Mini Pumpkin Bread Recipes

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Pumpkin Bread

A wonderful bread to make anytime if year, especially great in the fall. This makes a lot of batter and can be baked in 4 regular loaf pans, 12 mini loaf pans or even into muffins. It makes a great gift to take as a hostess gift, a gift for a neighbor, a... - 116.788

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Jack O'lantern Mini Turkey Sandwich

MAKING 1. Cover 2 slices of bread with vegetable spread. 2. Place 2 slices of turkey meat on one bread, and cover it with the other. 3. With a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter, cut sandwich into shapes. Repeat for the other 4 slices of bread. 4. To decorate,... - 113.137

Mini Banana Muffins

Mini Banana Bread Muffins Made With Extra Virgin Olive Oil sweet seasonal treat! Enjoy! - 116.305

Lentil And Beef Stew In A Hallowed Pumpkin

Looking for a nice and unique stew recipe? Then you must watch this video and learn to cook the perfect beef and lentil stew...and what's special about this yummy stew is that it is served in a hallowed out pumpkin! Not only is this dish yummy, it is... - 110.563

Roasted Garlic And Herb Goat Cheese Spread

This is a sure-fire winner when you need a quick and easy hors d'ouevre. It's bursting with flavor! - 117.86