Low Fat Doughnut Recipes

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Jam Doughnut Cocktail

If you love to sip through colored layered of liquor touching your lips, you surely would love this shooter cocktail. A layered drink that leaves you feeling sweet and light. Stream the video to learn how to make this shooter. - 111.52

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Lynn's Strawberry Glazed Doughnuts

Lynn demonstrates how to make baked Strawberry Glazed Doughnuts. This is a great breakfast treat. - 103.715

Vanilla Glaze - Perfect For Cakes Or Doughnuts

MAKING 1. In a bowl, add in confectioners’ sugar, melted butter, 1 tbsp. milk and vanilla extract. Mix together with a spoon. 2. Stir in remaining milk and mix together. SERVING 3. Glaze the pound cake and serve for dessert. - 101.197

Get Your Guilt-free Vegan Doughnuts Here!

You can have your vegan doughnuts and eat them, too. Watch me turn our favorite muffin recipe into incredible cake-doughnuts in under 20 minutes. Your family loves you, sure, but they are gonna love MORE after you bake these bad boys up. - 119.205

Apple Cider Donuts

Lynn demonstrates how to make easy baked Apple Cider Donuts. A great way to use delicious apple cider that is so prevalent this time of year. Great for breakfast or a quick snack. This recipe makes 12 donuts. - 108.124

Best Tasting Orange Muffnuts You've Never Tasted

Get ready to taste the best tasting orange muffnuts you have never tasted. Get out your pen & paper! You must bake them. You must eat them. But you don't have to share them unless you really want to or someone finds where you stashed them. - 119.407

Biscuit Doughnuts

How to make delicious doughnuts from a can of biscuits! It is a quick, easy and inexpensive treat! - 122.466

Baked Doughnuts

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 3/160°C/tan oven 140°C. MAKING 2. In a large bowl combine well all the ingredients, except the extra sugar, cooking spray and cinnamon to form a smooth batter. 3. With the low-fat cooking spray, spray the... - 45.9753

Raised Doughnuts

In large mixing bowl combine 1 1/2 cups flour and yeast. In saucepan heat together milk, sugar, lard, and 1 tea spoon salt just till warm (115-120°), stirring constantly. Add to dry mixture; add eggs. Beat at low speed of electric mixer 1/2 minute, scraping... - 36.2574

Cinnamon Raisin Doughnuts

Combine 1 cup flour and yeast. Heat 1/4 cup sugar, milk, oil, and salt just till warm (115-120°); stir constantly. Add to dry mixture; add eggs. Beat at low speed of electric mixer 1/2 minute; scrape bowl constantly. Beat 3 minutes at high speed. By hand,... - 40.1484

Old Fashioned Doughnuts

Yummy Old Fashioned Doughnuts! The aroma if frying doughnuts takes most of us back to our mothers kitchen. I love doughnuts and this is my favorite recipe; The Old Fashioned Doughnuts is the real thing! - 36.4969

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