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Moroccan Inspired Sweet Potato Pie

Talk about Fusion food and here we have the Moroccan Inspired Sweet Potato Pie. In Morocco, people use almonds and orange blossom water in most of their desserts. In the video, Alia has incorporated roasted almonds to the pie crust and flavored the filling... - 141.43

Moroccan Almond Snake Pastry

This is an impressive video that displays a unique and delicious traditional Moroccan pastry. The pastry has a flavorful almond paste filling and smeared in honey syrup. The video displays the recipe in a simple manner so that you can easily make the same in... - 140.824

Pumpkin Pie With A Moroccan Twist

The Holiday season is back and Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite meals in the U.S. Today, I wanted to celebrate a fusion of cultures by making a Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie with a Moroccan twist! A nice surprise to your Thanksgiving dinner! - 136.493

Spiced Roasted Pineapple

I love pineapple! It's sweet, juicy, and it makes me feel that I am in an exotic island when I eat it! Today, I am going to show you how to bring pineappl to the next level. Yes, it's possible! we are going to bake it in a sweet flavored syrup for one hour,... - 135.644

Makrout - Moroccan Date Cookie

Moroccan cookie are always a mouthwatering treat to all. This amazing video shows how these awesome date cookie are made in a simple manner. These cookie are smeared with honey and orange blossom water for that wonderful twist in the taste. This video is... - 134.204

Sellou - Moroccan Sweet For Ramadan

The video here displays a traditional Moroccan festive almond sweet called Sellou that is a delicious sweet prepared with almonds, toasted sesame seeds, cooked flour and honey. This is a nutritious dessert, customarily served during the holy month of... - 132.389

Briwat - Moroccan Cookies For Ramadan

How to make delicious moroccan sweets dipped in honey - made with a delicate dough and filled with almonds or walnut paste. - 131.306

Honey Walnut Pie

Traditional Moroccan honey walnut pie is a favorite with all. This recipe is very versatile, the walnuts here can be substituted with pecans, while the honey can be replaced with corn syrup. The video here displays the recipe in a simple manner, so just try... - 130.315

Moroccan Mini Bastilla With Caramelized Pumpkin

Morocco is famous for it's pie called Bastilla too. In this wonderful video, the chef makes the filling with a layer of caramelized pumpkin with walnuts and another layer of sweet almond mixture. This is a perfect recipe of Bastilla for autumn and is going... - 128.733

Chocolate Date M'hencha (moroccan Pastry)

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl put the date paste and microwave it for 30 seconds. Set aside. 2. In another bowl add dark chocolate and butter. Put it in a double boiler or microwave and melt it till smooth while stirring. 3. FILLING: To the bowl with melted... - 128.044

Orange Blossom White Chocolate Mousse

This year, try an international menu for your holiday table! How about an airy light white chocolate mousse with a Moroccan twist as we flavor it with orange blossom water? Super easy and super delicious as always :-) - 127.738

Chocolate-peanut Easter Eggs - Moroccan Style

Here is a super simple recipe of a Moroccan sweet with a twist. Traditionally this sweet is made with roasted peanuts, candied fruits and covered with chocolate. However here the candied fruits have been replace with almonds and walnuts. For a wonderful twist... - 127.547

Royal Dark Chocolate And Biscuit Cake

Royal dark chocolate and biscuit cake, as the name implies is an amazing cake that was the wedding cake for royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This video shows how this royal cake can be easily made in your kitchen. Flavor with your own... - 120.728

Baked Apples Moroccan Style

GETTING READY 1. Preheat your oven to 375 F degrees (190 C). 2. BUTTER FILLING: In a bowl, using a fork, mix the butter and brown sugar. 3. Add the cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and the zest of 1 orange and continue mixing until you get a smooth texture. 4. Add... - 118.895

Desert Roses (roses Des Sables) - Chocolate Treats

Today, I am sharing with you a super easy recipe that, for sure, will be added to your favorites: the Desert Roses. These are chocolate treats made with chocolate and cornflakes, and look like the crystal rocks in the desert shaped like rose petals. I loved... - 118.846

Moroccan Sellou

Here is an amazing recipe for a traditional Moroccan dish, Sellou that is a sweet made with almonds. The video here displays this nutritious sweet with two special ingredients, roasted peanuts and cardamom powder. Try out this customary Ramadan dessert on any... - 117.201

Moroccan Rice Pudding

This week, we are going to make another one of my grandmother's comfort food recipes! Moroccan rice pudding flavored with Orange Blossom Water. - 115.29

Moroccan Orange Walnut Cake

It is true that the Moroccans add orange and walnuts to most of their recipes. Alia's Orange Walnut Cake is so typical and speaks loudly of its Moroccan roots. So succulent and delicious. I'll be glad if someone makes this as a birthday cake for me. Enjoy! - 91.8212

Moroccan Serpent Cake

1. To make the almond paste, mix the melted butter with the ground almonds and almond essence in a bowl. Add the sugar, egg yolk and rose or orange flower water, mix well and knead until soft and pliable. Chill for 10 minutes. 2. Break the paste into 10... - 40.2126

Oranges Moroccan

Oranges Moroccan is a simply delicious recipe. Try this Oranges Moroccan recipe; I bet, yoy will get a huge fan following for this one. - 26.4768

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