Normal Fried Rice Recipes

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Fried Rice

Rice: Cook rice as directed; set aside. In a large skillet, cook bacon until brown and crisp. Remove and drain; reserve grease in bowl. Using a small amount of grease, brown onions until tender. Remove and drain. Using small amount of grease, stir fry... - 46.9975

Sardines Fried Rice

This dish can be eaten at any time: lunch, dinner or even breakfast. It is healthy and simple. Makes a tasty meal anytime.Sardines are rich in omega 3 and calcium and should be eaten twice a day. - 36.0058

Thai Fried Rice

When the pan is extremely hot (smoking hot), pour in the oil. Add the egg and scramble the egg until the egg is all cooked. Put the egg aside or just push it aside and make some room on the bottom of the wok. Add soy sauce and stir. Keep stirring and mixing... - 39.697

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Shrimp Paste Rice (khao Krok Kapi)

This Thai fried rice dish is called khao kluk kapi. You don't see this dish very often and then only in Thai neighbourhoods and never in tourist regions. The big difference between this dish and normal fried rice is that the rice is fried with shrimp paste... - 51.3954

Vegetable Pulav With Mushrooms

This is my speciality. I make this dish mostly on weekends. It goes well with chicken fry by the side. No need of any gravy as this is an entire meal in itself. - 34.9201

Chawal Ka Paratha

Do you have some leftover rice in your fridge? Do not know what to do with them? Why not try making parathas of it? Leftover rice makes very good parathas and really taste well as a breakfast dish with curd. - 32.4785

Mysore Masala Dosa - Indian Breakfast

Mysore masala Dosa is a very popular south indian breakfast recipe. Usually Dosa is served with chutney and/or sambar to the side. But for Mysore Masala Dosa a spicy red chutney is applied on the crispy crepe to make it even more tasty. - 123.618

Adai Dosai

Adai is a high calorie dish, with the oil and rice used to prepare this. However, it also contains rich amounts of protein, potassium, and fiber from the toor dal. Urad dal is also rich in iron, magnesium, and fiber. So this can be a very healthy dish if you... - 47.6177

Plain Set Dosa

This is another form of dosa. It is more common in homes than restaurants. It is soft and smaller than the paper crisp dosa. Usually it is served in pair, the reason for it being called as set dosa. - 39.4606

Matar And Soybean Pulao

Green peas (matar) and soybean pulao is an easy to make dish, made by combining rice with peas, soybean and various spices. You can even add vegetables like beans, potatoes and onions to make the dish more interesting. - 26.1829

Savory Shrimp Pulao

The Shrimp Pulao is a beautiful dish to prepare and serve. In India, these type of dishes are made during festive seasons more often than not. Exquisitely flavored with beautiful spices! Watch and learn how to make this superb Pulao from this video! Enjoy! - 112.082

Fried Green Tomatoes With Mayonnaise

For Garlic Mayonnaise: Make your normal mayonnaise. While making it, add 6 crushed garlic cloves and 4 crushed green chillies. Use sour lime juice instead of vinegar. Mix the tomato slices with the pepper, chilli and cumin powders and salt. Mix the eggs and... - 38.9456

Kanda Dumpa Fry

Crispy,tangy and tasty is how i would describe this elephant yam foot fry. A nice way of including this vegetable in your child's diet. On a normal basis they might not be huge fans of yam as such, but this tangy fry is sure going to be a hit with one and... - 45.4839