Low Fat Parfait Recipes

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Fruit Salad Parfait

Breakfast doesn't have to be hard. Take a few minutes and whip up a healthy fruit salad parfait! - 141.705

Yogurt And Fruit Parfait

Guilt free dessert is the right name for this yogurt and fruit parfait in this video. It has all the goodness of a sumptuous dessert and is equally nutritious. So are you ready to give a sweet surprise to your family tonight? Watch the video for the easy... - 137.439

100 Calorie Dessert Parfait - All Natural - Funktified Food #25

Today is your lucky day. Our chef is in a mood of giving. Today he is going to shows you how to make not 1 not 2 but 3 desserts. Yes, u heard it right 3 desserts. Check out the video of the sweet and delicious Balsamic Strawberry with Honey Blackberry and... - 124.265

Perfect Parfait - Lizanne Naturally

Perfection Parfait is perfect for those days that are less than ... perfect. When you wake up late or need to grab something quick in between putting out fires, this is a delicious healthy snack that still makes you feel like you're rewarding yourself. I also... - 111.23

Healthy Fruity Chocolate Yogurt Parfait

Super healthy delicious fresh fruity chocolate topped minty-herbed parfait, so easy to make. - 109.998

Red, White & Blue Parfait - 4th Of July Potluck

Make this festive dye-free treat for Fourth of July and get into the spirit of the celebration! - 104.972

Fruity Parfait With Low Fat Yogurt

This is a comparatively healthy dessert that is sweet as well has the goodness of the fruits and yogurt. It is very easy to make and can be made in advance and refrigerated. - 33.2175