Nut Candy

Nut candy, a crunchy delicious brittle or soft candy is made by folding in nuts in sugar syrup. Sugar is boiled in water to till a thick syrup is formed and ample minced nuts which may be walnuts, almonds or pecans are added to the syrup. The thick sticky mixture is spread over a greased candy tray and stiffened. The nut candy sheet is cracked into bite sized pieces. The nut candy is a delicious filling snack.

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How To Store Nut Candies

How To Store Nut Candies On : 02-Aug-2010 By : Food4me anytime

I felt the need to learn how to store nut candies last Christmas when I had loads of nut candies at home and I didn’t have any idea how to keep them fresh. I tried keeping them in my kitchen cabinet, but I feared that they will get soiled in the heat of...

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Gourmet Easter Candy

Gourmet Easter Candy On : 13-Apr-2011 By : palshil

  Come Easter and it is the time for goodies and food gifts. Your Gourmet Easter Candy basket can have so many things like chocolates, biscuits, cookies, Easter eggs and Easter chicks. Don’t forget to add an Easter bunny with the goodies.  Looks...

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Candy

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Candy On : 12-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

If you are a candy craver but cannot binge on it for fear of piling on extra pounds, then don't despair. You can prepare simple, low fat candies at home to satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking up your daily calorie intake. Trail the tips on how...

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