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Mutton Biryani is a non-vegetarian variety of biryani rice, which is a Muslim specialty in Indian and Pakistan. Often prepared and served in such joyous occasions like Id, Ramzan, wedding and other parties, mutton ... More »
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Shahi Biryani

Are you looking for simple way to make Shahi Biryani? This recipe is perfect for you. This is a classic recipe. Shahi Biryani is a very popular Indian dish. It is a delicious main dish from Mughlai Cuisine. Shahi Biryani goes well with chicken korma, but it... - 54.3263

Mutton Biryani

Mutton Bryani has a awesome taste. The mutton witl yoghurt and papaya paste gives the Mutton BiRyani a majestic taste. The Mutton BRyani is ranked high on my favourite food list. - 48.863

Mutton Biryani

1. Clean and cut meat. Soak in curd. 2. Roast and powder cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and peppercorns. 3. Grind together red chillies, half the onions, ginger, garlic and green chillies and copra. 4. Heat fat. Add sliced onions. Add ground spices and fry. Add... - 46.8106

Gosht Biryani

Place the lamb with all the marinade ingredients in a mixing bowl and combine thoroughly. Cover and let marinate for at least an hour. Heat the oil in a wok or pan over medium heat and fry the sliced onions until golden brown and crisp. Remove with a slotted... - 45.7146

Mutton Biryani

Wash the mutton pieces thoroughly and drain away the water. Put the mutton in a bowl and put into it yogurt, half of the whole garam masala and 3 to 4 bay leaves. Mix the ingredients well so that each piece is coated. Add salt and pepper powder to... - 42.2945

Mutton Biryani

1. Heat ghee in pressure cooker, add garam masala and 1/2 the sliced onions and fry. 2. Add the crushed ingredients saving a little for the rice and fry. Add meat and salt to taste and fry. Add water and cook with pressure for 20 minutes. Meat should be... - 39.1699

Mutton Biryani

1. Keep the mutton kurma ready. Add salt in 12 cups boiling water, cook the soaked rice and drain. 2. Heat ghee and fry onions until golden. Remove and in the same pan fry the cashewnuts and raisins separately. Remove and keep aside. 3. Grease a... - 33.3439

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