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Naan is a leavened oven-baked Indian flatbread. It is prepared from strong white flour, yogurt, warm water, active dry yeast, salt, sugar and
ghee or butter. The ingredients except ghee or butter are mixed and left for 3 hours. Then they are made into small balls, rolled and cooked on griddle or pan. They are served with hot ghee or butter.

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How To Eat Naan

How To Eat Naan On : 01-Apr-2011 By : Ecofoods

  Naan is a bread that is made from using white flour, salt and yeast and enough yoghurt to make the dough elastic, smooth and soft breads and that will give you an idea of how to eat naan . The dough is kneaded and is...

Indian Breads

Indian Breads On : 27-Oct-2007 By : nisar253

               INDIAN BREADS ROTI the most basic food of India is a fascinating subject. The Indian bread is made of basic ingredients as grains, salt and water, yet they have tremendous...

How To Eat Nan-i-afghan - The Traditional Afghan Bread

How To Eat Nan-i-afghan - The Traditional Afghan Bread On : 07-Sep-2010 By : dietrikona

When in Kabul, none of your meals can be completed without eating Nan-i-Afghan , the traditional Afghan flat bread, and if you are planning to dine at an Afghan specialty restaurant then learning how to eat Nan-i-Afghan will do you good. So, read on...

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