Mexican Cocktail Drink Recipes

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Cocktail Fish Balls

GETTING READY 1. Heat fat to 385°F before frying. MAKING 2. Take a bowl and arrange codfish cakes in it. Mix in pepper, butter and eggs and blend well. Shape into small balls. 3. Roll the balls on fine crumbs and add to hot fat, several at a time, and deep... - 35.6629

Mexican Flag Cocktail

With a melon bailer cut 6 balls from the jicama. Skewer one grape, one jicama ball, and one cherry on each of 6 picks or small skewers. Stir together sugar and lime juice. Add tequila; mix well. Pour over crushed ice in 6 cocktail glasses; garnish with the... - 31.1528

Sunny Cooler Cocktail

1 Fill a chilled tall glass with ice cubes. 2 Pour in the rum and lime juice, then add pineapple juice to fill glass; stir. 3 Garnish with a slice of lime. - 29.5043

Tucson Cocktail

1 Combine tequila, honey and juice in a blender or shaker and mix well. 2 Pour into a cocktail glass with ice. - 26.1539

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Twisty Sex On A Mexican Beach Cocktail

This exciting twist on the classic 'sex on the beach cocktail' is in no way inferior to its progenitor. A yummy, heady blend of reposado, sweet/sour mix, orange juice, cranberry juice and a splash of grenadine, this lip-smacking margarita is just perfect for... - 99.3266

The Mexican Thanksgiving Cocktail

It may be past thanksgiving but we have one more to shot for ya, and it has Tequila and bourbon. How can you not want to try this shooter!? Watch and learn how to make this cocktail from Derrick as he mixes up Tequila, and Wild Turkey Bourbon. Cheers! - 113.547

The Mexican Cowboy Killer Cocktail

The Mexican Cowboy Killer, a cocktail that brings a wide variety of tequila flavors. We are using 1921 tequila cream over standard Irish Cream because it's a tequila base and that would fit just perfectly into this style of drink. - 116.086

Mexican Deviled

Half fill highball glass with ice. Pour in tequila, creme de cassis and lime juice; stir gently to combine. Top with dry ginger ale. - 21.5335

Sloe Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall Mexican Style With A Caribbean Breeze Cocktail

If you can order this cocktail at a bar, it might take more time to request than to make, because the Sloe Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall Mexican Style With A Caribbean Breeze Cocktail has a long name. It brings the heritage of the sloe comfortable... - 106.316

Mexican Prarie Fire

In this free bar tending video Clint will show you how to make a Mexican Prairie Fire. This is the perfect shot if you love tequila and heat. Hey if you want spice it up go for it. Let us know what kind of hot sauce you would throw in the shot by leaving us a... - 121.133

The Mexican Hulk Cocktail

MAKING 1. In a glass, add blue curacao, vodka and ice cubes and stir well using a bar spoon. 2. Next, add the pineapple and orange juice and stir again. 3. Strain into a glass topped with ice. SERVING 4. Serve chilled. - 111.686

Mexican Bulldog Cocktail

What happens when you blend a Common Man Margarita and add a corona? The Mexican Bulldog happens. Yeah, a complex yet fairly well known drink at the bars, the Mexican Bulldog may take some practice to get the amount of fluid correct in your pint glass, but is... - 105.271

Cactus Cooler

MAKING 1) In a pitcher, mix all the ingredients and chill. SERVING 2) Serve chilled. - 29.229

Ciro Cocktail

MAKING 1. In a cocktail shaker, put the ice cubes. 2. Shake the bitters over the ice. 3. Add the Curacao and brandy; stir vigorously 4. Strain and pour into a chilled martini glass. SERVING 5. Serve chilled and decorate the glass with swizzle sticks and... - 37.2197

Mexican Coffee

Mexican Coffee is an excellent drink for parties and gatherings. Make your evening more entertaining with this Mexican Coffee drink. Try it any day! - 25.6777