Lobster Dip Spread Recipes

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Lobster Spread Or Dip

Soften cream cheese. Beat in Roquefort cheese, sour cream, garlic, onion, lemon juice, and water. Stir in lobster meat (and its liquor, if canned meat is used), breaking up the large pieces. Pile into serving dish or lobster shell and sprinkle with chopped... - 32.3915

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Rock Lobster Tails

1. With kitchen shears or large sharp knife, cut through center of hard top shell and meat of lobster tail. Do not cut through under-shell. Spread tails open, butterfly style, to expose meat on top. Set lobster aside. 2. Finely shred lemon or lime to make 1/2... - 34.917

Lobster Chops

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Boiled Live Lobsters

European cuisine is one of the finest and richest in my opinion and I recommened that you try this awesome recipe of Boiled Live Lobsters that it has to offer. An assortment of fabulous flavors, the Boiled Live Lobsters recipe is one of those European dishes... - 40.4753

Lobster Chops

MAKING 1. Take a saucepan, melt butter, mix flour and cook till it turns mildly brown. 2. Mix salt, pepper and cream and continuously stirring, cook, till the mixture turns thick. Fold in the lobster meat. 3. Slowly add a small quantity of hot mixture into... - 45.359

Rock Lobster Tails With Orange Butter Sauce

Rock Lobster Tails With Orange Butter Sauce! My mouth waters with the mere mention of this amazing lobster preparation. A wonderfully tasty dish, it often becomes the centre piece of my dinner spread! You simply have to try the Rock Lobster Tails With Orange... - 38.6583

Baked Stuffed Shrimp

Baked stuffed shrimps are prepared with jumbo shrimps or lobster shrimps. Stuffed with a mix of crabmeat and breadcrumbs with milk and eggs, the baked stuffed shrimps are made savory with added worcestershire sauce, mustard, tabasco sauce and mayonnaise.... - 48.0227