Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea is the name of a tea brand which is currently functioning under the ownership of Unilever. This is one of those supreme tea brands who proudly announce that they purchase tea from the open market and own a couple of tea estates in the East African countries of Tanzania and Kenya too.   The famous Lipton Yellow Label is brewed with 20 different kinds of teas, and is perfected from 7 blending regional locations spread throughout the world. Lipton sources teas from 35 countries to maintain the consistency, and taste of its tea varieties and they say that this action helps them to maintain the consistency of tea supply throughout the world.


History of Lipton Tea
This tea brand was born at the end of the 19th century when a Scot Sir. Thomas Lipton embarked on a journey to Ceylon to find the secret of the tea brewing. He purchased his first tea estate in Ceylon in 1890.  Lipton’s entry into the tea market heralded a new era. He exploded into the business scene by introducing three qualities of teas which were segregated as the top quality, Quality no 1, etc. These teas were commercialized in bright Yellow packets with red Lipton shield which till date is used to typify the Lipton Tea and its different variants.  In later era Lipton also won the honor of supplying the tea to Queen Victoria. In 1898 Queen Victoria bestowed Lipton with a Knighthood.


The evolution of Lipton as one of the top tea brands across the globe also heralded a new era in tea technology.

  • 1890: Became first manufacturer to sell tea in packages.
  • 1906: Developed first brand of export quality teas which were largely shipped to Japan.
  • 1910:  Commercialized printed tags with brewing instructions
  • 1929: Lipton Tea merged with Home and Colonial Stores.
  • 1944: Launches Brisk Tea in US
  • 1954: Commercialize Flow through double- chamber Tea Bag in US.
  • 1962: Assumed the name Allied Stores
  • 1964 & 1972: Introduced iced tea mix and iced tea can in US.
  • 1974: The Unilever purchased Lipton.
  • 1991: Collaborated with Pepsi-Cola to launch a ready to drink teas in US
  • 1999: Launched Cold Brew in US.
  • 2000 and 2002 : Launched pyramid tea bags in Japan and milk tea in Hong Kong
  • 2006: Started commercializing Lipton Linea in France.


Lipton Tea Benefits: Ingredients and Method of Preparation
The ingredients required for brewing Lipton tea remain more or less similar throughout the globe with only their recipes and the taste preferences  varying slightly.  In normal circumstances only a tea packet or leaf, and water are needed for tea preparation.  For more precision , a candy thermometer is recommended often to judge the exact boiling temperature of the water used for tea preparation.


The process starts with heating water to 160 degrees. If the water is cooked a little more than the required temperature then its flavors become bland. After removing the water from heat, it is transferred to the serving cup and tea bag is dipped into it. The Lipton tea bags are then taken out and remain in for about a minute. The appearance of the crema on the top of the cup indicates that the temperature of the water is just right  for brewing.   Normally sugar is added for the sweetness. The tea, thus produced is served in cups.


Lipton Tea Benefits: Health Benefits Offered by Lipton Teas
The regular tea packs offered by Lipton are rich in flavonoids and offer zero calories. They are normally made from the tea leaves which are rich in antioxidants and deliver the nutrients which are required by the body to sustain life processes. The antioxidants present in most of the Lipton brand of tea bags are known to regulate or promote the functions like: muscular regeneration, mind, oral health, heart health, healthy skin and savind from hydration. The flavored teas boost the energy and tickle the taste buds.


Lipton Tea Recipe Variants

  • Caribbean Tea Splash: The tea is brewed by combining water, cream of coconut, ice cubes, Lipton Cup size tea bags, and chilled pineapple juice in unique proportions. Like any other regular tea, here too the water is brewed and tea bags are dipped into it, chilled and blended with other ingredients in a blender.
  • Fruit and Spice Margarita: The tea is brewed by combining boiling water, sugar, lemon juice, Lipton’s Orange and Spice flavored Tea bags, tequila, strawberries and ice cubes. The tea is prepared and chilled and blended with other ingredients in a processor.
  • Fruit Tea Smoothie: This Lipton tea based smoothie is prepared by blending ingredients such as Lipton Pure, Leaf iced tea, Lipton pure leaf, frozen strawberries, Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Fat Free Creamy, sugar and vanilla ice cream. 

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