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Weight Loss Diet Guacamole

Guacamole is one the most popular healthy snacks you can eat when on a weight loss diet or when you are pregnant. Dashma shares her recipe of guacamole which she has included in her 3 Stage total transformation diet plan. She also shares health benefits of... - 115.925

Easy Appetizers: Goat Cheese Guacamole

This delicious goat cheese guacamole is a great spin on a classic appetizer. - 110.975

Guacamole Deviled Egg

There's isn't much I do not like with an avocado but wow, egg might be one of my favorites. That is no surprise, you've all seen me fry an egg inside an avocado a la "egg in the hole." Well here is one more way to love avocados and eggs, right? - 109.533

Lynn's Broiled Avocado

Lynn demonstrates a great side dish, Broiled Avocado. This is especially good served as a side dish to a Mexican meal or can be served as a snack. - 109.103

Quick And Easy Guacamole

This is so ridiculously simple it doesn't even need a recipe. But we made a video anyway. - 105.632

Mexican Pinto Beans And Pork With Avocado

Mexican Pinto Beans And Pork With Avocado is a dish I prepare quiet often for my parties! The dish is simply delicious! You will love this Mexican Pinto Beans And Pork With Avocado recipe. - 46.6179

Mexican Fruit Bars

Mexican Fruit Bars is an easy baked dessert recipe which cannot just escape your guest's attention. Try this amazingly delicious Mexican Fruit Bars dish, you will surely love to talk about with us. - 45.6258

Mexican Avocado Ring

The mexican avocado ring is a gelatin and avocado ring mold made with mashed avocados. Spiced with grated onions and tabasco sauce, the mexican avocado ring is flavored with lime juice and mayonnaise. Served between the courses, it offers a refreshing and... - 38.5721

Mexican Fruit Cake

Grind all ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Press firmly into loaf pan. Pour small amount of grape juice over cake. Set away for a few days, or even weeks, adding more grape juice from time to time. Chill. Slice thin to serve. - 37.3918

Mexican Fruit Dessert

Toss oranges, bananas and strawberries with liqueur in 2-quart bowl. Beat whipping cream and powdered sugar in chilled 1-quart bowl until stiff. Spread over fruit; sprinkle with cinnamon. - 32.8668


Mash avocados with fork or blend in food processor. Add lemon juice and salt. Add remaining ingredients to avocado. Cover with plastic wrap and chill to serve. Spoon into 2 bowls before serving. Garnish with chopped red chili peppers. - 32.7128

Mexican Fruit Cake

Beat eggs and sugar together. Add rest of ingredients (batter may seem runny, but that is okay). Bake in 9 x 13 inch pan at 350° for 45 minutes. Cool and frost. - 29.2525

Guacamole (mexican Avocado Dip)

Chop tomato very fine in wooden bowl;add pulp from avocado, and mash with silver fork or wooden spoon. Blend in remaining ingredients; mix thoroughly. As a dip, serve in bowl surrounded with crisp crackers or raw vegetables. For salad dressing, increase lemon... - 26.8603

Mexican Fruit Dessert

Toss mandarin orange segments, banana and strawberries with liqueur in medium bowl. Beat whipping cream, powdered sugar and cinnamon in chilled bowl until stiff. Divide fruit mixture among 4 dessert dishes - 26.7383

Mexican Fruit Salad Dressing

Prepare Fruit Dressing. Toss with remaining ingredients except lettuce. Spoon onto lettuce-lined plates or into salad bowls. - 25.3084

Mexican Avocado Dip

Mexican Avocado Dip is an amazingly delicious recipe version. An easy to make recipe, you will simply find this Mexican Avocado Dip both mouth-watering and amazingly tempting. - 22.58

Mexican Avocado Salad

Stir taco sauce into avocado dip. Serve cold on individual lettuce leaves and sprinkle lightly with garlic salt if desired. - 18.8175

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