Microwave Potato

Microwave potato

Microwave potato is a recipe made up of cooking potatoes in a microwave. Microwave potato is a healthy recipe because it contains very less oil.

How to make microwave potato

To make microwave potato the potatoes should be pricked with the help of fork without removing the skin. This process allows the heat to enter inside the potato and allows it to cook fast. If unpricked, it can result in potato explosion due to excess heat. Baste the potato with butter to avoid dry skin. If you wrap potato with aluminum foil then moisture would retain inside otherwise you will get a crispy skin that also tastes good. Microwave potato or jacket potato are served with condiments like ham, chicken or cheese.

Microwave potato recipes and its nutritional value

King Edward potato are best suited for microwave potato recipes. Potato and cheese bake, Au gratin potato and baked potato with leak soup are some good recipes of microwave potato. It is a healthy recipe because potato is a good source of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

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