Lemon Cocktail Sauce Recipes

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Simple Cocktail Sauce

Would you like to spice up your seafood with a simple yet delectable sauce? This dish is prepared using ketchup and horseradish. With Beryl Stokes stir this fabulous sauce and reserve it for your moments of need. - 87.7045

Cocktail Sauce

MAKING 1. Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients into it 2. Let it stand for half an hour so that the flavours blend in SERVING 3. Serve with seafood - 33.1742

Healthy Seafood Cocktail Sauce

MAKING 1. In a blender jar with crumbing blades, put together all ingredients; process for about 10-12 seconds until solid ingredients are finely chopped. SERVING 2. Serve Seafood Cocktail Sauce with lobster, crab or chilled shrimps. - 29.7564

La Costa Spa Cocktail Sauce

Mix the first three ingredients in the order given. (Adjust horseradish and lemon to taste.) Refrigerate covered. Serve very cold or very hot. Add fresh chives just before serving if desired. - 29.3116

Cocktail Sauce

Stir together all ingredients in small bowl. - 21.1847

Festive Cocktail Sauce

Combine all ingredients and blend well. - 20.2262