Lucy Party Mix Recipes

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St. Lucia Crown

Celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy with this very delicious St. :Lucia's Crown. Try this mixed fruit and almond braided bread beforehand and see for yourself how perfectly suited to the occasion it is. Your suggestions for this St. Lucia's Crown is welcome. - 48.6089

St. Lucia's Cats

The St. Lucia Cats seem perfect for the occasion. Try these glazed buns with currants for the occasion. Your guests will simply love them. Your suggestions for these St. Lucia Cats are welcome. - 49.3049

Lobster Salad

This lobster salad is a delicious and savory seafood salad made with diced lobster meat and celery. Dressed with mayonnaise and vinegar, the lobster salad is great for serving at seafood parties or beach parties. - 41.8335

High Protein Stilton Cheese And Celery Soup

Luci Lock shows you how to make a delicious savory soup with celery and stilton cheese. This soup is fantastic for a high protein diet and an ideal winter soup. While you think stilton smells disgusting, make this soup and you will know how divine it tastes. - 103.34

Chocolate Chip Chili Cheesecake

This recipe is a tasty treat that you should make occasionally because though it is extremely delicious, it is not exactly very healthy and good for you! It takes a little bit of work but it’s worth it because it is fabulously scrumptious and is a real... - 107.798

Oysters A La Indian

Oysters a la indienne is a cooked oysters recipe made along with bacon. Savory and herbed with parsley, the oysters a la indienne has a gravy made with chutney sauce. Served with or over rice, the oysters a la indienne is incredibly savory and a hit at... - 31.7392