Low Fat Tuna Recipes

Low fat tuna is a light tuna fish that has fewer calories and several low fat tuna recipes including salads, sandwiches and pastas can be prepared. One such recipe is a low fat tuna salad sandwich, which can be ... More »
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Tuna, Asparagus And Crab Roe With Fried Rice

Here is a variation to the fried rice recipe! Tuna, Asparagus and Crab Roe with Fried Rice is a healthy, tasty and nutritious alternative as fried rice. Serve it garnished with parsley or feta cheese. - 123.041

Orange Rolls

Getting Ready: 1.) Prepare sushi roll rice base. 2.) Prepare spicy tuna mix. Making: 1.) Place saran wrap on top of the bamboo mat. 2.) Pat sushi rice down on top of the saran wrap. 3.) Place a single sheet of nori on top of the rice base. 4.) Next, take... - 119.646

Sushi: Tuna Roll, Homemade!

MAKING 1. For egg roll, in a bowl combine egg and salt. Whisk well. 2. In a non-stick pan, heat a little bit on oil over medium-high heat. 3. Pour half of the egg mixture into the hot pan. When the egg is almost firm, using a fork, roll the omelette and push... - 119.01

Quick Baked Beans And Tuna With Steamed Rice

Reduce your cooking time considerably by trying this Quick baked beans and tuna with steamed rice. This dish is a healthy alternative and makes for a complete meal in itself. So what are you waiting for, try it now! - 116

Tuna Sushi Roll

Take the flavors of your favorite sushi bar home with homemade tuna rolls. Learn how to make a simple tuna roll from scratch. The tuna roll is a basic roll made into a thin roll. No other ingredients are used, and the rice is rolled inside. - 103.927

Low-fat Mediterranean Tuna Panini

An unusual combination of ingredients but a wonderful healthy and delicious end result. It's a Mediterranean style sandwich; whole wheat bread sandwiched with tuna-in-water, tomato, onion, artichokes, kalamata olives, capers and feta cheese dressed with lemon... - 102.082

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