Nirulas is a brand of Indian fast food restaurant, existing since 1977 and now has more than 75 outlets across Delhi NCR, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana.  Nirulas serves the Indian version of western fast foods like burger, sandwiches along with authentic Indian cuisine. It also has casual dining restaurants, called Potpourri. Apart from this, it also has ice cream parlors, and pastry shops.




The history of Nirula’s dates back to 1934, when the Hotel India was opened by L C Nirula and M Nirula in the Connaught place area of central Delhi. The hotel had a restaurant, bar and 12 rooms. During 1950’s they started a Chinese restaurant, which is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Delhi. They started with a coffee house, the Indian Coffee House, which served Espresso and became a huge success amongst the guests and people of Delhi. Soon after this, they also came with two restaurants serving Hungarian food and Indian food. La Boheme and Gufa served Hungarian and Indian food respectively.

Their next venture after the hotel was the opening of first fast food restaurant, called Nirulas in 1977. The fast food outlet had an ice cream parlor, snack bar, pastry shop, and hot shoppe.


Variations in Restaurants


  • Petrol stations
  • Nirula’s 21 serve 21 flavors of ice cream
  • Potpourri is a multi cuisine restaurant with waiter service.
  • Nirula’s Express, is a takeaway outlet
  • Family Style Restaurant, offers take away, quick service, and home delivery



Vegetarian Snacks:  The snacks at Nirulas consist of:


  • Veg Sandwich, containing mint and mustard mayonnaise with the choice of vegetables in the multigrain bread.
  • French Fries - potoato fries
  • Cheese and Garlic Toast, is a crispy snack with cheese on the garlic toast or bread.
  • Bruschetta, is a French garlic bread with cheese, garlic bread, black pepper sauce, and tomatoes.
  • Veg Platter, consists of potato sticks, jalapeno munchers, and potato wedges and onion rings.
  • Masaledar Paneer Roll is a snack containing paneer cubes cooked with capsicum and onions rolled into thin flour bread.


Non Vegetarian Snacks:


  • Chicken Salami Sandwich, consists of vegetables, salami, mint and mustard mayonnaise sauce
  • Lagan ki Seekh Kababs, is a seekh kathi roll.
  • Chicken Cheese Frank Platter, is a platter containing chicken franks served with French fries.
  • Chicken Wings, is a snack dish containing chicken wings tossed in taco sauce.
  • Chicken Chop, is a dish having minced chicken which is flattened and deep fried. It is served with cole slaw and hash potatoes.


Burgers and Pizzas


The Vegetarian category of burgers consists of subz burger, chatpata aloo burger, vegetable mahaburger, and vegetable burger. The nonveg category of burgers consists of chicken burger, chicken mahaburger, mutton mahaburger, and big boy burger.

Vegetarian Pizzas at Nirulas consist of Pizza cheese and tomato onion, capsicum onion and mushroom, capsicum onion, pizza double cheese, and teekha paneer tikka. The Non vegetarian category of Pizza consists of Chicken Tikka and red chili, Chilli chicken, Mutton Sausage, Murg keema do pyaza, mutton, sausage, capsicum and onion.


Indian Items


Indian Items at Nirulas are typical Indian thalis, kebab meals, mini meals and main courses. All of these have sabzi or curried vegetables, dals or pulses dishes, along with breads, salad, raita, and sweet.


Ice Creams


Ice creams at Nirulas have a variety of sundaes and Ice cream tub in a variety of flavors.




Beverages include shakes, milk shakes, ice cream shakes, and ice cream sodas.


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