Lemon Cordial Recipes

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Will A Wong Lemon Cordial

GETTING READY 1.Using a potato peeler or sharp paring, peel the lemons. 2.Use a paring knife to trim the pith off the rind 3.Halve and squeeze lemons collecting the juice in a bowl and discarding the pips. MAKING 4.Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl... - 39.8632

Lime Juice Cordial

Combine sugar and water in a pan and place pan on fire. Stir till sugar is dissolved. When it comes to a boil add some lemon juice to clarify syrup. Let boil for a minute more. Remove from heat and strain. When throughly cold add lemon juice and potassium... - 33.5391

Lemon Cordial

Combine sugar, tartaric acid and epsom salts in a large bowl, add boiling water, stir until sugar is dissolved. Cool. Finely grate the rind of 2 lemons, squeeze juice, add to liquid, allow to become cold. Pour into bottles, cork, or cover with screw caps,... - 28.9336

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Peach Cordial

In gallon screw-top jar combine peaches, sugar, lemon peel, and spices. Pour in bourbon; cover with lid. Invert jar daily till sugar is dissolved,for about 4 days. Place in cool, dark place for at least 2 months. Strain through cheese cloth before serving - 31.5175

Peach Cordial

In gallon screw-top jar mix all ingredients. Cover tightly. Invert jar; let stand 24 hours. Turn jar upright; let stand 24 hours. Repeat turning till sugar dissolves. Store in cool, dark place at least 2 months. Strain through cheesecloth into... - 39.9389

Cordial Cherries

Drain cherries; reserve juice. Whip cream until almost stiff. Beat in 1/2 cup sugar and vanilla; fold in rice. Chill well. Fold in cherries; spoon into sherbet glasses. Chill until ready to serve. Combine reserved cherry juice and enough cordial to make 1 cup... - 41.5882

Apricot Wine Cordial

MAKING 1. In a food processor, process apricots until finely chopped and place them in a non-metal container. 2. Stir in wine, sugar and brandy and allow to stand with cover at room temperature 1 to 4 weeks. 3. Strain wine and pour into gift... - 32.9185

Snowball Drink

Pour advocaat and lime into glass and top up with lemonade. Decorate with lemon and cherries. - 21.1581

Burbank Special

There is probably nothing more I can say about this Burbank Special recipe than "yummy". So, the next time you are partying in your house, shake up this Burbank Special drink. YUM O! - 23.9652

Lemon Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler has a Implausible taste.The Sugar and Eggs gives the Peach Cobbler Astonishing taste. - 45.6431

Lemon Cakes With Apricot Sauce

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. MAKING 2.To make the cake, in a large bowl cream butter and sugar until fluffy. 3. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. 4. Beat in sour cream, lemon juice, lemon zest and vanilla until well... - 49.3963

Cardinal Punch

Press raspberries through a fine sieve, then measure 1/2 c of juice. Boil sugar and water together 5 min. Add raspberry and lemon juices, cool and strain. Freeze in a 1 qt crank freezer, using 8 parts of crushed ice to 1 part of ice cream salt, until half... - 30.4561

Tennessee Mule

MAKING 1. In a large glass or mug, stir together GEO. DICKEL Sour Mash and juice. 2. Quickly stir in ginger beer. SERVING 3. Top with a dash of DUBOUCHETT Peach Cordial, if desired. - 30.3644