Mock Ham Salad Recipes

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Mock Kalua Roast

Mix the minced garlic with salad oil and rub roasts with mixture. Wrap meat in leaves, then in foil, securing seams tightly. Roast at 350° F.for four hours. Uncover meat and brown surface in hot oven, 450° F.or in broiler just before serving. Mock Kalua... - 29.6355

Steamed Fish With Szechwan Sauce

Clean and scale the fish and make a few gashes on both the sides. Cut them into two pieces. Mix salt, pepper, lime juice and soya sauce, and rub the fish with it evenly. Steam the fish pieces for 15 minutes. Heat the oil and fry onion and green chillies for 2... - 41.3894

Duck With Mustard And Leeks

Slice the leeks lengthwise, and then into 2-inch pieces, using only the tender portions. Hack the duck into small pieces, each about 2 inches square. Cut the legs and thighs into 2 pieces. Use your cleaver or poultry shears for this. Season with salt and... - 40.6308