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Sprouted Moong And Methi Chila By Tarla Dalal

These chilas combine sprouts with methi to make a delightful dish rich in iron, fiber and folic acid. Protein and vitamin rich, easy to digest sprouts are a must for dieters. - 125.101

Bajra, Rice And Sprouts Moong Puda By Tarla Dalal

A very easy and a quick dish that can be eaten for breakfast and snack! - 123.689

Zucchini And Carrot Pancake (low Calorie Healthy Breakfast) By Tarla Dalal

Zucchini combines with carrots to make an unusual, colorful, and attractive pancake that will tickle the taste buds. Serve with ketchup or a chutney of your choice. Smaller versions can also be served as a party snack. - 118.856


Here is a simple recipe for delicious crepes. Thin and tender, these pancakes are very versatile and are easy to use in both sweet and savoury dishes. Make up the batch then freeze any leftovers layered between waxed paper and wrapped in foil. Fill with... - 112.218

Flour Free Pancakes

Pancakes made out of eggs are not only delicious but also healthy way to start the day and here is a flour free recipe to make one. Check out Bethanny making healthy and golden pancakes using eggs and fruits. Sweet to taste and sweet to health as well! - 109.093

Pancake Shooter Cocktail

While I still trying to figure out why this is called the Pancake Shooterl, you can learn how to make it from this video. This is quite a way to experience sambuca for those that don't like the intense sambuca, in your face, action. The lemon in this cocktail... - 100.846

Quick Rice Panki

Rice flour pancakes steamed in between banana leaves, are a favorite Gujarati snack. Urad dal flour helps to bind the panki batter and make very thin pankis. Serve the pankis hot from the griddle and let your guests peel off the banana leaves and enjoy the... - 0

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