirdest Malaysian Snacks

5 Weirdest Malaysian Snacks On : 19-Dec-2011 By : nithya

The strange Malaysian snacks mentioned in this write-up are for those with a strong heart. While these food items are believed to have some benefits also, these, unfortunately, are bizarre looking. Hence, not every other person will prefer to enjoy them. Here...

5 Weirdest Irish Snacks

5 Weirdest Irish Snacks On : 20-Dec-2011 By : nithya

Irish cuisine is the abode to some of the tastiest seafood delicacies as the country of Ireland lies  amidst the sea with countless lakes and streams following through it . Along with the other noteworthy dishes of this ever-evolving cuisine, there...

5 Weirdest Caribbean Snacks

5 Weirdest Caribbean Snacks On : 27-Dec-2011 By : nithya

The fusion of assorted cuisines has given a uniquely distinct dimension to the Caribbean snack, both in terms of flavor as well as its taste. As a  result, the street foods of Caribbean   taste simply awesome! However, I was shocked to see that the...