Meat Recipes

Meat is broadly referred to as the animal flesh used for human consumption. Commonly, the skeleton muscle of animal and fat associated with it is known as meat. Apart from this, the liver, kidney, lungs and brains ... More »
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Delicious Tendon

There is no better way to include all your favorite vegetables in a single dish than to prepare this authentic Japanese Tendon. Watch the chef churn out this delicacy using vegetables and seafood. Surprise your family with this Delicious Tendon today. - 143.654

Valentine Special Pasta

This recipe results in some serious deliciousness. Watch Ronnie Woo share his special recipe which he made for his friend. With meat, cheese, mushrooms, onions and leeks, this pasta is packed with flavors and is sure to impress your date. It is so easy to... - 136.882

Delicious Broiled Hangar Steak With Blue Cheese Layered Potato Cake

Ronnie is a steak and potatoes guy and he is proving it here. Yes, in this video, he is making a Broiled Hangar Steak with Blue Cheese Layered Potato Cake. He promises that it will taste nothing the other steak dishes that you have tasted in the past. So what... - 135.439

How To Make Root Beer Glazed Oven Baked Barbeque Ribs & Grilled St. Louis Style Bbq Ribs

Try my Beer Glazed or Root Beer glazed BBQ ribs. They're simple and just down right good. There are hundreds of ways to do BBQ from how to cook it to how to sauce it. There's enough room in the grilling world for all of us no matter where you're from! These... - 135.057

Homemade Gourmet Sliders

If you're in the mood to have Sliders, then do try out this recipe. The Chef shows this easy way to make them. They are quite healthy too as they are grilled and not fried. - 134.117

Tasty Albondigas Soup

What better way to defrost the winter chill than slurp down a bowl of spicy hot albondigas? Well, if you really relish the idea of chowing down a bowl of light broth with meatballs and vegetables, then there is nothing like this dish. Easy to make and... - 133.808

Classic Meat Pie

Today, Chef has a very interesting recipe which once learned can be converted into many different kinds. She shows us a meat pie recipe, where the most important part is making the crust. And for the filling, one can use anything that is there in the pantry... - 128.468

Gluten Free Classic Meat Sauce

Meat sauces that are gluten free are a indeed boon for preparing or serving most kind of meats. Check out the recipe to make a Gluten Free Meat Sauce in a classic way using all good gluten free substitutes. - 127.958

Bison Burger

All of you, who admire the flavor and texture of bison meat, here are something delicious for you. In this video, chef shows 3 different ways to cook and serve bison meat, like burger, filet mignon and NY strip steak. So just play the video to learn and... - 127.406

Outdoor Special Breakfast

Bacons and sausages are regular breakfast inclusions and here is how to enjoy them outdoors. Watch chef Joanie showing how to make breakfast with bacon, sausages, vegetables and seasonings in an outdoor cast iron oven. Refreshing with energy! - 125.608

The Big Tex

For all the adventurous types, here is the big tex recipe which will take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. This sandwich is a true American tex with all the goodness of nicely smoked beef and the other ingredients making it a hot favorite for the... - 125.179

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin With Leek Sauce Red Onion Puree And Grilled Asparagus

Who said restaurant style dishes were complicated and intimidating? This is one of the dishes that is a definite crowd pleaser. It is a simple and elegant recipe that should be pulled out when you have company. The leek sauce is so rich and creamy and... - 124.619

Oven Roasted Sausages With Cherry Tomatoes

Sunday Roasted Sausages & Cherry Tomato Sauce: A true one pot dish that is filled with flavor, easy to prep and you'll have loads of dipping sauce without any work at all! - 124.063

20-minute Chili

A perfect meal for busy weeknight! - 123.273

Baked Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs taste amazing in the summers when you can set the griller or the bbq outside, just try making them in your pantry in the oven and enjoy. This video will also give you some insights on how to prepare the ribs. - 122.932

Chipotle Bbq Sauce On Chicken And Chops By The Bbq Pit Boys

The BBQ Pit Boys turn up the heat with this Chipotle Chili Sauce made from Mole paste, OJ, Tomato Juice, seasonings and some Cerveza. It goes real good on Beef, Chicken and Pork Chops as a mop, and better yet, for dippin' in what you got...! - 120.812

Coffee-rubbed Braised Short Ribs

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. MAKING 2. In a shallow bowl, mix salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and ground coffee. 3. Coat all sides of the short ribs with this coffee mixture and save the unused portion of the rub. 4. In a large... - 118.921

Quick And Easy Meatballs And Spaghetti

Tender, melt-in-your-mouth meatballs with a simple tomato sauce over spaghetti is an easy to make and irresistibly delicious dinner which even the fussiest eaters cannot resist. This is one of those simple, no-fuss recipe that should be in your repertoire... - 118.51

Quick And Easy Chili Taco

These are perfect for weekday evenings when the kids are pleading you to take them to Taco Bell for dinner! These tacos are low calorie, low in fat and loaded with fiber. They are so yummy, the whole family will be begging you to make them every day!... - 117.687

Balsamic Glazed Winter Pot Roast

Hot meal on a cold day or something hot is really soothing over cold winter evenings. Here is a recipe by Chef Ginny to make Balsamic Glazed Pot Roast with chuck roast, some vegetables and seasonings. Meaty affair to kill the cold! - 117.327

Turkey And Beef Hash

Chef Walter Staib of City Tavern in Philadelphia makes a hash two ways. He makes a corned beef hash and a turkey hash. - 116.885

Venison Tenderloin Over Garlic Toast

A venison appetizer for a change? This is a simple recipe, that calls for lightly seared venison topped over garlic-herb toast. Some good tips to work with the venison, so listen closely. - 116.05

Crockpot Sausage, Peppers & Onions

Crockpot sausage, peppers and onions is a fantastic recipe to try for a relaxing meal. Take a look at this video that shares an effortless recipe that is healthy and delicious too. Enjoy the dish with some pasta and garlic bread for a great meal. - 115.973

Garlic Gator Bites

Tasty little nuggets of breaded alligator to impress your friends. - 115.625

Kosher Corn Beef Recipe By

If you're planning for a family treat then this dish should be a part of your menu. It is easy to make and the chef recommends it also. Your family will surely enjoy it. Watch the video for the short and easy recipe. - 114.554


These lamburgers are an Australian take on American hamburgers and they surely are a good competitor if introduced properly. Take a look at this video to see how succulent and delicious these burgers look, even though cooked in a home kitchen they give the... - 113.001

Beer And Rosemary Marinade

Watch this beer and rosemary marinade recipe video and it will sweep away all your concerns about buying expensive steaks or cooking the cheap ones, as it turns the cheapest of the beef cuts into a succulent and tender steak. - 112.687

Sausage And Gravy Breakfast

If you are wondering what to prepare for Sunday morning breakfast, this recipe video for sausage and gravy breakfast is just right for you. Take a look at this video that shares an outstanding breakfast recipe and pamper your family with this extraspecial... - 112.17

Buffalo Ribs

GETTING READY 1)Wash and Cut the pork ribs into individual riblets. 2)Apply salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. MAKING 3)Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 4)On a baking tray lined with foil place the riblets for 40 minutes flipping them over at 20... - 112.01

Grilled Lamb Cutlets With Colorful Veggies

Juicy succulent lamb cutlets taste really delicous and specially when they are grilled perfect. Here in this video, the chef shares one such recipe of lamb cutlets which are grilled with veggies and then served with mint sprig garnish. - 112.003

How To Make An Eye Of Round Roast

You can make an Eye of Round roast very easily. This takes just a couple of ingredients. An eye of round roast, salt, pepper, and olive oil. You don't need to marinade your roast ahead of time, simply let the oven do the cooking. - 111.836

Effortless Entrees Part 1 - Cajun Pot Roast

Desirous of pot roast or roast meat? here is a richly flavored and delicious pot roast dish. Catch up with Stacey as she sears and cooks the Cajun Pot roast and Tuscan Fantasy Chicken kebabs with a few flavors and meats. Luscious, flavorful and delicious... - 111.121

New Year Hors D'oeurves

No one of us can do without New Years hors d'oeurves, right? So, Alex, Soph and I came up with three 2 Kids hors d'oeurves recipes: Lemony-Garlic Shrimp Skewers, Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus, and Mini-Wrapped Hot Dogs. These recipes are great for kids to help with... - 111.019

Easy Meatloaf

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. MAKING 1. Blend the garlic cheese croutons and the butter garlic croutons. 2. In a bowl, add the turkey and 1 pound of venison and mix. 3. Add the onions, red peppers, the croutons mix, eggs, seasoning... - 110.982

Turkey Pasta

Don't loose your sleep on turkey leftovers. Try this amazing video and prepare a yummy turkey pasta. Made from chunky leftover meat, this brings in a great taste and also the lingering feeling of Thanks Giving. This is not only help you finish the turkey but... - 110.807

Stir Fried Noodles

Chinese stir fried noodles made at home is any day better than your regular out of the box take out! A mix of veggies and choice of meat with some sauce and that’s all there is to this dish! See the video for more! - 110.37

Classic Beef Bourguignon

Have you ever tried to replicate the same beef bourguignon, your mother used to cook. Here is a special recipe, which will guide you to cook up this delicate beef preparation. Try out this weekend and enjoy with your family. - 110.148

Super Easy Sausage Gravy

This sausage gravy is incredibly easy to make. It's a wonderful comfort food that's great for breakfast, lunch or dinner! - 109.838

Hickory Smoked Baby Backs With Bbq Sauce

MAKING 1. Rub down the baby back ribs on all sides with the southwestern barbeque. Set aside. 2. Mix the Chinese 5 spice and salt and rub down the spare ribs. Set Aside. 3. Place both the ribs in a smoker with Hickory wood chips and smoke for at least 1 1/2... - 109.818

Healthy Burgers

Need something healthy and delicious to please guest-kids, here is a recipe to make a healthy burger. Check out the chef making turkey burger using turkey as well as greens and other low-fat ingredients. When served between whole wheat bread slices, perfectly... - 109.753

Beer Cooked Sausage & Veggies In A Bun

Want to have a comfort meal at the end of a hectic day? Here is one recipe, which you will love to savor through out your life, once you know the process. Go through the video to follow the chef's instruction. It is little time consuming but ultimately it's... - 109.71

Grilled Cornish Hens

Do you plan to serve nice grilled chicken for your guests for a party, choose the Cornish hens. These hens are small and provide perfect serving. It is easy to cook them. Just try this method of grilled Cornish hens. - 109.296

Rustic Meat Sauce And Pasta

Tonight I make a easy rustic tomato meat sauce with some ribs! - 108.687

Flavorsome Hickory Bbq Ribs

Hmm.. there is nothing like a plate of good Hickory BBQ Ribs. The smokiness of the Hickory is incredible on the cooked ribs. These bbq ribs are so ideal to make when you have a couple of friends coming over for lunch on Sunday. Watch and learn the recipe from... - 108.645

Easy Ham And Cheese Bake

A meal to be served for the family or friends coming over! While chatting up with them this dish can be made instantly! Check out the video on how to get this delicious bake going! - 108.595

Moms Hearty Meat Ragu

A classic hearty ragu that pairs perfectly with a wider shaped noodle like fresh taglietelle or a dry noodle like penne. Make sure you let this sauce sit overnight so the flavors become more pronounced. - 108.541

Country Milk Sausage Gravy

MAKING 1. Render some bacon and keep the bacon fat aside. 2. In a skillet brown the pork sausage with the bacon fat for 15 minutes, stir it well. 3. Add the flour and stir until everything is incorporated. 4. Add the milk, salt and pepper and stir well, let... - 107.852

Ham And Turkey Leftovers

Here is a great way to use your leftover ham and turkey. Watch this excellent video that shows Chef Walter Staib making a meal from ham and turkey leftovers. The video is outstanding and interesting making it worth watching and the recipes simply amazing. Try... - 107.314

Roasting Meat

Learn to roast a large chunk of meat in four simple steps by watching this video. The procedure is easy to follow which will yield the prefect textured meat with robust flavors. - 107.146

Meat Stuffed Pastelillos

This Meat Stuffed Pastelillos is for all those who believe in flavor more than the calories. These meat turnovers are deep fried, but scrumptious. Watch this video for the details of this recipe - 106.68

Double Meat Slow Cooker Pot Roast

MAKING 1. In slow cooker, add meat, saffron, all spice, mustard, thyme, salt, and pepper. 2. Pour teriyaki sauce, red wine, Worcestershire sauce in it. 3. Add water until you cover half of the meat. 4. Drop apples, cover it with lid, and cook under high heat... - 106.549

Stuffed Eggplant And Squash

Wondering how to cook your vegetables and meat together. The video here shows a great way of using eggplant, squash and meat is this wonderful recipe. The dish is nicely spiced up and baked to perfection. See this video to make this simple recipe that you... - 105.991

Skyline Chili Sandwich

Craving for spicy snack or food and have some sandwich bread with you, here is a recipe that can simply satiate that. Check out Caitlin making sandwiches with roasting flank steak after marinating in skyline chili paste. Skyline chili - a favored pepper of... - 105.895

Grilled Steak

If you like meat, then definitely steaks would be your first choice. Info 4 Your Life has therefore come up with a video to show meat lovers how prepare a juicy well seasoned grilled steak. The chef tells us how to prepare the best steak with seasoning or... - 104.95

Glumpkies With Red Wine

This is an absolutely handy recipe for moms whose kids do not like eating cabbage much. Watch the video to see how the chef makes exotic glumpkies combined with cabbage, burger meat and red wine. Looks absolutely flavorful and scrumptious, worth trying for... - 104.776

Meat Cakes And Roasted Root Vegetables In Norway Style

Watch this recipe if you wish to try some European take on meat. In this video the chef prepares meat in the Norway style. It is much like the American but has a good mix of spices. - 104.392

Homemade Bbq Spare Ribs

Whether you are entertaining Labor Day weekend or hosting a tailgate at home, homemade BBQ ribs makes for a great addition to your platter. Finger licking good, making “fall off the bone” tender BBQ ribs at home doesn’t require cumbersome effort. IN... - 103.906

Strip Steak With Citrus Beef Gravy

This is a fine Strip Steak grill recipe perfect for outdoor grilling. Served along with a Citrus beef sauce which uses convienient foods that make the sauce easy to prepare. The recipe makes for a lovely grilled summer meal. - 103.897

Mexican Roasted Leg Of Pork In Adobo Sauce

Are you planning to host a holiday dinner? Here is an excellent video that displays a great recipe for a large dinner party. The video is impressive and the chef here demonstrates this classic recipe in an easily understandable manner. Surely this dish would... - 103.848

Kangaroo Fillets With Raspberry Glaze

MAKING 1. Place a frying pan on high heat, and spray olive oil in it. 2. Place kangaroo fillets, season with pepper, and cook for about 2 minutes per side. 3. Turn the heat to low, and cook until done, turning occasionally. Do not overcook. 4. Remove from... - 103.843

Spicy Turkey And Bean Dip

Awesome spicy dip. This video makes a real spicy dip with ground turkey, white beans and jalapeno peppers. Combination of chili powder really zests up the dip. The melted cheese and tomato sauce add the rich creamy savory taste to this wonderful dip. Serve it... - 103.434

Meat Sauce

Make a meat sauce to top your hot dogs with! You will end with a sandwich that will not definitely not disappoint you! - 103.3

Pan Seared Lamb Chops With Mache, Apple And Horseradish Chutney

Are you looking forward to make hors d'oeuvres for your party. Take a look at this excellent video that shows an incredible recipe for pan seared lamb chops and a delicious chutney that has plenty of flavors to tickle your taste buds. This video is a must... - 103.218

All American Cheese Burger

It is Fast Food Friday? Tired of the same 'ole cheeseburger served at fast food joints? Try this tasty and easy to prepare cheeseburger at home. It is made of lean mince so it’s healthier and is so yummy, it will surly please the kids. - 103.021

Easy Crock Pot Roast

Wish to try your potluck with a pot roast recipe? If your crock pot is sitting unused for long time, then this easy crock pot roast is just for you to cook up. The process might be elaborate but you will surely love the soft and succulent taste of pot roasted... - 102.715

Gluten Free Chicken Croquettes & Visit My Friend Sara's Yt Channel

MAKING 1. In a large bowl add in the chicken and egg. Combine together with fork. 2. Add in the onion, salt, pepper, herbs de provence and mayo. Mix together all the ingredients. 3. Stir in the flour and incorporate well. 4. Make patties with hands and set... - 102.048

Filet mignon With Peach Sauce

Nikki is cooking again! She enthralls her audience by cooking up a filet mignon and with a sweet and slightly tangy peach sauce! Yummy scrummy! Watch the video an enjoy! - 101.978

Seared Buffalo Meat Burgers With Jalapenos, Onion And Swiss Cheese

Super lean but extremely juicy is the best way to describe these burgers. 4 lbs ground buffalo with roasted Jalapeno, garlic and red onions in the meat. Dusted with Tatonka Dust and seared over high heat for a nice blackend but tasty outer crust. Topped with... - 101.974

Quick Barbecue Ribs

Are you looking for a fast recipe for barbecue? Here is one video which shows how to cook ribs in an outdoor grill when it is too hot or you don’t have enough time. Watch this video to know what needs to be done. - 101.785

Healthy Pan-fried Minced Cutlet (menchi Katsu)

Menchi Katsu" is minced cutlet. It is kind of croquette, made from the mixture of ground meat (beef or pork, or both) and minced cabbage, breaded and deep-fried. Certainly my darling's favorite food, but it is high in calories!!! Therefore, I came up with... - 101.728

Different Meat Prepares

Are you novice in identifying meats? No problem..the solution is right here. Here, you can easily learn about the different cuts of meat and their recipes. Check out the video for more detail. - 101.612

Spicy Hot Meatball Submarine Sandwich

Call them heroes, subs, grinders or submarines, this spicy, meaty sandwich will surely hit the spot. Juicy, moist meatball sandwich, this treat is just perfect for game-time parties or simple weeknight supper. Watch this video recipe to learn how to make this... - 100.766

Spicy Meat Brines

Exotic spicy marinades. Watch this video to get two options of spicy marinades for meat. One of them is spicy with the combination of aromatic spices and the other a bit on the sweeter side with apple cider. Both promises to make juicy and delicious grilled... - 100.741

Barbecued Beef Babyback Rib

Meaty portions of the baby back ribs, marinated with the choice of barbecue sauce and some rubs! The chef showcases hot to get these ribs done to perfection with all the flavors sealed in and the meat intact with the juices. Watch the video for more! - 100.572

Cook Up Rice With Chicken, Beef, Turkey And Veggies

One skillet meal or dish meal is the easiest get away for a woman whose wants to cook for a fussy family. In this video, the chef cooks rice with three kinds of meat and some veggies. The dish is delicious and healthy too. Watch the video for the recipe. - 99.9842

Kentucky Hot Browns

After a long week, the weekend is lazy and calls for a really delicious comfort food. Scott has a fantastic recipe for all those who want to have something good over the long weekend. He is making Kentucky Hot Browns with a toast topped with turkey, mornay... - 99.7367

Grape Jelly Hot Dogs And Garlic Cola Ribs

Watch this incredible video that shares two recipes for some unique appetizers. This video is absolutely impressive and interesting making it a must watch. Try out these recipes for grape jelly hot dogs and garlic cola ribs and you would surely be delighted... - 99.0942

Healthy Lamb Ragu With Whole Wheat Pasta

Lean ground lamb, eggplant and tomato puree are combined in this classic Italian-style dish with the addition of toasted walnuts, and low-fat feta cheese tossed with whole wheat pasta. Together they deliver a complex, hearty, earthy and truly satisfying one... - 99.0479

Chef Tony Clark - Rastelli Passion - Part 1

If you are looking for the rest of the video then search for Chef Tony Clark - Rastelli Passion - Part 2 where Chef Tony takes you through the rest of the meal. - 98.8681

Prosciutto Wrapped Cheesy Quail Breasts

Ever wonder what is the best way to cook quail? Here is a great video showing you how to cook quail breast in a really interesting way. A white barbecue sauce, some cheese and herbs and you have a wonderful appetizer on your spread! - 98.7733

Slow Baked Barbecue Ribs

Rib meats cooked in flavorful sauces are ideal for any meal lunch or dinner. Check out chef Ginny McCormack showing how to cook barbecue ribs with a tangy-sweet sauce in the oven for some hours. Worth the effort! - 98.5713

Perfect Grilled Meats And Vegetables

Learning how to use your grill? Watch this recipe video of Perfect Grilled Meats and Vegetables to master the skill. This video has some great tips and easy ways to grill food outdoors. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to fire up that grill and have a... - 98.2991

Easy Strip Loin Beef Roast With Gravy

Want to prepare a quick but simple and wholesome meal for your dinner, you should try this recipe. This strip loin beef roast is as easy and as quick, that you can plan for this even on the hectic weeknights. Watch the video to learn the details of the recipe. - 98.1939

Sloppy Joe With Pork Served On Grilled Toast

A sandwich is a sandwich but a Sloppy Joe is a total meal. Dave of BBQMyWay tries making his version of this cafeteria classic which he ate at Grand Lux Café. Its sloppy Joe with pork and so he calls it “Sloppy Poe”. It’s unique and spectacular with a... - 98.1744

Beer Braised Short Ribs

Join Chef Arthur Cavalier as he elegantly makes some beer braised short ribs and pairs the meal with both white and red wines. The recipe would definitely turn out to be so flavorful and amazing that you would try this dish again and again. Watch this... - 98.0888

Special Valentine Day Dinner

Check out this excellent video for steak with baked potato and cheesecake. that would add an extraspecial touch to your Valentine Day menu. The video is a must watch if you want to display your culinary skills with this simple and effortless dish. Enjoy a... - 97.9825

Duck Confit Part 2 - Sauce

If you have already roasted and cured the duck legs for duck confit and want to know how to finish the dish to serve it like a Michelin star restaurant does, follow this video by chef John as he teaches you how to make this French classic an irresistible... - 97.8664

Citrusy Ham With Orange And Lime

For a seriously satisfying non-vegetarian dish, try replicating this ham dish at home. Thekel jazzes up a delicious dinner recipe with citrusy flavors of orange and lime that truly makes for a guest-worthy party treat. Just follow the step-by-step... - 97.4484

Country Meatballs And Gravy

Meatballs and gravy is a luxury lunch or dinner to have on those days when your got guests over, or it’s a simple friends and family kind of get together! You would want to watch this video for your party to be a hit. See the video for more on the recipe! - 97.3947

Duck Confit Part 1 - Roast

For those ambitious home cooks who are trying to make Duck confit at home, watch this video by Chef John as he teaches you to prepare and roast the duck legs in the perfect way so that the duck is succulent and fragrant encased in crispy and crunchy skin. Its... - 97.3236

Mediterranean Style Meat And Potato

Meat and potato is an exotic combo that hails from the Mediterranean cuisine. - 97.2369

Salad Platter With Pheasant

Fed up of the same old salads? Here is a great video showing you how to cook your pheasant for a salad. A simple light marination, and a delicious herbed dressing to go over it, this is a great way to try this. Arranged in clusters along with the other... - 97.1681

Easy To Make Sloppy Joes

If you fancy a change from the ordinary sandwich, try this new way with yummy sloppy Joes. When you are in the mood for something out of the ordinary at lunchtime, Betty's sloppy Joes will hit the spot. This luxurious treat by Betty is so simple and sumptuous... - 96.9493

Zesty Shrimp Over Sauteed Asparagus

Looking for a low fuss meal to please your dear one, this Valentines'? Here is a recipe to make Zesty sautéed shrimp using frozen prepacked shrimp and roasted asparagus to serve the shrimp. A great budget meal! - 96.9232

Greek Style Braised Lamb Over North African Style Eggplant And Couscous

I made this dish for a Moroccan style dinner party for my Greek friends and its was a hit. They loved the lamb because its their favorite meat and the feta, couscous and eggplant was a perfect accompaniment to the braised lamb. A delicious meal. - 96.7766

Tripe And Sausage With Chickpeas

Do you love experimenting with ingredients in your kitchen? This recipe might just prove helpful. Watch it to learn this Filipino-Spanish Callos recipe which is an ox tripe and sausage stew with chickpeas. - 96.6029

Baked Pork Chops With Homemade Gravy

If you are looking for a great bung-it-all-in-the-oven dish, this is it. Betty adds a healthy twist to the greasy pork chops by baking it. This super easy pork chop recipe is so good that it tastes like you have slogged for hours over the stove for hours.... - 96.5255

Meat With Rice

Work at Home moms and Dads are expected to make dinner. Here is a quickie meal recipe and a point of view. - 96.1858

Seared Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon

Watch this video which showcases various cooking techniques that would definitely amaze you. Try out this elegant recipe for a special occasion with the vegetables of the season. The technique of turning, basting and deglazing for the reduction sauce are... - 96.119

Gourmet Meat With Chef Shamy's Flavored Butters

If you want restaurant style gourmet meals in your kitchen with minimal cooking and sweating, this video is for you. In this video, Chef Shamy shows how to use his flavored butters to convert any meat into deliciously flavored meat in almost no time. Whether... - 95.6878

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