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Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen is a three part BBC Two’s cookery show that followed the success of Nigella Bites and Nigella Feasts on Food Network, which was telecasted during the Christmas season of 2006, starting December 6. The recipes on this show were so interesting and got such popularity that the first two weeks of the show itself garnered the second highest rating of the week for the BBC Two channel, wherein the first week debuted 3.5 million and the third week was awarded the top show on BBC Two the same week it was aired.


History of Nigella Christmas Recipes

This show of Nigella's debuted on 6th December 2006 as part of Food Network’s cookery shows on BBC Two in UK, which was a prelude to Nigella Express, with the focus being on preparing scrumptious and delectable Christmas dishes with a lot of ease and not getting stressed out. In fact, this three part cookery show purely focused on the recipes and she was also awarded by the World Food Media for the show.


Format of Nigella's Christmas Food Show

Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen was one cookery show where Nigella focused on showing how to be stress free during Christmas and how to cope up preparing elaborate festive food for large groups of family and friends. On the show, she explains how some Christmas dishes can be worked on before hand and frozen away, so that they can just be heated up on the day of Christmas. As she herself was a family person and believed that time with the family was more important, she provides tips and short cuts for making the Christmas meal a delight in preparing as well as enjoying it with family and friends. All this and much more can be seen on the show.


Noteworthy Winners of Nigella Christmas Recipes

The show got so popular within the short span of the show being aired that it resulted in Nigella Lawson being awarded her second World Food Media Award in the year 2007. In fact, her popularity and influence as an expert food commentator also led to the sale of goose fat as she advocated that goose fat is an essential ingredient for Christmas recipes. Even the usage of prunes in one of the recipes resulted in almost 30% increase in sales of the fruit at Waitrose, all thanks to the show – Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen. 

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