Octopus is a delicious, nutritious, tender, and rich flavored seafood variety, having a number of recipes such as; Grilled Baby Octopus, Octopus Terrine, Octopus Confit, and more. Octopus dish is first tenderised by simmering into red wine, water, olive oil, or vegetables, then served with little further preparation. In some dishes like sushi, Octopus is also used as an ingredient. It is garnished with lemon juice and soy sauce, and can be best served with pasta or risotto sauce.

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How To Eat Octopus

How To Eat Octopus On : 05-May-2011 By : foodbuff

Ever wonder how people order those complicated octopus in the restaurants? If yes, then read this blog carefully to know how to eat octopus .       Octopus If you visit your favorite restaurant and...

Koreans Thrive On Eating Live Octopus

Koreans Thrive On Eating Live Octopus On : 13-Sep-2013 By : thot4food

Eating raw food is nothing new. In fact, you would be pleased to be presented with an appetizing looking plate of sliced raw veggies. Some people also swear by scooping up the raw oyster flesh from its shell but nothing could beat the spectacle at a food...

Live Baby Octopus For Your Dinner

On : 01-Apr-2009 By : foodwithme

Baby Octopus is a delicacy in Japanese cuisine. Even in Korean and some other Asian cuisines it is considered to be one delicacy you mustn’t miss while visiting. However, the feeling of these squirming creatures with the tentacles moving in desperation...

How To Eat Sannakji?

 How To Eat Sannakji? On : 01-Sep-2010 By : culinary_explorer

Do you want to don the Predator for the thrill of a culinary adventure? One spear or fork that simply stamps down the prey with no retreat? Do you seek Paul’s(octopus) consultation for this? He might not be of much help, but here is a chance for you while...