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An Eggcellent Method Of Separation

Ever tried to separate egg   whites from the yolks? You must have if you are a whiz at cooking especially soft and fluffy desserts. But the entire process of separating the two prominent contents of an egg need to be handled with care. You... -

Methods Of Cooking

Cooking Methods There are two classifications of cooking methods, moist heat and dry heat. There is also a third classification which is a combination of moist and dry heat methods. Moist Heat Cooking Methods Moist heat... -

New Method Of Wine Aging Takes Place In The Ocean

A California winery began a unique experiment in the age-old art of winemaking, as it submerged four cases of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Charleston Harbor. The exercise is aimed to determine the effect of ocean waters on the aging of wine.   ... -

Methods Of Cooking Course

  INTRODUCTION  Cooking is an art which can be mastered only if one has a clear understanding about the science that goes into it. Everyone one can learn to cook and prepare an array of great recipes, but what... -

Perfect Cooking Methods

  Cooking Methods   Cooking methods are divided into three categories: dry-heat , moist-heat and combination-heat . Dry-heat methods cook the foods with hot air or fat (sautéing, pan-frying, deep-frying, grilling, broiling,... -

Methods Of Chinese Cooking

  • CHUAN– quick and rapid boiling • SHINAN--- instant boiling and rinsing. • AO----stewing and braising • ... -

8 Methods To Cook Broccoli

Broccoli can be considered to be one of the most versatile vegetables, which can be consumed in various ways. There are several unique recipes, out of which I am describing the popular 8 methods to cook broccoli . In fact, whenever I serve broccoli at my... -

How To Brew Root Beer - The Easy Home Brew Method

Root Beer – one of the extremely popular “small beers” was probably invented in ancient North America. Though originally made from Sassafras root, today a variety of herbs, berries, roots, and synthetic extracts are used to make root beer; I am going to... -

Cheap Food Storage Methods

If you choose to buy food items in bulk it can be real advantageous for you. However, you need to know about all the cheap food storage methods which are available in such a case, so that you can keep all your food safe and fresh. You need to have cheap... -

All You Want To Know : Methods Of Cooking

The choice of basic cooking preparation is not a problem for who knows its merchandises and ingredients. For example: a piece of veal’s hough can be roasted or boiled, but never pan-fried or grilled. In the kitchen there is basically fourteen methods of... -

Methods Of Cooking

BLANCHING Cold Water: Stock Bones of beef, veal and poultry, cured ham or salt pork need to be started in cold water and brought to a boil. This removes impurities, strong flavours and excess blood. Hot Water: ... -

4 Simple Everyday Methods To Lose Weight

Most people who diet to lose excess weight claim that they diet for the purpose of maintaining good health. In truth, many people diet simply because they want to lose weight and look good; health is not their major concern. Weight loss is a very good reason... -

5 Out-of-the-box Methods To Stop Food Wastage

Waste not; want not may be the motto that sounds good, but fellow Americans do not always abide by it. In fact, recent statistics reveal that almost $1500 worth of food gets thrown away every year by an average family in America . The process can be... -

How To Preserve Flowers

You can easily preserve your favorite flowers, blossoms and leaves in more ways than one. An old art that has been practiced since the colonial era, flowers can be preserved for years, in a variety of ways. The methods for preserving flowers range from... -

What Do We Eat After All?

I have been reading several articles lately on foods that must be avoided for health reasons. In fact, any newspaper supplement or magazine that you open has to talk about healthy and food eating. Keep off oily and fried stuff, high calorie foods like... -

How To Carbonate A Beer

Are you looking for ways to carbonate a beer ? Here are few methods of carbonating a beer.  Carbonation is a process in which carbon dioxide is suspended in a liquid; this phenomenon makes drinks like beer, soda and cola fizzy. ... -

How To Thaw Frozen Beef

There would have been times when would have come across a frozen block of beef and wondered if there are any easy ways to thaw it. While there are no shortcuts to thaw frozen beef, following one of the methods outlined in this blog can make the task a simpler... -

How To Pit Olives

I love olives in everything and anything from gourmet dishes like Stuffed Olives to daily comfort foods like olive sandwiches! It is no wonder that I have picked up some easy and effective ways on how to pit olives easily and neatly. After all, years of... -

How To Toast Slivered Almonds?

Toasting slivered almonds brings out the intense flavor that almonds have intrinsically have in them. Slivered almonds are nothing but almonds finely chopped in long sliver-like shapes. Toasted slivered almonds have numerous benefits. Slivered almonds are... -

How To Freeze Mashed Chicken

  Freezing is an easy method of storing  several kinds of foods. But the taste of all the frozen foods doesn’t seem to be as they taste when freshly prepared. Frozen mashed chicken is one such food. Check out the method of freezing mashed... -

Weight Gain For Men

Although Weight Gain for Men are thought to be a very effective tool in gaining weight there are times when it might be smarter to begin at the bottom and work your way up. While women often think of the more logical and natural methods for... -

How To Brew Tea

Tea – the quintessential golden liquid is one of the most widely consumed drinks, however, many shy away from this drink because they are not aware of how to brew tea the right way . Tea brewing is an art; there are several different varieties of tea... -

10 Cooking Techniques That You Should Know

We are going to tell you about those 10 cooking techniques that you should know in order to square tasty dishes.  At some point of time most of us tend to think that “oh cooking is hard” or “I am a bad cook”. The reason for this negativity lies... -

How Biointensive Agriculture Can Save The Planet

    Global population is expanding rapidly, solid fertility is declining and the cost of the chemicals and fuels are increasing, above all the water resources are also depleting. Yes, major food crisis would soon hit... -

How To Broast

How to broast Different methods of broasting Broasting is a method of preparing chicken, meats, and fish by a cooking style that combines pressure cooking and deep frying. This method is invented by L.A.M.Phelan, the founder of Broaster Company. The... -

How To Properly Cold Brew Coffee?

Traditional method of brewing the coffee would be using hot water. But there is also another method of brewing the coffee, using cold water. This method seems to have its advantages of being more healthier than the hot water brewed coffee since it has less... -

Fungi Seen As Cost Effective Lactic Source

Fungal species of Rhizopus could offer a valuable alternative source for lactic acid production, with significant advantages over bacterial production. These advantages include their amylolytic characteristics, low nutrient requirements, low-cost... -

How To Freeze Mashed Fish

Freezing is one of the most useful preservation methods for storing mashed fish. Such methods help the fishes to stay palatable for a very long time and can be used in a variety of yummy culinary preparations as well. Scroll down to see the proper method of... -

How To Prepare A Pressure Cooker To Bake Cake

Have you ever tasted a pressure cooker cake? It tastes as amazing as an oven baked cake; the only difference is that you have to prepare a pressure cooker to bake cake instead of an oven. The pressure cooker creates pressure and heat from the... -

Veg Holiday Ideas Part 2

 "3-Sisters" the perfect trio for a Fall meal. Planted -  Corn, Corn Field Beans and a variety of Winter Squashes along with a cover crop/"living mulch" of mustard in a mound/circle pattern.  ... -

American Masala

I am a fan of soft-spoken Chef Suvir Saran. So when I spotted his latest book, American Masala - 125 New Classics from My Home Kitchen (Clarkson Potter, $35)- Costco price is $21 at Costco I glanced through it and sort of shrugged but bought it any way as his... -

The Start Of Sweet Corn Season In Michigan

We had our first batch of Michigan sweet corn. It was great! You can see my preferred method of butter application too. This batch was cooked in water for about 10 minutes. Allowed to cool a bit and rolled on a stick of butter and lightly salted.... -

How To Freeze Mashed Sweet Potato

The all-time yummy favorites, mashed sweet potatoes can be stored by freezing. Yes folks! Try out the following methods of freezing sweet potatoes and enjoy them for a long time by increasing their shelf lives. Here we go!   Ways Of... -

Baby Carriage Fruit Bowl Food Idea For Baby Shower

Learn how to carve a watermelon into a baby carriage fruit bowl, perfect for a baby shower! This is a great baby shower food idea because it is also a table decoration. Here is a video to guide you through this very simple fruit carving method with step by... -

How To Peel Banana

Peeling a banana can be more fun than you know of. In fact, there is no single way to peel a banana and if you don’t know of those already, here is a lowdown on the various interesting ways of peeling this potassium-rich fruit, which also keeps your bowels... -

Everything You Need To Know About Alternative Medicine

In today’s world, almost everyone is aware of the term – alternative medicine. Before you start to learn everything about alternative medicine , you must know that it is a kind of treatment, which does not use synthetic drugs.   So,... -

How To Make Earth-friendly Apple Juice

Preparing apple juice is a minute’s task, when you have a fruit juice maker machine at home. But that is not the proper way for making environ-friendly apple juice . The electric operated juice maker machines do waste valuable energy in the form of... -

How To Dry Peppers

                             Stay on this page to learn how to dry peppers . We often use dry peppers in kitchen to add that extra flavor in different dishes. The process of drying acts as a preservative and helps in storing these peppers... -

How To Fillet Trout?

        Trout is a light flavored fish and is not a heinous task to learn how to fillet trout . The best and the most simple way to fillet a trout is using the right technique. There are two techniques to fillet trout:... -

How To Eat Hot Pot

Ever wondered if you really know how to eat hot pot? During a cold, dreary day, this dish can provide a lot of good warmth to the soul. If you know the different ways to eat it, it can be quite the interesting dish to savor. Here are three different ways... -

How To Freeze Mashed Vegetable

Freezing is one of the best methods to preserve both fresh as well as mashed vegetables. This method not only increases the shelf-life of the vegetables, but also makes its utilization easy. Seasonal vegetables can also be cooked, mashed and then stored in... -

How To Freeze Mashed Acorn Squash

Making use of acorn squashes off-season is ensured by well-known storage methods like freezing. Acorn squash is the sweet tasting variety of the winter squash which can be mashed and frozen for later use in various recipes in order to reduce cooking time... -

How To Freeze Mashed Tuna

Freezing is one of the most practical and feasible storage methods for preserving tunas especially when mashed. Such a method enables the tunas to stay edible for a very long duration and can then be used in a variety of mouthwatering culinary... -

How To Freeze Mashed Pasta

The highly nutritious and yummy pastas can be mashed and stored to increase its shelf-life by a well-known and feasible preservation method , i.e. freezing. This process ensures the availability of mashed pastas for a longer duration which can then be used... -

How To Refresh Stale Bread?

Stale bread is a common household problem. Everybody faces it sometime but that just doesn’t make it a bird food and you definitely need not have to throw it into the garbage bin. Why? Because there are remedies available to refresh it and at least use it... -

How To Reheat Cooked Crab

  It takes a little craftsmanship to reheat cooked crab. Crab is very delicate seafood and utmost care needs to be taken when cooking crab or reheating cooked crab. Crabs cook faster than meat or beef. Although it is hard from outside, it is very... -

How To Warm Chili?

Winter is approaching and so is the season of hot and yummy chili. Chili is often a favorite of both adults and children because it can be made both hot as well as mild. This can be served as main dish or as side for sandwich on any chilly winter day. Here... -

How To Sterilize Pickled Onion Jars

Pickled onion is prepared by pickling small onions in vinegar, salt, and spice solution. You should sterilize pickled onion jars to avoid growth of harmful bacteria that would cause sickness. Pickled onions go well with fish and chips and also with... -

How To Coddle An Egg

Many a times when reading through salad recipes you might have come across the term “coddled eggs” and wondered what it is; well coddled egg is a slightly underdone almost runny egg that is cooked by immersing the egg in boiling water for a very short... -

How To Tenderize Beef?

Tender cuts of Beef can at times be very expensive; at such times, knowing how to tenderize the tougher cuts of beef can be very useful. Tenderizing beef not only saves money but also allows one to use high temperature cooking techniques like grilling... -

Tips To Serve Absinthe

Absinthe is an ancient French drink which has won accolades for its distinctive bitter taste, and color. People, who love to bask in the ancient glory of wine and viands, must know how to serve absinthe . Let me introduce some common perceptions about this... -

Scoville Scale: A Spice Measuring Device

  Ever imagined finding out the heat quotient of the chili you eat? Well, the Scoville Scale is an instrument that has been designed to do just that and more. It simply quantifies the results in terms of SHU or Scoville heat units... -

How To Preserve Food Against Bacteria - For A Longer Life

  Food preservation is an important aspect of the food industry. So, how to preserve food against bacteria for a longer life? It involves methods of processing food to preserve its freshness and nutrition. This is done by slowing down... -

How To Calculate Hunger The New Way

Is hunger directly proportional to the wealth increase or not is a million-dollar question, which you will learn to answer with the help of this blog. Recently, an article published in the New York Times Sunday... -

And Then There Were…

What happens when you put all your eggs in one basket oops egg tray? Well, they get talking of course! Not a pretty sight to watch their friend and bro-at-fridge degenerate into a white N yolk in the frying pan. Our sympathies!   ... -

Basil Sorbet-beautiful And Great Flavours

Basil and Red Fruit Sorbets Making sorbet is so easy.  When fresh fruits are in season is the best time to make fruit sorbet.  In these suggestions fresh garden basil is also used.  I like using Thai basil, purple basil and regular green... -

How To Make Coconut Oil?

In today’s world where getting additive free food products is almost impossible and the only way to enjoy unadulterated coconut oil is by preparing it at home. Learning how to make coconut oil at home not only guarantees that you get to use coconut oil... -

How To Thaw Chicken?

Knowing how to thaw chicken is probably as important as knowing how to eat or cook chicken – or perhaps, even more important than that. How neatly and how well you thaw chicken decide how well your chicken is eventually cooked. There are different... -

How To Can Rice

Ever wondered you can can-up some rice like other foods and take it for lunch at work like other ready-made meals? Let’s learn ‘How To Can Rice’ with these easy tips. What is canning and why is it important? ... -

How To Freeze Mashed Cauliflower

Veggies of all types can be stored by the method of freezing in order to increase their shelf life. Mashed cauliflowers are no exception either. Freezing  cauliflowers in this form increases its shelf life which can then be utilized in a variety of recipes... -

How To Freeze Mashed Zucchini

Well-known as courgetts, zucchinis can be stored to ensure its availability off-season with ts  taste, flavor and color  unaltered . Freezing zucchini in its mashed form is extremely useful in the preparation of healthy dishes when in... -

How To Freeze Mashed Nuts

Yummy and crunchy nuts require a proper preservation technique to be stored since its high oil content may make it rancid or stale. Mashed nuts are  extensively used in flavoring milk, as toppings and as spreads for breads. Freezing nuts both as whole... -

How To Thaw Frozen Meat

Be it Thanksgiving or Easter, staying  informed about the various ways you can thaw frozen meat is really going to help you. It is, quite often, a tempting affair to place the frozen meat in a pan filled with boiling water or just keep it on your kitchen... -

To Fight Obesity Yoga Is Better.....

A recent study conducted by Kaivalyadhama Ashrama in India reported that yoga is relatively more effective than methods like aerobics in treating obesity. Although both methods were found to be effective in controlling overweight and excessive body fat,... -

How To Remove Chemicals From Vegetables

  Everyone knows that organic produce is free of chemicals, but just how practical is it to get hold of such fruits and vegetables every day? Due to several reasons, we often end up buying conventional produce which have been generously... -

How To Separate Cream From Raw Milk

Raw milk is non-homogenized milk and is taken straight from the cow or goat. It contains cream in large quantities and if you want to know How To Separate Cream From Raw Milk then read on. Separating cream from raw milk is a fairly simple process.... -

How To Make Mini Floats

  Hot summer for Americans reminds them of  ice mugs with root beer floats. Want to make mini floats at home for your children and family members?  M aking mini floats are easy and you can do it for the weekend party and delight your guests.... -

How To Make Coconut Oil

Making coconut oil is an easy process. To make coconut oil you need fully ripe coconuts, water, large container, strainer and sauce pan. Go for the following procedure and extract good quality coconut oil: Extracting Coconut Milk ... -

How To Can Hot Cherry Peppers?

Have a bunch of hot peppers and wondering what to do with them? Why not learn “ how to can hot cherry peppers ” and store these healthy source of spiciness for future use? Canning hot cherry peppers is not only an easy and effective method of... -

How To Reduce Calories While Cooking

Low calorie foods help to reduce weight and are part of a healthier lifestyle. Reducing calories while cooking, is a great way to reduce your daily calorie intake.  You may wish to reduce calories while cooking but think that lowering calories equals... -

How To Dilute Salt While Cooking

Now, dilute salt for cooking to stay healthy, wealthy and wise.  It won’t be wrong if we quote salt as “the essence of kitchen.” Salt is one of the prime ingredients of all recipes that actually enhance the other flavors in a... -

How To Make Ginseng Extract At Home

  There are many health benefits of Ginseng and making ginseng extract at home is easy too. Native Americans used it widely to cure headaches, fever and indigestion. Besides Americans, it was also used in countries like Russia and China to... -

Use Of Tea As A Seasoning For Vegetables

Use of tea as a seasoning for vegetables  is a common practice.    Cooking with tea is an age-old technique and a popular method of cooking in various countries. Even some cooks in the Western world have been experimenting cooking with tea in... -

How To Make Sesame Seeds Stick To Breads

  There are several recipes that require you to make sesame seeds stick to a variety of surfaces such as buns, rolls, loaves, cookies and of course sesame sticks. But making sesame seeds stick to the surface is not a big deal... -

How To Preserve Fish

How to preserve fish , should rather be asked for very type of fish because preserving fish will depend on the type  of fish. Some of the most common and well-known ways to preserve fish  include: 1. Freezing -

How To Preserve Apples?

How to preserve apples for future use will depend on you needs. If you want to preserve apples for to a short time the refrigeration is the best method to prevent them from browning. However, if you wish to store them for a longer period of time, then you... -

Celebrity Food Names

Here is the start of a blog that we all can participate in : Foods That are named after People Prince Albert Filet of Beef This method of preparing a beef filet was named in honor of Queen Victoria’s significant other,... -

How To Dry Plum

How to dry plum or make prunes? Prunes or dried plums are used in a number of recipes including stewing them . and here is a list of methods  for drying the fruits  at home easily…       ... -

Tips To Cook Frozen Meat

How many of us usually make effort to thaw frozen meat properly before cooking? Defrosting meat is very important before cooking and doing it in the right way is even more necessary. While there are plenty of ways in which you can thaw meat before cooking,... -

How To Ripen Raw Tomato

Many times, it becomes imperative to ripen raw tomato indoors due to frost or vagaries of weather. Tomatoes ripen at room temperature if left in a cool, dark place in the kitchen or inside the pantry. Let us see how to ripen them properly... ... -

How To Cook Whole Lamb

If planning to cook whole lamb, make sure the lamb has been ordered for with prior intimation. Supermarkets do not normally store whole lambs and even the butcher would require an order to get it ready. Another thing to be aware of is that the lamb would... -

Health Benefits Of Chinese Food

  Have you ever thought about health benefits of Chinese foods? Well truly speaking I have never thought about Chinese food benefits. I enjoy this cuisine but it has never occurred to me that Chinese food has health benefits. Chinese food is widely... -

All You Want To Know : Milk

Milk Milk represents a major ingredient in our diet- poured over cereals, drunk in glasses, in tea and coffee- but it also enters the composition of many dishes especially desserts such as ice-cream, custard, pancakes, rice puddings, etc. It is... - Video Wall

Check out the videos that come to you from While you may find numerous food related videos, the ones offered by are refreshingly fresh in their approach and gives you a clear idea of how to go about preparing the dish of your choice. The... -

How To Can Green Beans

Not only are the green beans yummy to eat abut they are also wonderful for your health. You can also grow them easily in your kitchen garden. The problem, however, arises when the yield is more than your needs and you end up wasting the nutritious beans... -

Make Your Tea In A Professional Way

Always use good quality tea. Always use freshly drawn cold water. Warm the pot. If using tea bags, use one bag per person. If using leaf tea, put in one heaping teaspoon per person, plus “one for the pot.” When the water is at boiling point pour onto... -

Chickpea Ideas ("khandvi")

I love chickpeas in any form whether as dahl or as besan flour for various dishes. Chickpea Flour Rolls ("khandvi") Chickpea Flour Rolls by Anupama from India Recipe Story A very very traditional... -

Here’s A Model Cookie That’s Perfect For Dunking

  Ever felt awkward at dunking your snack into a dip, only to have it smeared all over? It looks like an Italian designer found himself in this predicament and decided to create an ingenious biscuit design to save himself... -

How Do You Poach An Egg

How do you poach an egg? Do you know that there are at least three different ways of poaching an egg? Most of us actually do in one way which we learn at a very early age. Here are the three ways of poaching an egg just for your knowledge. Method one... -

How To Preserve Olive?

You find that you have a bounteous harvest of olives this season and are wondering how to preserve olive, then here are a few ways that you can follow to preserve both the black and the green olives.       Tips To... -

How To Can Sausage

  How to can sausage is one of the foods whose canning process is very intricate Canning sausage is a wonderful option for preparing a tasty snack later on. The preparation and process is simple and healthy too. However while... -

How To Clean Mushroom

  There are mixed views on   how to clean mushrooms   correctly. While some say that mushrooms should not be cleaned under water, others feel water is essential to clean away the soil and other contaminants that adhere to mushroom... -

How To Carve Fish

  The method followed for carving fish plays a vital role in determining the tenderness of the meat. Follow the steps mentioned below to retain maximum tenderness of fish. It not easy to carve fish but practice can help in gaining perfection.... -

How To Frost Drinking Glasses For Party

You will need to frost drinking glasses for your party so you can get those perfectly rimmed and enviable margaritas. But frosting drinking glasses is no big deal. Here I will attempt to explain to you a couple of simple ways to frost a glass to enhance the... -

How To Freeze Mashed Cheese

  Freezing mashed cheese, is an easy process. Moreover, the frozen cheese has a very great shelf-life and also can be used directly by shredding or grating. Scroll down this blog to know how to freeze mashed cheese.     ... -

How To Freeze Mashed Strawberry

The yummy red strawberries are an all-time favorite of people across the world. But have you ever tasted frozen mashed strawberry? It is easy to prepare and easy to preserve which incidentally tastes fabulous. When available in large quantities during summer,... -

Tips To Wrap Turkey In Bacon

Turkey meat can dry out very quickly during the cooking process but wrapping parts of the bird in bacon seems to be the best way to retain its flavor, moistness and texture. This is particularly important during Thanksgiving when you have to roast a whole... -

Mad Scramble For Crashed Eggs

Accidentally dropping an egg and having to clean it up is nothing new to us. But it is just a trifle hard to imagine a milion people rushing in to scrape the broken eggs of the ground so that they could go home and cook them. This is no story though and... -

Beat Your Egg Whites: Don’t Spoil Em’

You do need to beat your eggs now and then, particularly its white part. No, this has nothing to do with bad eggs and licking them into shape but you do need that glutinous albumin of the egg white to make your desserts and soups perfect. Don’t fret! ... -