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Indian Masalas - Green Masala (hara Masala)

This mild masala paste, rich jewel-green in colour, is tangy with fresh mint and coriander leaves. It makes a wonderful addition to shrimp, poultry and vegetable dishes, especially those containing coconut milk, or as an addition to a simple dhal. ... -

How To Serve Paneer Masala

Being a favorite dish of my family and me, I keep on researching on how to serve paneer masala . Each time I use something different, my kids praise me for the great taste. But, nobody knows the secret that it is the same paneer masala recipe, which I... -

Delhi 6 - Paradise For Foodies

For food, my favourite place in India is Delhi-6 or Dilli-6 in Hindi. For those who don’t know, the ‘6’ in Delhi-6 denotes the pincode/zipcode of the area. It’s actually, Delhi – 110006. No other part of the city is referred to like this.... -

Spicy Corn

Ingredients: American Corn: 4 to 5 pieces, Green chilly paste: 1 teaspoon, Garlic paste: 1 teaspoon, Ginger paste: 1 teaspoon, Oil: 2 table spoon, Lemon syrup: half  lemon, Salt: as per taste, Garam masala powder: 1 teaspoon, ... -

Top 10 Bangalore Street Food

Bangalore, connoted as the Silicon Valley of India, is a paradise for the gourmands as well. Bangloreans adore foods to such an extent that there is a whole street dedicated to food. From the neer dosa to masala dosa and pani puri to shawarma, the street food... -

How To Use Turmeric In Food

  Turmeric also known as Indian saffron has immense health benefits attached to it. Well, if you are keen on adding this spice to your food for health reasons or if your doctor has advised you to consume turmeric and you have... -

Indian Breads

               INDIAN BREADS ROTI the most basic food of India is a fascinating subject. The Indian bread is made of basic ingredients as grains, salt and water, yet they have tremendous... -

Traditional Rajasthani Appetisers

ü     Anch :   Roasted raw mango, peel and make puree. Add some Rajasthani herbs (deghi mirch, dry mint salt, cloves). Mint flavoured and green chillies are also used for extra flavour. ü       ... -

Rhodes Across Indian Recipes

Rhodes Across India recipes Explore real Indian cuisine from pavements to palaces with these authentic recipes that showcase the very best regional specialities. Royal Palace Brought to India by Mughal... -

Karnataka Cuisine

The following are typical items in a typical vegetarian Northern Karnataka meal : rotti   Badane kaayi gojju/enne-gai/tumbu-gai - Stuffed and/or sauteed Shenga / Ellu dry chutney in powder form - sometimes called hindi   ... -

How To Make A Holi Special Food Shopping List

  When you are planning to throw a colorful holi party, the holi special food calls for an equally important food shopping list. Let me take you step by step into the nuances of how to make a holi special food shopping list. ... -

Easy Potato Dishes For Kids

My little one is quite fond of potatoes, and it becomes easy for me to make her eat other vegetables or food items (which she otherwise wouldn’t have eaten) by mixing them with potatoes. Easy potato dishes help me save time and I also find my... -

Top 10 Vegetarian Street Food

  If you think that just non-vegetarian street foods make a delicious affair, then you are completely wrong. Vegetarian street fares are equally tasty. Here are some of the simple vegetarian street food delicacies, which are truly... -

Popular Karva Chauth Recipes

  Karva Chauth is one of the important festivals for most of the Indian ladies who keep a fast on that day for the healthy and long life of their husbands. On this day, the women eat food before sunrise and then do not eat or drink anything the whole... -

Fun-filled Holi Menu

What is merrymaking without fun foods, especially on Holi, the festival of colors? All you foodies out there – gear up for a fun-filled buffet experience with the yummy menu outlined in this blog. The Holi recipes have been thoughtfully handpicked, and... -

Top 10 Breakfast Beverages To Start Your Day

Every day is a battle, one that begins in the very bed - the fight to wake up. Now here are lists of beverages that are true eye-openers. Top 10 breakfast beverages to start your day with. These will wake you up in the very first sip.   ... -

Best Sankranti Dishes

  Sankranti is one of the major festivals for Hindus across India. It is a harvest festival and falls on January 14 th  every year.  Sankranti dishes add flavor to the festival and Sankranti food is prepared in most Maharashtrian homes on this... -

How To Cook Cultural Indian Foods

  Cultural Indian foods  not only occupy a special place in India but throughout the world.  Indian food taste unique, the cooking methods used are also different.Indian foods reflect various cultures across ages.   Indian foods ... -

Paneer Makhani With Recipe Making Photonotes

This is the version of Mughlai Cuisine, a mouth watering recipe that can be best served with Roti, Kulcha, Chapathi, Romali roti, Pulkha, Butter Naan.The word “makhani” means thing cooked with butter and fresh cream. I am sure this gonna be a enjoyable... -

Indian Snacks - The Low Cal Way

Indian snacks – the low cal way is all about using fat free ingredients in the same foods. You just need to replace a few ingredients to get the low cal versions of Indian snacks – the taste and flavors will remain almost the same. If you are health... -

10 Wonderful Homemade Dishes For Your Holi Party

Festivals are incomplete without great food and Holi is no  exception either. You can enjoy the occasion with some delicious dishes that are easily made at home. Here are some wonderful ideas for your holi party.    Gujhia : ... -

Indian Dinner Menu

The Indian Dinner Menu has a range of mouthwatering dishes to offer you! Akin to all other cultures, dinner being the last meal, it comprises of light and easily digestible dishes. Rice does not figure out in the Indian Dinner Menu in most regions of... -

Vegetarian Menu

Planning a vegetarian menu can be little tricky if you are a non-vegetarian. Here I’ll be providing you with vegetarian menu ideas for vegetarians which I’m sure will click with your guests. Before proceeding, there are certain things which need to... -

Wedding Menu From The Back Water Of Kerala

FROM THE BACK WATERS It had an opportunity to attend a Keralean wedding party in a small town near Ernakulam . My friend Srinivasan invited me to his wedding reception party. Keralean cuisine is dominated by coconut,masala,pickle etc. Keralean cuisine is... -

Travelogue - Dinner In The Backwaters Of Kerala

FROM THE BACK WATERS It had an opportunity to attend a Keralean wedding party in a small town near Ernakulam . My friend Srinivasan invited me to his wedding reception party. Keralean  cuisine is dominated by coconut,masala,pickle etc. Keralean cuisine is... -

7 Side Dish Ideas For Your Holi Feast

Holi food menu requires some zesty side dish ideas to make it unique and extraordinary. The special side dish ideas should complement the main dishes as well as be noticed for its unique taste. Being one of the most popular and colorful festivals of In -

Punjabi Menu

Punjabi Menu has a diverse range of dishes famous for its spicy flavoring. Punjabi cuisines are specialized in variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Wheat is the staple food of Punjab and you can find a variety of tasty dishes prepared of wheat... -

Wine Pairing With Indian Food + Recipes

Pairing Wine with Indian Recipes Everyday Yellow Dal. Styled by Kacie Ratner and Alex Malamud. Photo by John Lee, special to the Chronicle Wine pairing with Indian and other spicy cuisines can be a challenge for some,... -

Lucknowi Chicken Biryani

HI ,IFOOD.TV ,LOVERS. On the festive occasions r any special,gathering,the most famous and very popular food dish in muslims world served is called biryani,this dish has many names,the place wise the taste become different but spirit of the dish... -

Indian Menu

Indian cuisine is known far and wide for its variety and taste.  Indian menu is a variety of assorted dishes, reflecting the true culture and ethnic diversity of the various regions of the country. The extensive use of herbs, spices, vegetables and other... -

Squash Time!

There's Nothing Like Celebrating the Coming of Fall with Fresh Squash! *scroll to the bottom for a sqaush recipe suggestion* Turban Squash: Great for Stuffing Fall is the season for winter squash, a... -

Curry Culture From Around The World

Curry, the generic term for a spice based dish, has gained acceptance world wide . Indeed it is so popular that the British Premier David Cameron claimed it for his country not so long ago. The fact, however, differs considerably. The curry powder aided dish... -

Is This A Good Breakfast !

Breakfast, the name itself reflects its meaning breaking the fast after long night. I have been listening it since my childhood that breakfast should be a very small piece of light meal particularly of fruits, milk, and egg product. But this is still a notion... -

Bangkok Foodies

When you think of eating in Bangkok you probably don't think of Indian restaurants, but they for sure are some of the cities' best eateries.  In Little India we often have eaten at a small spot called Standard located down a grungy alleyway, but we -

Nepalese Cuisine - Showing Taste & Health

“ Nepalese Cuisine - Showing Taste & Health ” announced a newspaper heading. Generally people don’t bother to look into the culinary habits of the people nestled in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Nepal lies between India and Tibet and Nepalese... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Yogurt Drinks

  Drinks made from yogurt are not only refreshing and cooling, but also good for you. It is a great way to kick start you morning because it is filling and you can whip up a new drink everyday, even if you are trying to lose weight. Yogurt can be... -

Your New Year Health Plan - Start With Food-lover’s Cleanse

One of the most popular resolutions taken on the New Year's eve are for perfect health. This makes perfect sense when you come back from that New Year party and sprawl on your living room couch, with a hangover hovering over your head. There is no better... -

How To Eat Cinnamon?

From being a natural food preservative, an anti-clotting agent, and anti-inflammatory to a natural fighter against cancer proliferation, the spice is a “chock” full of benefits and how to eat cinnamon will help you add the... -

Top 10 Weirdest Indian Snacks And Drinks

Indian cuisine, filled with variety of flavors and textures, is outrageously tasty yet intriguing class of foods for many. Like the people of Indian, Indian food will never cease to surprise you; here I bring to you a list of the Top 10 weirdest Indian snacks... -

How To Stock The Vegan Pantry

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } I have spent a considerable number of years in India and India opened my eyes to a lot of things. I truly believe that is is absolutely easy and possible to be a vegan in India. I discovered foods and methods of cooking... -

India's Best Foods

MUMBAI:           Bombay, we once called it.....but now it’s Mumbai. And it is a favorite large city in India, with a dizzying array of dining options. You could, of course, eat here for a long time without finding anything... -

Cuisine Of Karnataka

      The delectable Karnataka cuisine is an inseparable part of the state. Here, the range of cuisine is quite varied. The ingredients, flavors and the tastes of its cuisines are distinctive and versatile.      Mangalore... -

Jaipur Menu

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan, in India and is well known for its mouthwatering cuisine and rich cultural heritage. The lip-smacking dishes from Jaipur menu are mostly vegetarian, nutritious, and pure – having prepared from fresh ingredients.... -

Kerala Thali

Kerala Thali presents one of the most sumptuous feasts for the palate of a food lover. A perfectly balanced meal, each and every dish that is a part of Kerala Thali is a true reflection of the beautiful heritage and culture the God’s own land has in it.... -

Food At 'jama Masjid'

On the eve of Eid, we went to Jama Masjid (Delhi) at midnight. As expected, the area was brightly lit, the atmosphere was festive. The ambience outside Jama Masjid has always intrigued me. I've been there quite a few times, especially for inexpensive but... -

Bangalore Menu

Bangalore or Benguluru is the capital of Karnataka and is well-known for its Udupi cuisine. Bangalore menu items follow the Vedic traditions of vegetarian preparation which lays stress on absolute no use of garlic. There are many restaurants in... -

Top 10 Dishes For Baisakhi

Indian festivities are characterized by the presence of rich and sumptuous dishes. The case remains the same with Baisakhi dishes too. According to the Sikh calendar – Nanakshahi – Baisakhi , the New Year for the Skihs, falls on April 13 every year.... -

Top 10 Mumbai Street Food

  From the humble vada pav and bhel puri to dhoklas and masala dosa and chow mein, you will be able to find everything as street eats in Mumbai. Catering to the appetite of 20 million plus people, the wide assortment of delightfully rich... -

Bakrid Food: Popular Bakrid Food Ideas

  The Muslims around the world celebrate this occasion in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim, who agreed to sacrifice his dearest son to appease god.  The pilgrims to Mount Mina make animal sacrifices in honor of the god,... -

National Folic Acid Awareness Week

Are you getting enough folate? We often hear that pregnant women need folic acid but what about the rest of us? Popeye was right! Eat your spinach! Physicians now prescribe diets rich in folate and folic acid , its... -

Hindi Food Quotes

Doodh ka jala, chhaachh bhi phook phook kar peeta hai Literal – One who’s burnt his tongue having hot mik will even blow over buttermilk, before drinking it?!? (somebody plz translate that for me!) English equivalent – Once bitten,... -

The Many Uses Of Tea

We all know that tea leaves make a great brew for drinking both hot and cold, with or without milk or sugar.  Some prefer lemon in their tea, or a chai masala. Here are a few uses for tea: The first tip is one I often used with my children... -

Southeast Asian Breakfasts

When Ganesh asked what do Thais eat for breakfast?  I got to thinking about this not so easy to answer question.  It isn't like the US where it's cold cereal and milk, bacon and eggs, or say pancakes unless in a Bangkok Western Hotel.  Actually... -

Spices Of India – Culinary & Medicinal Delight

The spices of India are known the world over for their strong aroma and the delicious flavors they offer to the Indian cuisine. But what you may not know is the fact that almost all these spices possess several medicinal qualities too. Since India is a... -


Quinoa (pronounced “keenwa”).  is an easy food to prepare, has a light, fluffy texture when cooked, and its mild, slightly nutty flavor makes it an alternative to white rice or couscous.  Quinoa is a small  seed that in size, shape, and... -