Liver is perhaps the most sought after meats in the world, be it beef liver, pork liver, chicken liver or lamb liver. Liver is used in all of the cuisines across the world. Liver of fishes like cod are known for their medicinal properties. The best thing about liver is that it takes very little time to cook.
Usage of Liver
A cuisine prepared of out of liver would need a variety of spices depending on country and place. Liver can be baked, boiled, broiled, fried, stir-fried, or eaten raw (liver sashimi). Some of the preparations require pieces of liver combined with pieces of meat or kidneys, like in mixed grill or in Meurav Yerushalmi. Some of liver preparations include liver pté, foie gras, chopped liver, and leverpostej. Braunschweiger and liverwurst, liver sausages, are relished by people across many continents. Liver sausages may also be used as spreads.
Liver for Good Health
Animal livers are known to be rich in iron and Vitamin A, and cod liver oil is commonly used as a dietary supplement. Cod liver is considered good for skin and neurological health. Traditionally, some fish livers were valued as food, especially the stingray liver. Excessive eating of liver can be harmful as it contains Vitamin A. However, high doses of vitamin A can be hazardous for human beings.

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