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Mocha coffee is made from a particular type of coffee bean that was traded through the port of mocha on the read sea coast of Yemen. The coffee bean gets it name from the port and down the ages, the coffee made from this particular bean has acquired the name of mocha coffee. The mocha coffee has a rich, heavy and nutty taste and is favored by coffee lovers the world over. Mocha coffee is generally served hot and is at times topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

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How To Make A French Vanilla Mocha At Home

How To Make A French Vanilla Mocha At Home On : 06-Jan-2011 By : colorfulcandies

When you are sitting all alone at home or you have some friends over at your place, nothing can beat the flavor of a cup of delicious French vanilla mocha coffee. Here’s how to make a French vanilla mocha at home . It is a quick and easy treat...

Top 10 Recipes For Iced Coffee

Top 10 Recipes For Iced Coffee On : 23-Sep-2010 By : Sudipa

Here are top 10 recipes for iced coffee which are excellent for your evening parties or anytime you feel like refreshing yourself up. These recipe ideas for iced coffee are easy to prepare and very delicious to have – hope you enjoy these recipes and...

It Is Time For Peppermint Coffee

It Is Time For Peppermint Coffee On : 23-Nov-2010 By : yummytummy

Winter is on its way to give us a chill and now it is time for peppermint coffee . For quite a few years, people are more towards selecting their cup of coffee with a special flavor of winter such as peppermint or pumpkin. So, as the cold wind started to...

Do You Know Your Coffee?

Do You Know Your Coffee? On : 09-Jan-2007 By : Trojanhorse

BIRTH OF COFFEE! TRULY, A REINCARNATION OF MANY SOULS:   According to legend, coffee was discovered by an goat herder named Kaidi. He noticed that his goats become frisky and danced around the fields after chewing on the berries from...

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