Mung Pakoda Recipes

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Monsoon Delight - Moong Dal Pakoda (split Green Gram Fritter)

On the roads of Delhi, Mung ki Dal Pakoda is very popular and this is often served with a mint coriander chutney and grated radish. These pakodas are yummy and very easy to make. - 34.3017

Moong Dal Halwa, Kand Pakoda, And Fansi Dhokli

Festive season is the time to forgo all your inhibitions and gorge on yummy delicacies. Bhal Dave here presents a wad of Gujarati delicacies that can be easily prepared at home using lentils and beans. Scrumptious and simple, even you can stir up these... - 38.7024

Pakoda Chaat

This is done in almost all north indian homes. - 28.9419

Onion Dal Pakodas

Indian snacks are known for their crunchy crispy bites and this Onion Dal Pakodas are just the kind it can ever be. A great tea-time accompaniment to serve, these Onion Dal Pakodas also upholds healthy way of snacking! So give it a try, I bet you'll love it... - 49.2756