Lemon Daiquiri Punch Recipes

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Lemon Daiquiri Punch

Good luck with this Lemon Daiquiri Punch. This assortment of rum with fruit juice is really yum. Serve it in punch bowls-the way it should be! - 28.3019

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Daiquiri Punch

In large punch bowl, combine rum and daiquiri mix. Stir in carbonated lemon-lime beverage. - 21.8686

Daiquiri Punch

MAKING 1.Take a punch bowl, put corn syrup and rum in it and mix. 2.Add daiquiri mix to the bowl. FINALIZING 3.Put carbonated water to the drink. SERVING 4. Use lemon wedge in glass and serve. - 35.89

Cranberry Daiquiri Punch

Combine first 3 ingredients in container of an electric blender; top with cover, and process until smooth. Pour cranberry mixture into a punch bowl. Spoon small scoops of sherbet into punch bowl. Add mineral water; stir gently to blend. - 27.4607

Christmas Punch

MAKING 1. In a punch bowl or a large pitcher, combine the lemon and orange juice concentrates, angoustra bitters and sugar. Keep aside to thaw. 2. Once thawed, whisk well till sugar dissolves completely. 3. Cling wrap and refrigerate this mixture for two... - 44.7721

Christmas Punch

In pitcher or bowl, combine frozen concentrates, sugar, and bitters. When juices are thawed, stir until they are well blended and sugar is dissolved. Refrigerate fruit-juice mixture until it is well chilled — several hours or overnight. Just before serving,... - 37.7258