Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon cheese cake is a variation of the cheesecake with the zest of lemon.The crust of lemon cheese cake is little crispy as compared to other cakes because it contains crushed biscuits.

How to make lemon cheese cake?

For making a crispy and tasty lemon cheese cake, you need a few digestive biscuits, melted butter, low fat cheese cream, low fat curd, lemon juice, lemon essence and sugar. Crust of the cake is made by crushing the biscuits and mixed with the melted butter. Before putting the cheese topping on the crust, keep the crust mixture in refrigerator to set. Prepare the cheese cake mixture by mixing all other ingredients and whisk them smoothly. After decorating the crust with the cheese mixture, you can also put little marmalade(optional) to garnish the topping. Lemon cheese cake has a tangy taste due to the presence of lemon juice.

Lemon cheese recipes

Lemon cheese cake is a dessert in American cuisine. Some good Lemon cheese recipes are glazed lemon cheese cake, lemon apple cheese cake, lemon cream cake and rich creamy lemon cheese cake.

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