Marshmallow Filling Recipes

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Banana Mallow Pie Filling

Follow directions on pudding package. Cook, then refrigerate until cool. Whip cream. Fold into whipping cream the cooled pudding and miniature marshmallows. Take crust from refrigerator; slice bananas onto bottom of crust. Pour filling over bananas. Chill 3... - 36.6833

Marshmallow Filling And Icing

MAKING 1) In a saucepan, add sugar, salt and water. 2) Fold in marsh-mallows and bring the liquid to a boil. 3) Continue boiling until the syrup spins a thread. 4) Beat egg whites and pour in syrup into the egg whites. 5) Continue beating to form a firm... - 34.5807

Grasshopper Filling

In a medium bowl, stir creme de menthe into marsh-mallow creme. Whip cream in a small bowl. Fold whipped cream and food coloring into marshmallow mixture. Use as a filling for chocolate cups, jelly roll, chocolate cakes or baked meringues. - 27.8617

Marshmallow Filling

1. Cut the marshmallows with scissors into small pieces and place in the upper part of a double boiler. Melt over boiling water, add the hot water and cook until smooth, stirring constantly. 2. Combine the sugar and milk in a saucepan and cook slowly to the... - 26.951

Marshmallow Fudge Filling

MAKING 1) In a pan, blend sugar, butter, vanilla, cream, and chocolate. 2) Let it boil and cook until it attains a soft ball stage. 3) In a double boiler, melt marshmallows and fold in the fudge. SERVING 4) Serve as required. - 26.8145

Marshmallow Filling

Cut marshmallows into quarters with scissors dipped in hot water. Place in the top of a double boiler, add raisins and steam over hot water until the marshmallows have melted. Remove from heat and stir in cream thoroughly. Add nut meats and orange rind and... - 26.4543

Marshmallow Cream Filling

MAKING 1. In a small mixing bowl cream butter and powdered sugar until fluffy 2. Add marshmallow creme and vanilla; mix well. - 24.9297