Mexican Relish Dip Recipes

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Mexican Bean Dip

This Mexican Bean Dip is really classy ! I tried this with pasta and meat dishes and my joy knew no bounds when my taste buds experienced the cheesy chili flavors. Just try this Mexican Bean Dip and let me know if you like it ! - 41.1167

Chili Con Queso Dip

1. Saute onion, green chilies, and garlic in oil in cooking pan of chafing dish over medium heat until onion is tender. 2. Reduce heat to low, and add remaining ingredients, except tomato juice. Cook, stirring constantly, until cheese is melted. 3. Add tomato... - 35.6091

Tortillas With Avocado Guacamole Dip

1 Sift the cornmeal, flour, salt and baking powder. Rub in the lard (shortening) until the mix- ture is like breadcrumbs. 2 Add some of the water with the egg, to form a stiff dough. Knead it for a few minutes and then let it rest for 1/2 hour. 3 Take pieces... - 42.9507

Mexican Hot Dip

Crumble beef into 2-quart casserole. Stir in green pepper and taco seasoning mix. Cover. Microwave at High for 5 to 6 minutes, or until beef is no longer pink, stirring once to break apart. Stir in cheese, beans, tomato sauce and jalapeno relish. Microwave,... - 37.7659

Salsa Tomato

Chop onions, chili peppers, tomatoes and garlic very fine, so that they are no longer identifiable separately. Add monosodium glutamate and salt. Let stand 1/2 hour before using (or keep several days in screw-top jar in refrigerator. It can also be frozen). - 29.4426

Nacho Dip

This Nacho Dip is fantabulous! Unlike most other dips this has a lot of ingredients and is cooked. But once you taste it, you'll know that this relish is worth the effort. I love this with my pasta dishes. Try your favorite dishes with this Nacho Dip and tell... - 42.5884

Low Carb Fried Green Tomatoes With Hot Sauce

Are you looking for a healthy, low carb recipe for fried green tomatoes? Then you have come to the right place. Watch this video by LowCarb360 to learn how to cook fried green tomatoes that have less than 30 carb! - 117.005