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Italian Grilled Mushroom, Cheese And Spinach Panini

Try out this awesome Italian sandwich with goat cheese and arugula. Watch this impressive video that is a really going to make you delightful. This video is a great interesting piece to view. Gear up to make this elegant sandwich and prepare yourself for a... - 109.07

Portabello Mushroom Panini

Looking for some easy recipes for appetizers, then this is a good one. Chef Arsenii shows how to prepare Portabello Mushroom Panini in the video. This is an amazing appetizer and can be served with potato wedges as well. - 105.352

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1. Slice bread lengthwise. Spread the inside of the bread with seasoned extra-virgin olive oil. Layer the meats and cheeses. Add your choice of condiments. Press the top of the bread firmly back onto the sandwich, and define portions with long sandwich picks... - 32.1535

Italian Style Grilled Veg Sandwich

A perfect Panini Sandwich! Tastes just yummy. Perfect during summer days for outside grilling! Tastes just fantastic :-) - 102.552

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