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Nori is the name by which a number of Japanese seaweeds of the Porphyra species are known. In particular, this class of seaweeds encompasses mostly members of the P. Yezoensis and P. Tenera, which are commonly ... More »
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Black Rice Fruit Nori Rolls With Mango Sauce

I was thinking one day that black rice was just as sticky as sushi or short grain brown rice, so thought I’d try a colorful, non-traditional option for a sweet dessert nori roll. - 139.951

Easy Veggie Nori Rolls

Nori Rolls is a famous Japanese dish. You may not believe that these rolls can be easily made at home. The Chef shows how to make Easy Veggie Nori Rolls so nicely in the video. - 137.723

Chinese New Year Raw Sushi Rolls

Gung Hay Fa Choy! Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these incredible raw foods. Here is a complete Asian inspired raw food meal that you can make to impress your friends and family and influence them into going raw! A delicious Apple and Ginger Cocktail... - 133.857

Easy Dehydrator Raw Pate Nori Crackers

Some raw nori seaweed crackers with an almond, sunflower and basil pate filling. A dehydrator is required if you want these to be raw. If not, you can try them in the oven, but you’d have to cut the “cooking” time way down. If you don’t have a... - 128.571

Vegetarian Nori Rolls

Do you love nori rolls? Do you know that they can be prepared at home? Here is the video recipe showing you exactly how to do that!! This is delicious and healthy and the only time consuming part is cooking the rice. Watch the recipe and surely you will be... - 124.838

California Roll

Learn how to make this inside-out sushi roll with this step by step video. This Americanized version of sushi made with crab-sticks, avocado and cucumber, is really easy to make at home and even more when you have the sushiquick roller. You can use the... - 121.717

Nori Edamame Salad With Miso Sauce Recipe

Here are Jon Ham and Julieanna Hever making a Japanese style salad with Edamame, Nori, and topped with Miso Sauce. - 121.505

How To Make Cheeseburger Sushi

I’m all about some fusion. Korean bbq pizza anyone? How about some gochujang shrimp tacos? Kimchi & bulgogi quesadillas? Whichever the case may be, I find that with food, spreading the love is the best case scenario. Take what you love and attach it to... - 120.02

Summer Sushi Roll

If you think sushi is too tricky to make at home then follow these tips for preparing light and healthy veggie sushi and you'll be rolling in no time! This Japanese delicacy is so simple to make, yet so flavourful and they look very pretty on a plate. These... - 117.489

Dragon Roll Sushi

The dragon roll is an outside thick roll that is wrapped with thinly sliced avocado. The green layers of the avocado resembles the scales of a dragon. This Dragon Roll consists of salmon, cucumber and avocado. This is a beautiful appetizer to serve during the... - 117.194

Vegan Nori Wrap

Nori can be rolled into a wrap for breakfast or for main course. Watch this video to see an amazing recipe for vegan nori wrap with plenty of fresh vegetables and seasonings. See the video to try out this outstanding recipe and rejoice! - 115.407

Raw Food - Vegetable Nori Rolls, Ep 18

Join Natasha on her raw food weight loss journey! Today Natasha shows you how to make her favorite lunch recipe, Raw Vegetable Nori Rolls! - 115.01

Vegan Nori Rolls

If you have heard about sushi, you would know what is Nori Rolls. This is a raw food nori recipe that uses all uncooked ingredients including a raw ingredient in place of rice. Watch the video and find out more!! - 113.064

Cool Sushi Roll

MAKING 1. Lay 1 nori sheet, shiny side down, on the sushi mat. 2. Wet your fingers with water and spread about 1/4 cup of the rice evenly onto the nori. 3. Sprinkle the tobiko evenly over the rice. Turn the sheet of nori over so that the rice side is... - 112.588

Fast And Easy Raw Nori Rolls

If you are a newbie to the world of raw food diet or are on the verge of taking the plunge, this recipe will help you to open the doors and welcome this mantra of wonderfully beneficial healthy living. In less than four minutes, and without any blender,... - 108.168

A Nutritious Lunch In Minutes: Nori Hand Rolls

MAKING 1. Place a nori sheet smooth side down rough side up over the counter. 2. Stuff with multi grain rice, water cress, carrot, cucumber, scallion and avocado. 3. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the stuffing. Roll the nori sheet as shown in the... - 106.065

Raw Sushi - Part 1: Introduction

This recipe video is in 3 parts this is Raw Sushi - Part 1: Introduction, watch part 2 and 3 for complete recipe. If you want to recreate the restaurant-style raw sushi at your home for a bunch of special guests, you should have some practice before.... - 103.884

Raw Sushi - Part 3: Rolling

This recipe video is in 3 parts this is Raw Sushi - Part 3: Rolling, watch part 1 and 2 for complete recipe. Once you have assembled the sushi, now it's time to roll it over. That's perhaps the most critical step for preparing sushi. But, don't be nervous;... - 103.286

Raw Sushi - Part 2: Assembling

This recipe video is in 3 parts this is Raw Sushi - Part 2: Assembling, watch part 1 and 3 for complete recipe. If you have already watched the introduction part, then you must have gathered some knowledge on traditional style of sushi making. In this second... - 102.501

Sushi With Avocado And Cucumber

Sushi in Japanese cuisine is a cool compact idea to pack lunch and snack outside or inside home. Watch the video showing how to make sushi with Japanese rice with avocado and cucumber on nori sheets. Good for picnics! - 101.838

Nori Maki, Onigiri, Miso Soup

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, mix together rice, rice vinegar, sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt, and allow to cool, to make the white rice mixture. 2. In another bowl, shred the pan fried salmon and remove the bones. 3. Mix the salmon with about 1/3 of rice mixture... - 98.9133

Raw Spicy Nori Seaweed Chips

Here is an awesome snack to have any time of day to satisfy those cravings for salty fried chips. Seaweed chips are an energy snack filled with nutrients that do you lots of good. Though they don't look impressive, they are very tasty and addictive! Watch... - 97.8676

Veggie Nori Sushi Rolls

If you're fond of eating Japanese food, do try out this recipe. The Chef shows how to make nori sushi rolls. It's really delicious and easy to make. The combination of brown rice and vegetables is amazing. This is a great recipe for vegetarians. Do watch the... - 97.7607

Ginger Almond Nori Rolls

If you enjoy Asian cuisine, you are going to love these Nori rolls. Enriched with the goodness of rice and vegetables, this dish makes for a healthy bite. Watch this video for more details! - 97.556

Raw Seaweed Snacks With Nori

Healthy snacks are the cause of a healthy body and equally healthy mind. Chef Kathy shows how to make spicy seaweed snacks using nori sheets, healthy seaweed and some seasonings. Minerals and vitamins right out of the sea in this snack! - 97.0273

Hawaiian Grown Kitchen - Tokoname - Segment 2

Wondering how to make sushi? In this video chefs form Tokoname restaurant shares the recipes for 2 of their best selling sushi. - 96.9558

Raw Spicy Kale Barbecue Style Kale Chips

Barbecue food can be made healthy without involving high heat levels and fat. Check out Chef Santiago showing how to make spicy bar-b-q kale chips with fresh kale leaves and seasonings. Good to satiate small barbecue cravings! - 96.4107

Raw Vegetable Nori Rolls

Asian sushi has gained enough popularity and here is a healthy version of nori rolls. Check out chef Santiago showing how to make Nori Rolls using vegan nori sheets, some vegetables and seasonings. Ideal for lunch. - 96.3151

Raw And Vegan Sushi

Who said raw and vegan food has to be boring and unappealing? These nori rolls or raw and vegan sushi definitely proves this popular belief wrong. It’s fresh, vibrant, fancy and far from being bland. These are absolutely perfect to impress your friends and... - 95.87

Traditional Good Luck Sushi Roll

Drive the demons out and welcome some Good luck! Eat Eho maki, a big rolled sushi of 7 lucky ingredients. do not forget that you eat the whole roll without pause or chat, while facing the Eho, the direction of the god of fortune and happiness. - 94.645

Ume And Nori Pasta

Pasta cooked in Ume and Nori. - 94.455

Raw Organic Vegetable Nori Rolls

When it’s raw, it’s living! There is nothing better than eating something so fresh, straight out of your garden! If you are on the path of healthy, natural and organic eating then this recipe is one that you must have. Here is an awesome recipe that is... - 92.9131

Shrimps Wrapped In Nori Seaweed Sheet

This weekend fire up this shrimps wrapped in nori recipe and let your taste buds rejoice. Watch the video see how the chef wraps shrimp in nori and combines it with exotic flavors of ginger and garlic. Looks absolutely scrumptious and is a delicious thing to... - 92.3534

Tasty Nori Nachos

Nori nachos is an interesting way to savor a Japanese food in Mexican way. Baffled! Well, the good thing about making nachos at home is that you can add health value and customize your own topping. And what better way to get best of both cuisine than use nori... - 91.0867

Sushi: The Complete Recipe / La Recette Complète

Une recette simple et complète pour sushi. - 70.1803

Spiced Raw Nori Cheese Sticks

Spiced Nori Cheese Sticks can easily pass of as mock vegetarian sushi. As shown in the video, nori sheets gives the crunch while the cheese mixture is heavy enough to satiate the hungry tummy. - 65.1024

Chilled Soba Noodles With Nori

MAKING 1) In a saucepan, add the dipping sauce ingredients, stir and heat until the sugar dissolves ; chill in the refrigerator. 2) Prepare the chopped onions, grated ginger, nori seaweed, and place on the table with the wasabi paste. 3) In to individual... - 46.8879

Nori Rolls

GETTING READY: 1) Water is brought to a boil. MAKING: 2) Rice is added to the boiling water and simmered on low heat, for about 45 minutes, till it is done. (This rice tends to be sticky and considered ideal for this dish). 3) The rice is cooled till it... - 46.096

Vegetable Nori Rolls

MAKING 1) In a medium pot boil water. 2) Stir in rice, decrease heat. Cook covered over simmering heat. 3) If using brown rice, simmer for 45 minutes; white rice for 20 minutes and basmati for 25 minutes. 4) Cook the rice until firm and the water absorbed. 5)... - 45.1981

Tuna Nori Rolls

1. Add rice to large pan of boiling water; boil, uncovered, until just tender. Drain, stand rice 5 minutes; stir in combined vinegar, sugar and salt. Cool. 2. Place one sheet of nori, rough-side up, on damp bamboo sushi mat. Dip fingers in water and spread... - 44.373

Nori Maki

MAKING 1. Diagonally slice the fish into 1 X 2 X ¼ inch thick and then lengthwise. 2. Take a bamboo rolling mat, arrange on the chopping board and place a nori sheet on it with shiny side on the mat. 3. Grasp ½ cup rice with hands dipped in vinegar and... - 43.3693

Nori Maki

Cook the rice, following the instructions given in gohan. Transfer the drained rice to a warmed bowl and set aside. To make the vinegar sauce, combine the vinegar, sugar, salt and monosodium glutamate to taste, then pour the mixture over the rice. Stir gently... - 40.8049

Fried Chicken With Nori

Bone chicken breast, remove skin and slice breast into three or four strips. Cut those strips into 1 1/2" pieces and marinate. Let stand 20 - 30 minutes. Cut nori into thirds and then into 1/2" pieces. Roll marinated chicken pieces in cornstarch and bind each... - 36.2342

Vegetarian Nori-wrapped Sushi (vegan)

Historically, sushi evolved as a utilitarian food as far back as 300 BCE when fermented rice was wrapped around fish as a form of food preservation. Today, sushi reminds us of the contradictions of our modern world. Inherently, sushi isn’t just food –... - 35.1695

Dhal With Nori

Heat ghee on medium heat and add mineral salt, cumin seed, and asafoetida. Cook until the spices’ aroma comes up. Add split mung, nori, and water and stir. Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer, and cover with a lid for 20-25 minutes, or cook 15 minutes at... - 22.2913

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