Low Fat Pressure Cooker Recipes

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Country Style Green Beans Cooked In Pressure Cooker

Green beans are a great way to add crunch and color to your platter. Betty cooks up yet another all-time-Southern favorite — country style green beans cooked in pressure cooker. Not only do they make for a sumptuous side dish, but also bring loads of health... - 94.881

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Pressure Cook Brown Rice In 10 Minutes

Pressure Cook Brown Rice in 10 Minutes. It's amazing how easy it is to cook rice this way. Be sure to share this video with your pressure cooking friends. - 103.422

Pressure Cooked Peas

MAKING 1.In the pressure cooker put the peas, water, salt, onion powder and pepper. 2.As the regulator starts rocking turn the heat to medium low and set the time. 3.After about 4 minutes Take off the pressure cooker from the stove. SERVING 4.Serve with the... - 83.3953

Oats Khichdi ( Diabetes And Low-cal) By Tarla Dalal

This garlic-infused and fibre-rich khichdi is ideal for diabetics. Enjoy it accompanied with low-fat curds. - 95.5414

Rice Cereals (infants 6 Months And Above)

Easy, simple and healthy recipe for infants. - 99.4528

How To Cook Lentils? Masoor Daal

Learn how to prepare brown lentils (simple Indian way) in pressure cooker. These lentils (Daal) is called whole (sabut) Masoor and once cooked is given a nice tadka (tempering/seasoning) and served with roti (phulka), rice or naan. - 97.6809

Lentil Soup - Dal Soup

Have you ever tried making a lentil soup? You must watch the video to see how the chef makes this interesting and healthy soup. It is highly nutritious and very easy to make. So don't forget to check out the video. - 92.6381

How To Cook Beans And Lentils - Real Italian Kitchen

GETTING READY 1. Soak both the beans in 2 cups each in Brita filtered water separately overnight. 2. Make sure all the unwanted particle from the beans and lentils are removed before and after soaking it. 3. Make a bouquet garni with the herbs and cheese... - 118.992

Hara Bhara Subz Pulao (zero Oil And Weight Loss) By Tarla Dalal

A medley of veggies add color and flavor to this hot and spicy dish. Brown rice is a storehouse of various nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, vitamin A, iron etc. and when combined with veggies it makes a wholesome fibre rich meal. I am sure you will not... - 126.592

Indian Masoor Dal Khichdi

If you want to make a quick nutritious meal, then khichdi is always the best choice. It is made of Whole Masoor dal which is rich in protein. To make this dish more nutritious, add mixed veggies of your choice.This is also healthier and tastier dish that can... - 116.043

Quick Veg Lentils Curry- How To Prepare South Indian Style Lentils Curry

Really simple yet quick and healthy Lunch or Dinner idea is to serve this vegetable and Lentils curry with rice or flatbread of your choice to your friends and family. This one pot meal is flavorful and you can customize it to your taste by adding vegetables... - 108.152