Meat Noodles

Meat noodles is a very popular dish in Northern China and the other Asian regions such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Europeans also have variations to this classic Asian dish that can be prepared with the addition of some classic European ingredients like sour cream, cabbage and breakfast sausages.


It is a high protein dish with slightly high calories, but can be well-served as a main dish in any of the Asian meals.


Meat Noodles Recipe Overview

Meat noodles recipe calls for any kind of meat especially beef and pork, as both these meats are highly consumed in Northern China. Generally ground meat is incorporated to the dish along with various kind of Asian sauces and condiments. Sauces may include hoisin sauce, soy sauce, chili paste, tomato sauce and brown bean sauce. Miso can substitute the brown bean sauce if the latter is not easily available.


Noodles can be either spaghetti or long egg noodles. Other ingredients that complement the dish are garlic, finely chopped scallions and vegetable or peanut oil. For the European style meat noodles; cream, cheese and hamburger meat are the popular additions.


The noodles are generally cooked or boiled beforehand and reheated while serving. The meat sauce is prepared by stir frying the minced meat with garlic and scallions until tender and chewy. It is required to break the meat as minced meat may form a lump when heated. All the sauces and condiments are included once the meat is fully cooked. Stir frying the meat with sauces at high heat is the preferred method to prepare the meat sauce.


European style meat noodles are generally prepared as a casserole dish that is creamy in texture and contains minimal sauces. However, vegetables of choice can be fondly added to augment the health quotient of the preparation.


Serving and Eating of Meat Noodles

Asian Meat noodles recipe is a great choice for a hearty meal along with varied garnishes. In Northern China; noodles, meat sauce and garnishes such as cucumber, radish, lettuce and mung beans sprouts, all are served individually. Stir-fried spinach is also a nice option to top the noodle. The guests help themselves and combine everything to make the meal.


Whereas European meat noodles are combined with meat and other ingredients and served in casserole style with grated cheese on the top, if desired. Crusty bread and salad are the great accompaniments of this noodle dish.


Popular Meat Noodles Recipes

  • Bak chor mee – It’s a Chinese minced meat noodle dish. The saltiness of fried minced meat, hot flavor of chili oil and tanginess of vinegar combines together to make this tasty dish. In this dish the special thin and yellowish Chinese noodles ‘mee kia’ are incorporated to provide the authentic look.
  • Ja jiang mein – It is a Northern Chinese speciality that translated to ‘fried sauce noodles’. Although preparation is exactly similar to ‘bak chor mee’, the noodles used in the dish may or may not be the flat noodles. Any egg or wheat noodles can be used for this meat noodles recipe.
  • Beef stew meat noodles – Also called ‘beef stroganoff’, this dish is typically includes noodles served in a meat and mushroom stew.

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