Meaty Food

Meaty food is the term used for the food that feels meaty, fleshy or soft when chewed. Meaty food does not refer to only meat products but it could be any vegetarian food as well that feels little fleshy like meat. Usually, meaty is a feel as well as a flavor that provides a delectable taste to most of the dishes. For instance, rice and macaroni dishes are quite popular with meaty flavor. All meats generally come under the category of meaty food but the vegetarian meaty food is also good enough to enhance the flavor of vegetarian recipes.

Popular Meaty Food

  • Meat – All kinds of meat including beef, lamb and pork come under this category of meaty food. These types of meats are popular for their feel as well as for their meaty flavor.
  • Poultry – Chicken, duck and fowls are all meaty food that has fewer juices as compared to meat but provides a pleasant flavor to the dish.
  • Wild game meat – Venison, and sometimes crocodile, also comes under this category. African recipes mainly make use of crocodile meat.
  • Vegetarian meaty food – Mushroom, jackfruit and soybean chunks are the vegetarian foods that are famous for their meaty feel. Though they don’t have meaty flavor but still they can give a meaty feel while chewing.

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