Mini Sponge Cake Recipes

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CCP - SEF: 3
Bert Greene's Skyscraper Sponge Cake

GETTING READY 1) Heat the oven to 350°F. 2) In the middle of a preheated oven, place an un-greased tube pan for five minutes. 2) The pan should be ungreased because if the sides or bottom of the pan are greased or non-stick, the cake will slide out and... - 46.6412

Iced Petit Fours

Cut the cake into dainty decorative shapes of your choice e.g. rectangular, rhombus, round etc. Ice tops for some cakes and all over for other cakes using coloured glace icing. Decorate on top with attractive shapes of cherries, nuts, crystallised rose or... - 28.7204

Lemon Delights ( Delizie Al Limone ) - Italian

The lemon delights (delizie al limone) are delicious mini sponge cakes filled and topped with a smooth lemon custard, a traditional recipe of the Amalfi coast... you'll fall in love with them! - 131.597