Low Fat Juice Recipes

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Giada's Rise And Shine Green Juice

Learn how to make GIADA DE LAURENTIIS' RISE AND SHINE GREEN JUICE RECIPE This morning power boost is how Giada De Laurentiis starts her day! She is SUCH a busy woman, it's no wonder she had to find a way to give herself nutrition that's enough to get her... - 147.581

Dr. Oz Green Juice

Everybody loves and listens to one of the most well known doc's around! Dr. Oz has a green juice traditionally made with a juice extractor. Blender Babes tested the famous doc's green juice by keeping all the fiber and other nutrition (found in skin & seeds,... - 146.914

Spinach Carrot Juice

Learn how to blend all of your whole foods using a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender. This healthy whole spinach carrot juice will not only give you a TON of natural energy, but has a hefty dose of fiber! The pineapple is a nice sweetener and flavor (you... - 144.1

Natural Energy Green Juice

Simply put, this fresh green juice is simply a mixture of water and natural plant sugars along with inherent vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. This juice is a quick and easy way to give your body tons of your fantastic nourishment and sustained energy... - 143.828

The Famous Orange Julius

Smooth and creamy, this drink is very similar to the one served at the mall (minus the egg!), only our Orange Julius has a healthy Blender Babe SURPRISE!! Sneak in a carrot and turn this crunchy mildy sweet vegetable into a drink your kids can enjoy, not even... - 143.793

Natural Homemade V8 Juice

FullyRaw Kristina shows you THE REAL V8 JUICE recipe! It's more delicious and nutritious for you! Share this savory and rich recipe with family and friends. My featured recipe is the FullyRaw and REAL V8 JUICE! It's pure, delicious, and more nutritious for... - 139.151

Sweetened Orange Juice

An old-time favorite made just that much better! More than just Vitamix C, this orange juice is high in fiber since we use the whole orange. Add the desired amount of sweetener to taste, especially if your oranges are not super ripe/sweet. Get all the pulp of... - 138.187

Homemade Fruit And Vegetable Juices

For many of the health conscious foodies, fresh homemade fruits and vegetable juice has more importance than store-bought ones. In this video, you are going to find some nice variations of fruits and vegetables juices, in bright colors. You can select one or... - 134.957

How To Make The Perfect Juice

MAKING 1. In a juicer start with juicing the spinach. Continue with carrot, beet, mango and apple. Collect it in a pitcher or jar. 2. Add the protein powder to the juice and mix well. SERVING 3. In a serving glass serve the juice fresh TIPS If juicer is not... - 134.411

Martha Stewart's Green Juice

How to make Martha Stewart's Green Juice with a Blendtec or Vitamix blender. Martha Stewart has a green juice traditionally made with a juice extractor. Blender Babes tested the famous homemaker's green juice but kept all the fiber and other nutrition (in... - 133.655

Fresh Vegetable And Fruit Juice With Ginger

This fresh vegetable and fruit juice recipe will increase your metabolism, protect your immune system and refill your energies! Enjoy! - 128.83

Green Juice

MAKING 1. In the blendtec combine grapes, strawberries, pineapple slice, cantaloupe slice, orange slice, mixed greens and ice. 2. Press the juice button on blendtec and blend for 45 seconds until smooth thick frozen consistency. SERVING 3. Serve Green Juice... - 128.484

Agua De Melon | Great Everyday Meals

Agua de Melon Recipe by Momma Cuisine on Great Everyday. - 127.039

Healthy Grapes And Kale Juice - Grale Juice

FullyRaw Kristina introduces you to the HOLY "GRALE" of juices! With only 2 simple ingredients, this is the perfect sweet recipe to get you stomping with excitement! It's so good that I've literally become addicted, and I cannot go a day without drinking it! - 127.019

Moroccan Sweet Ginger Juice

This video for an unique and refreshing Moroccan ginger juice is a must watch. This is a flavorful juice with all the amazing health benefits of ginger. It is often used as a home remedy for nausea and digestive problems. Prepare this wonderful ginger juice... - 124.581

Betty's Blackberry Lime Cooler

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make a Blackberry-Lime Cooler. This is a refreshing summertime drink that is non-alcoholic. - 124.061

Voodoo Juice Cocktail

The voodoo juice cocktail, a flavorful juicy cocktail that will no doubt leave you a bit dizzy. You may get caught searching out many of the rum flavors at the store to build this cocktail. But, it's a worthy effort! - 123.595

Moroccan Pomegranate Juice - Valentines Specials

Here is a Moroccan pomegranate juice flavored with orange blossom water. Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants and delivers amazing health benefits. The delicious pomegranate juice is surely the ultimate Valentines day drink for the two of you! - 123.247

Fully Raw Green Leafy Juice

Low Fat Raw Vegan Trendsetter Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic lets you in behind the scenes of her first EAT IT RAW class at the national chain Sur la Table! She teaches you how to make a Green Juice to get you going for the day! Enjoy and share! - 123.152

Green Juice For Clean Body & Soul

A new year is here, and eating healthy and working out is on top of our priority list. we all know how hard it is to keep up after the 2nd week or so. but it's all about balance, and here's a healthy (and really easy) way to make sure we get our daily fill of... - 121.212

Tomato, Orange, Carrot And Papaya Juice ( Vitamin A And C) By Tarla Dalal

Health-freaks will definitely love this drink not just for its nutrients but also for its colour and taste. I've carefully chosen the right balance of fruits and vegetables to prepare this tonic, which is infused with sufficient vitamins a, c and digestive... - 121.123

Quick Apple Carrot Celery Juice

If you are among those, who like to start their day with a fresh and healthy juice, then you are going to love this recipe. The combination of fresh apple, carrot and celery is just awesome and it is going to serve with all the essential nutrients to your... - 120.914

The Fullyraw Sunburst Juice

MAKING 1. Through a juicer, pass the pineapples, oranges, lime, apples and kale. Strain and pour into a jar. SERVING 2. Store in a jar or serve right away. - 119.775

My Favorite Green Juice Recipe- Plus Q&a W/ Ripe Stuff Owner

Need a green juice recipe for breakfast or just to detox? Check out this video featuring one of my favorite juice recipes. - 119.533

Refreshing Watermelon Juice

Refreshing and chilled watermelon juice - what can be a better way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. You spend only few minutes to blend up and it's ready. Want to know the tricks - watch the video and recreate. - 119.485

Delicious Watermelon Juice

Ever wonder how I get my Watermelon Juice to be so deliciously pink?! Here is my secret to making it taste super sweet! Enjoy this special recipe in the hot summer sun as you are playing by the pool, visiting with friends, or even tempting a family member to... - 118.808

Apple Beet Celery Juice

For all the health conscious persons, here is something delicious as well as nutritious. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice without addition of sugar is the ultimate health drink. This recipe of apple, beet and celery juice is something you are going to enjoy... - 118.221

Healthy Green Juice

Have a few sips of this Healthy Green Juice everyday to see how greens bring back life to you. This is an amazing combination of some wonderful greens that come together really well. The ginger, apple and lemon gives it an added kick. - 116.819

Raw Food Cleansing Green Colada

If you have the clogged sinuses or a bad cold, here is a juice that will not only clear up the clog but will detoxify and cleanse your body and rejuvenate you. This is a great drink that tastes like summer and warms you up when it is chilly outside! Made with... - 116.429

Anti-hangover Remedial Juice

How do you deal with your Saturday morning hangover - well here is a great way to fight with this irritating problem. Watch chef to blend up the juice using strawberry, carrot, lemon etc. All these nutritious ingredients provide enough support to the body to... - 116.219

Fruit And Vegetable Juice - Healthy Way To Start A Day

MAKING 1. In the juicer place the fruits and vegetables one after another and extract the juice. 2. Once the juice is extracted, add some water if needed. Pour in a glass. SERVING 3. Serve the Fruit and Vegetable Juice with garnish of a cucumber slice. - 115.26

Mango And Pineapple Juice (vitamin A And C Rich) By Tarla Dalal

Here's a nutritious punch for stocking vitamin a and c stores needed for protecting your eyes and skin from harmful substances causing infections. - 114.946

Gingery Orange Celery Sweet Potato Juice

All of you, health conscious foodies - here is a great natural health drink prepared with raw fruits and vegetables. You must know, how much benefit your body will absorb from this fresh and healthy juice. Go through the video and learn the easy way towards a... - 114.9

Watermelon Agua Fresca - Delicious Fruit Drink By Rockin Robin

Making watermelon agua fresca is super easy, and so refreshing. It's a delicious drink made mostly of watermelon. - 114.243

Green Juice

Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shares how to prepare green juice. While many people are good about eating fruit, they often forget to eat their vegetables. An easy way to get a day's worth of green goodness in just a few gulps is with Jennifer... - 114.145

Nutrition - Juicing

Watch our video for tips on getting a nutritious and healthy diet. In this short film we look at the health benefits of juiced vegetables. - 113.751

Beet Juice

MAKING 1. Place in all the ingredients one by one in the juicer, blend for a few minutes. 2. Stir in the juice. SERVING 3. Pour in the Beet Juice in serving glass and enjoy! TIPS Some Benefits of Beets: - stimulates liver function - reduces cholesterol -... - 112.972

Watermelon Juice For Kids

Here is a quick easy way to make fresh juice at home for your kids. - 112.534

Refreshing Tomato Juice Cocktail For Summer

When guests come over for a summer cookout, serve them a tall glass of this juicy cocktail. In this video, Betty demonstrates how to stir up this delicious refreshing tomato juice cocktail. It's really nice, tangy, and refreshing, this cocktail takes minutes... - 112.134

Citrus Sunshine Juice

Citrus juice from the store has been pasteurized, so vitamins and enzymes are lost. Freshly squeezed citrus juice takes just minutes to make, packs in a full day’s supply of vitamin C, and tastes great. - 111.197

The Pimp Juice #2

Equal parts of two ingredients that you can usually find at any club in todays world (at least in the US). A play on the stereotype of Alize and Hpnotiq? Probably. But... such a nice presentation. - 111.19

Tangerine Juice

Jay Kordich "The Father of Juicing" makes "Tangerine Juice" unlike the way most people would do it. Jay simply removes the orange peel but saves the white, then puts the tangerines through his PowerGrind Pro juicer. - 110.9

Green Juice In A Nut Bag

A few of you asked "what the heck were you making in yesterday's show" so I thought I'd explain today...By the way, if you haven't watched yesterday's show on what percentage do you have to be to be considered a raw foodie, I recommend joining the... - 110.659

Mean Green Juice

This is a powerhouse drink that combines antioxidants from high nutrient greens with potassium from celery and apple, bioflavonoids from lemon and the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. - 110.608

Fresh Juice Popsicles

Linda Kordich has a great idea for the summer; Lemonade & Strawberry Popsicles. You and your children will love making and eating them. All natural, no added sugar or preservatives needed. - 110.369

The Fullyraw Juice 4 Beauty

The FullyRaw Juice 4 Beauty! You don't have to wear makeup, dress fancy, or be raw vegan to reap the benefits of a green juice! Let your beauty shine from the inside out! - 110.16

Goddess Of Youth Tonic (drink Your Skin Care)

GETTING READY 1. Peel watermelon, orange, and cucumber. Set it aside. MAKING 2. In juicer put all fruits and vegetables one at a time. Make sure to alternate soft fruits and hard fruits while juicing. SERVING 3. Pour juice in glass and serve it... - 109.962

Juice Of Beet

Just Beet It" is a quick and easy to prepare Healthy Beet Juice. Health benefits of beet are many but the problem is they don’t taste good. This Healthy Beet Juice is very refreshing and tastes good, your entire family is going to love it. Now, don’t get... - 109.929

The Anti-cancer Green Juice

MAKING 1. Through a juicer, pass all the ingredients and strain. SERVING 2. Serve with your choice of healthy breakfast. - 109.618

Super Juice

If you have never heard of collard green juice, here is a Super Juice recipe by weelicious which is made with collard greens. It has lemon juice, agave nectar and some water to mellow down the taste of collard greens. Kenya and her mom make this juice... - 109.444

Carrot Apple Beet Juice

Juice made from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables is tasty, very nutritious and colorful. We often mix the fruit and vegetables in one filling breakfast drink. - 108.673

Raw Food Cleanse Juice

If you're looking for a jolt of something bright, invigorating, and refreshing- this is just the thing. Here is the ultimate raw food cleanse diet drink. Flush the toxins and clean the muscles. This is a vitamin-rich, nutrient-packed, fuel for your body. Try... - 108.474

Ginger Beet Juice

Have trouble finding tasty ways to prepare beets? This phytonutrient rich vegetable is delicious in this Ginger Apple Beet Juice that is simple to make. Want more delicious, easy recipes for consuming more whole foods? - 107.654

Homemade Vegetable Fruit Juice (kid Approved Juicer)

Its very difficult to get children to drink any kind of healthy juice. Monique swears by this version which her toddler loves. Try it as a healthy summer drink - 107.382

Vegetable Juice

Quick and easy beverage which can be enjoyed anytime! - 107.323

The Fullyraw Jungle Juice

What juice rules the jungle?! Nature's nectar is better than candy! - 106.887

Detoxifying Raw Green Juice

Spring is just round the corner and it’s the perfect time to clean out your closets AND your body with some detoxifying and cleansing. A Green juice is loaded with oxygen, antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients, and living enzymes that flush out all the... - 106.873

Evening Regulator

Jay Kordich the father of juicing, makes what he calls The Evening Regulator. It's simply 1 firm pear and two apples. - 106.682

Bourbon-free Kentucky Mint Julep

If you like Mint Juleps you will love this drink even without the Bourbon. It's a variation of Jay's Famous Lemonade. He simply adds spearmint leaves and a bit more lemon. It's one of the best tasting recipes ever. - 106.527

Sparkling Orange Juice

Unexpected guests at home and don't know what to serve for beverages? Try this Sparkling Orange Juice, which can be prepared in no time and is delicious. Your guests will certainly call you up to ask for the recipe. - 105.795

Fire And Water Juice

GETTING READY 1. Wash watermelon, and cut it into chunks. MAKING 2. In juicer, put watermelon and extract juice. 3. Throw ginger in juicer. 4. Stir, and pop watermelon juice in refrigerator. SERVING 5. Pour it in glass, sprinkle cayenne pepper, and serve... - 105.774

Blender Babes Juice Detox

Welcome to the Blender Babes Juice Detox video. In this video we go over the detox, how to prepare, why it's important, how it's different from an extracted detox, and the possible side effects. The Blender Babes Detox is a blended whole food detox so you... - 105.549

Arugula Rocket Green Juice

GETTING READY 1. Slice apples and wash the greens well. MAKING 2. In a juicer, put all fruits and greens and extract the juice. Strain it before serving. SERVING 3. Pour in glass and serve with fresh fruits. - 105.049

Homemade Fresh Apple Cider

If you want to revisit the same taste of apple cider that your grand mother used to make, make the same too with this video by CMToy. This simple homemade cider is made using a press which keeps its essence and taste intact. Making cider at home can be fun... - 104.843

Minty Mango Delight By Tarla Dalal

Minty mango delight, an innovative variant of the traditional kairi ka panha or kairi ka pani, this refreshing drink is the best way to beat the heat after a long day. You can make the syrup of cooked mangoes, sugar and mint in advance and store it. Combine... - 104.746

We Are Blending A Little Halloween Fun & Serving Witches Brew

Hmmmm....Is your crew thirsty? Then serve them WITCHES BREW -- mwah, ha, ha....they will never guess the bewitched ingredient in this recipe. Unless they see you put it in, they will never know what was a part of the brew, but I think a good sneak and tell is... - 104.425

Yummiest Mango Green Juice

GETTING READY 1. Slice the fruits. MAKING 2. In a food processor, juice fruits and spinach. SERVING 3. Serve it chilled. - 104.411

Jazzed Up Juice

MAKING 1. Pour the juice into the ice cubes tray. You can pour each juice into individual ice trays or can also mix them up, if you wish. 2. Pop the ice tray into the refrigerator to freeze. 3. Add the ice cubes to a glass and top with ginger ale. SERVING 4.... - 103.71

Honey And Ginger Tonic Lemonade

Seldom we find recipes which poses great medicinal qualities; here's one just for you. Honey and Ginger Tonic Lemonade works brilliantly on cold, flu, cough or sinus. It is like a home remedy to treat these ailments at an initial stage and also work as a... - 102.989

Melon And Papaya Tango By Tarla Dalal

This snazzy orange coloured-carbohydrate rich juice is a fulfilling breakfast idea. Lemon juice makes it more interesting by imparting a tangy flavour. Papaya helps to maintain blood glucose levels. As there is a steady supply of glucose, you feel energetic... - 102.731

Raw Vegan Organic Juice - Atomic Green Juice

Check out this awesome video of me making this Atomic green raw vegan green juice. Make this easy raw food recipe at home NOW!!! - 102.587

Cantaloupe Juice

Jay Kordich known as the father of juicing, uses his PowerGrind Pro Juice Extractor to make cantaloupe juice with the skin and all. - 101.946

Ginger And Pineapple Juice

Let's have something refreshing to drink this summer. Whirl up this Ginger and Pineapple Juice if you like the combination. This is a light and healthy drink. You can alter the sweetness according to your taste. Cheers! - 101.54

Kale And Grapefruit Juice

Health freak or diet conscious, this Kale and Grapefruit juice will appeal to everyone. Serve this juice with breakfast or right after a workout, the goodness of vitamin C and calcium is sure to refresh you completely. Watch this video and treat yourself to... - 101.464

Christmas Cocktail

Jay Kordich, "The Father of Juicing", makes a great drink for the holidays, "The Christmas Cocktail": - 101.083

How To Make Juice With A Blender

For all those on a juice fast and looking for a quick idea to make an excellently tasting juice, which is not just healthy but is super delicious too. Watch the video to see how the chef throws together kale, cucumber and celery to make an exotic juice in no... - 100.87

Cranberry Apple Juice

Jay Kordich "The Father of Juicing" makes a very healthy and tasty drink "Cranberry Apple Juice": - 100.638

Beet Juice With Apple

MAKING 1. In a juicer extractor throw all the ingredients one by one – beets with greens, carrots, apple, onion and celery stalks. SERVING 2. In a glass pour the juice and serve. - 99.9926

Sparkling Citrus-grape Juice

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to serve your kids and guests, this is it. Inspired by citrusy fruits, this bubbly, sparkling juice isn’t just a cinch to make, but makes for a refreshing alternative to mulled wine or all other alcoholic... - 99.5619

How To Make A Basic Green Juice + Tips On Making Great Juices, Ep56

I LOVE Green Juices! If you were to add one thing into your diet to drastically improve your health, nutrition, energy levels, mood, skin, digestion, etc.. it would be green juices all the way!!! Yes such a simple little drink can yield such big results,... - 99.4912

Veggie Boost Juice By Tarla Dalal

These refreshing veggies (carrot, spinach, parsley, celery) combine to make a super juice rich in fiber to keep a check on blood sugar. Carrots and spinach have been credited with zinc that aid in increasing the HDL (good cholesterol) levels and diminishing... - 98.3041

The Wylat Juice Cocktail

MAKING 1. In a cocktail shaker, add ice cubes and pour Creme de Banana, Blue Curacao, Orange juice Vodka. 2. Shake it well; using a strainer pour in a Collins glass filled with ice cubes, top it with Sprite. SERVING 3. Serve the Wylat Juice Cocktail chilled. - 98.0337

Green Juice With Taylor Wells

Raw and natural foods are forever refreshing besides being nutritious. Check out the video where chef Taylor Wells shows how to make Green Juice with green leafy vegetables and a flavor of citrus. Ideal for ones who are dieting and weight watchers! - 97.6408

Raw Fruit-veg Zinger Juice

Brock shares an organic raw juice recipe with orange, apple, carrot, celery, and ginger. Simple, but delicious and very healthy! - 97.3837

Parsley Carrot Apple Combo

Jay Kordich The Father of Juicing talks about the power of greens and demonstrates making a great green combo, parsley, carrot, celery, apple. - 97.2536

Fresh Grape Juice

It's summer time, and you want something really nice to quench your thirst. Something that is not only tasty but healthy too. Check out the video of the delicious and healthy Fresh Grape Juice. A great juice that can be stored for as long as 2 years. - 97.1179

Fresh Aloe Vera & Orange Juice, Ep 30

Join Natasha on her raw foods weight loss journey! Today Natasha will show you how to fillet aloe vera and use the gel to blend into freshly squeezed orange juice. - 96.8818

Drink This Every Morning - Lemon Juice & Apple Cider Vinegar

Start your day off right by drinking a glass of pure water mixed with 2 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice and 2 tablespoonfuls of apple cider vinegar each morning as the first thing you put in your body. - 96.6527

Apple Cider

Take a look at this warm apple cider recipe, perfect for a snowy winter day. Watch the video to see how the chef combines apples with cinnamon to make a nice drink in no time. It is super easy to make with just 2 ingredients and is definitely a nice... - 95.5869

Cancer Fighting Green Juice - Cowgirls & Collard Greens

In this video we team up with 2 time cancer survivor, Kayle Martin of Cowgirls & Collard Greens (formerly The Vegan Cowgirl) and make a true cancer fighting green juice. - 95.2756

Holiday Citrus Drink

This drink can be served hot or cold! - 94.9098

Watermelon Apple Drink By Tarla Dalal

Watermelon apple drink, cool off on hot afternoons with this refreshing, icy and nutritious drink. Iron rich watermelon and fibre rich apple help maintain good bowel function. Those keen to lose weight will relish this healthy, fruity option to sugar laden... - 94.8871

Apple Carrot Drink By Tarla Dalal

Apples with skin gives us fibre and vitamin C and carrots is a good source of vitamin A. . This drink is great to be had in the morning as it is very refreshing and healthy. . . Make this as close as possible to serving time. - 94.7642

Cucumber Cooler By Tarla Dalal

This refreshing juice will surely help you beat the heat. . . It is healthy and taste best when served chilled. - 94.7412

Weight Watcher's Favorite Carrot Juice

Is including a fresh juice in you diet a mandate? Here's a recipe that you must not miss out on. Watch the chef churn out this excellent Weight watcher's Favorite carrot Juice now. The beverage is high on nutrition as well as taste. Click on the play button... - 93.9663

Vegetable And Fruit Juice

MAKING 1. In a juicer add in all the vegetables and fruits. Extract the juice. SERVING 2. Serve Fruits and Vegetable Juice with scrambled eggs and enjoy! - 91.8178

Refreshing Green Juice

Want to start your day with something nutritious and healthy? Quick Green Juice is the ideal choice from you combining multiple fruits and vegetables. Awesome in taste, the tangy taste just lingers for long. - 91.4948

Raw Green Juice

Here is an awesome Raw food video for a quick summer detox! - 89.4512

Tasty Apple Juice

Apple juice is flavorful and nutritious drink. The children as well as the adults both enjoy this healthy drink. Now you can make perfect apple juice with the help of this video wherein the cook explains each step in detail. Go ahead and grab your perfect... - 88.1411

Rutabaga Juice

If you want to reap rich health, then substituting your mid-morning coffee with something as healthy and delicious as rutabaga juice will help. Quick and simple, rutabaga juice is packed with nutrients, and since it's best consumed fresh, you save yourself... - 85.3309